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Sam walked over to Arcee, "Arcee we need to tell the others", she looked down at him and nodded, "Bee we need to go",by the building Bumblebee was staring blankly at the ground, Arcee lifted Sam to her shoulder and walked over to Bee, "I know it's hard I've lost a lot of friends to but we have to go the cons could still come back", Bee looked up at her, "How can we leave them here if it was us they would do something", Arcee sighed "Bee we don't have time we gotta go", nodding he transformed and followed her and Sam. The drive back to base was a silent as a peaceful night, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife; when they got near the base they saw the outside was crawling with armed forces, Sam jumped off Arcee and ran to the door "What is going on, you can't do this", the commander turned to Sam "As of today by the order of the president i can, now where is Optimus Prime him and i need to talk", Ratchet, Jazz, Bulkhead walked over to Arcee to find out what happened when the commander yelled "Where is Optimus Prime!", Sam was about to yell back when a cold sad voice replied, "He's dead they all are."

Everything stopped, Jazz walked over to Bumblebee, "Bee what do you mean they all are?", Bumblebee looked up to Jazz "Megatron killed them all", Bulkhead blinked and turned to punch a wall, Ratchet was quiet letting it all sink in, "Then by the orders of the president this base it shutdown let's go men." Sam, Jack, Miko and Raf walked over to their friends, "What are we doing now guys?" Raf asked looking at everyone, Ratchet bent down til he was level with them, "This Raf means y'all are going home, the others and i will find somewhere to go, it was only all of us here anyways, we'll be fine", Sam turned to Bee, "I'm not leaving buddy we made a promise", Bumblebee smiled slighty and turned to Raf,"Maybe when summer comes we'll come see y'all but for now go home Raf, i'll miss you", Miko ran to Bulkhead and Jack ran to Arcee to give them their goodbyes before the Autobots left.

3 months later

Barricade looked at his charts again and walked over to the pools underneath his base, "the bodies look almost ready now, Megatron will pay for the day he crossed me."

It was nearly dawn, the hidden desert town in the country was peaceful until a manly scream was heard "BUMBLEBEE!"; a girl with long blonde hair dressed in all black summer clothes doubled over laughing as Sam was dripping with water, "Why did you do that!", Because you were supposed to be up an hour ago Sam", a girl with short blue hair walked out of a the bar they owned dressed as a bartender, "Arcee it wasn't funny", giggles were heard behind him. Sam walked in the bar followed by Bumblebee and Arcee to see Jazz, a young man in his twenties with long black hair setting up the stage, Bulkhead, a young teen actually like Bumblebee but with spiky brown hair cleaning tables, and Ratchet, a man in his early forties pretending to be all the human mode of the Autobots parent behind the bar. Sam remember the day they found the town and Bumblebee had the idea to hide in plain sight, so they found a shack half a mile outta town and made an underground base to hide the real them. If the military didn't want them then they didn't need them either but one day they would get their revenge.


Incase you're wondering...

Bumblebee= energetic girl, long blonde hair usually two ponytails, even though she got her voice back she refuses to speak, always wearing black short shorts, black tank top with combat boots, her short sleeve jacket is yellow with a bee on the back. (Bars Waitress)

Arcee= Fairly tempered older teen, short spiky blue hair, blue jeans with a pink floral shirt, black cowboy boots. (Bars hostess and bartender)

Jazz= early twenties, long black hair, white pants with black button up and black sneakers, stays quiet since he found out he lost prowl. (Bars Cook)

Bulkhead= same age as bumblebee, short brown hair, brown baggy pants, green muscle shirt, white sneakers. (Bars bartender)

Ratchet= young forties, short blonde hair with red, red pants, white muscle shirt with white jacket, black boots. (Bars owner, protector of the others)