Loves True Pain

Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I do not own transformers but I sooooo wish I did, it is a mix between the movie and prime series and remember in this story they have auto bot/ decepticon form and a human mode.

It's been years since the Auto bots landed on earth, somehow they were able to stay young and more have come, Sam had become the ambassador for them and when the others arrived they brought their human friends with them and their future began.


The decepticons had risen in numbers but the Auto bots had always fought them off, one decepticon had left and joined a neutral side, as a doctor, the con was Barricade. Over the years Auto bots had found their bonded or rejoiced with them, Rachet and Ironhide were out on a date, Wheeljack and Bulkhead were sitting just relaxing, Prowl and Arcee were working on rebuilding Jazz, and Optimus Prime was talking to Sam.

"Hey Optimus where's Bee?" Sam asked as Jack walked into the base with Raf and Miko, Optimus turned and looked around, "Ya know I'm not sure Sam" he said before turning to Arcee, "Arcee locate Bumblebee", Arcee looked up and nodded before walking over to the main computer. She looked at the locater and yelled to the others, "The computer says Bumblebee is at Barricade's and he's on his way back", Optimus looked down and walked into his office.

Sam looked over to Jack and shrugged, Jack walked over to Arcee and looked up at her, "What's wrong with Optimus?", Arcee giggled and looked at the kids, "Optimus has been in love with Bee since he rescued him and Bulkhead from space, he must think he likes Barricade." Jack smiled and looked over to Sam, Miko, and Raf, "I think we should help them get together, don't ya think", Miko nodded before running off to get Bulkhead to get him to help. Bulkhead transformed to alt mode and drove off with Miko, and headed off towards Barricade's while Sam and Jack got Optimus out of the base.

It took half and hour to get to Barricade's, when they finally got there, Miko ran inside while Bulkhead switched to human mode. Miko ran inside almost sliding into a wall when she saw Bumblebee in human mode and his autobus form on a berth offline, "What happened to Bumblebee?" she barely whispered as Bulkhead walked in a ran to Bumblebee. Barricade was walking up from the basement when he came face to face with Bulkhead and Miko, "Explain what happened to bumblebee Con."

Miko followed behind Barricade when he walked over to Bumblebee, "He was on patrol when starscream attacked him, he ripped his voice processor out, I've been working on it since he passed out on my doorstep." Bulkhead and Miko nodded and bulkhead walked out o the hummer and turned on the Com, `Bulkhead to Arcee, I've found Bumblebee, he's hurt bad but Barricade is working on him` Bulkhead waited for a couple minutes before hearing from Arcee, `Arcee to Bulkhead, good job Optimus is on his way to help you. ` Miko was sitting on the side while Barricade was finishing up when Bumblebee's human mode jumped up and looked around before running outside. Miko ran after him and saw bulkhead trying to talk to him, "Bee it's me buddy stop, You'll hurt yourself more." Miko tried to walk over to Bee, but was stopped by Bulkhead, "No Miko he's unstable right now, remember even in human mode bee is a trained warrior he could hurt you."

Bee was looking around in battle stance while Bulkhead and Miko walked foreword to him trying to get him to calm down, bulkhead was about a foot from him when he grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground, "Bee Stop, He's your friend" yelled Miko as Optimus pulled up, he turned human mode and ran outta his semi turned into alt mode. Bee looked up and saw Optimus, he dropped Bulkhead and ran over to Optimus, straight into his arms, Optimus caught him and looked down at Bee and chuckled, "It's alright Bumblebee, your safe."

Bee looked up and smiled before turning and running to hug Bulkhead, "It's ok little buddy, you didn't hurt me besides if you did Jackie might kill you himself", Bee looked down sheepishly before looking back up with a smile, Barricade walked out and greeted Optimus and turned to Bee, "Your voice processor should be done now I want you to bond back with your auto bot form", Bee nodded and ran inside, a yellow light flashed before Bumblebee's bot form ran out and danced goofy like.

Optimus and Bulkhead chuckled while Bee ran over to Barricade and hugged him, "Thank you Thank you Thank you" he said excitedly and then ran around the yard laughing. Optimus turned to Bulkhead and gave him a look, "Ah Miko why don't we go back to base, besides Jackie is wondering where we went", Miko looked up and nodded, the hummer roared to life as they drove off, Barricade turned and went back in his cave/home. Bumblebee walked over to Optimus, "Can we take our time going back, I'm still somewhat drowsy from being offline", Optimus chuckled and nodded, "We can take as long as you want Bee."