Just Another Monday…

"Hey Jade, you look like you got hit by a bus," said Tori.

"Eat me," said Jade as she hurried to the bathroom.

"Dang," said Andre. "She is bitchier than usual."

"Yeah, she must've had a horrible weekend," added Robbie.

"She's just feeling a bit sick," said Beck. "I think she might be getting the stomach flu or something she has been throwing up for the past two days."

"Still that's no reason to act super bitchy," said Tori.

"I was once sick," Cat said. "But now I'm better."

With that said everyone headed for class.

At Lunch..

Beck approached Jade, "Hey babe," he said.

"What do you want," she snapped at him.

"Damn girl what did I do now."

"I'm sorry, I just feel like shit," she said.

"What's the matter," he responded as he sat down.

"I don't know, I feel tired and I'm literally puking my guts out."

"Oh…gross, maybe we should skip class and go home," he suggested.

"Nah, I'll be ok," she said as she kissed him.

All through out school Jade kept wondering what could possibly be wrong with her. Her gut told her it was something more than the stomach flu.

After school she walked over to Beck .

"Hey, can we stop by the store before heading to your place?" she asked.

"Sure, what do you need?" he asked.

"Stuff," she answered.