Hello, darlings! How are you all? I know I haven't updated in awhile, but there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. Or not. Anyway, here's a funny little thing I thought up.

Voldemort was not having a good day. His breakfast had been cold, and he had had to torture a few Death Eaters for their incompetence. Worst of all was the fact that Harry Potter was now dueling him. I mean Voldemort wasn't exactly afraid of the boy... Okay, maybe he was. I mean, if you tried to kill some little brat and lost your body for fourteen years, you'd be scared of the kid as well. Potter had turned up in the woods after all, except just as he was about to Avada Kedavra the kid, he had pulled out some sort of Muggle weapon. What was it called? Oh, yes a gun. Yes, Voldemort was having a very bad day. "I have you now, Tom! Prepare to die!" "Like a Muggle weapon could kill me, the great Lord Volde-" Voldemort's words were suddenly cut off as a strange sound echoed from the gun. "What in the-?" A bullet entered into his forehead, and Tom Riddle knew no more. "BOOM! HEADSHOT!", shouted Harry. "Let's see you survive THAT!" And indeed, Tom did not survive that. Harry Potter had just killed Voldemort with a Muggle gun. Oh, the irony.

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