Okay so I know the holidays are over but I had these specials saved so I decided who know what the hell I'm going to put them on this website :) so these are the holiday specials for chloe and Derek and yes i know i'm missing some but forgive me please :D

Aunt Lauren and Tori were dragging me off to get out costumes for Halloween "uh...guys don't you think it's a late for trick or treating" I said, they stopped and gasped "Chloe you are never too late for candy" Tori said winking and continued to drag me away.

I sighed and tried to follow with out tripping. I groaned in frustration as they made me look through different outfits "how about a hooker" Tori asked.

"No she will not" Aunt Lauren said glaring at Tori who sneered "just joking" she muttered. I mouthed a 'thank you' to Aunt Lauren she smiled and patted my cheek.

"Ohhh this is good for you" she said holding it up. My eyes widened and a deep blush spread across my cheeks. "Now time for my costume" she muttered handing me the package. I was wondering Derek was having any luck looking for his costume


I glared at Simon who held up the items for my costume "no" I growled. He looked at Dad for help but he was too busy laughing his stupid ass off.

"Fine then I'll tell Chloe that you dream about her ass and breast" my eyes widened and grab the things, with one last deadly glare at Simon who had a smug smile on his face. I stomped off to pay for it.

-At home-

I put on the big fluffy ears on my head, then tied the tail belt on to my dark wash jeans, i then slipped on my sleeveless, black muscle shirt.

On my right shoulder blade was a Celtic symbol which mean guardian, my left bicep I had in big bold Gothic letters was Chloe's name.

I then put on my collar, which was black and had small spikes all around it. Attached to the front was a big thick chain going all the way down to my waist, I put on my fake scar make up that ran down from temple down to the neck.

I ruffled up my hair a bit and smiled a bit. "Damn you kind of look scary" Simon said walking in, he was of course dressed as harry potter. I rolled my eyes and glared at him "it was your idea" I growled and plopped on my bed, my elbows rested on my knees, my hair fell over my eyes and came down to my shoulder in a wispy style that caressed my jaw (drooling right now ;D)

"Damn you should see Chloe" Simon muttered to himself as he whistled. I growled and him, he paled and ran off screaming "ahhhhh my brother's going to eat me" I rolled my eyes and let out a small chuckle.


I sighed as Tori straightened my hair and clipped it in the back with a small red tulip clip, then she curled the long strands that framed my face.

Tori then put on some mascara, eye liner and light red eye shadow. "Don't make me look like a clown" I kept on repeating softly.

"Hush up" Tori sneered at me, then she put on some lip gloss "Okay open your eyes" she said. I hesitantly opened my eyes and gasped, the girl in the mirror wasn't me.

My hair framed my face perfectly, and my lips seemed fuller, I let out a grin and you could have seen my straight white teeth.

The red satin corset with black ruffles was beautiful and it only showed a little of my breast, I was wearing a black frilly skirt to my thighs and maroon knee length boots, I had a long red cloak with a hood that was tied around my neck.

It was beautiful, I looked beautiful. "Oh thank you" I breathed touching my cheek before letting out a killer grin.

I hugged Tori who was wearing a witch outfit, she had a dark blue corset like mine with a black skirt to her knees and black ankle boots and a purple witch hat.

"Wait till you see Derek's costume" Tori teased giving me a wink.

I blushed "do you think Derek would like it" I asked twirling around a bit, she stopped me "don't twirl too much, or you will be flashing your bright red undies" she smirked when I blushed, pulling on the hem of my skirt slightly. "Okay let's go" she dragged me outside where Derek and Simon were waiting.

I blushed when Derek's jaw dropped, his beautiful green eyes wandered up and down my body. I had to admit Derek looked down right sexy, "It was Tori's idea" I muttered still blushing.

He nodded "You look great" I said smiling.

He sent me a wolfish grin "you look...beautiful" he said blushing a bit. I smiled even wider, then frowned "why do you have a chain leash" I asked him.

He looking at Simon, who came over to me and dragged me to Derek. "To keep the dog in place" he sent a smirk at Derek who growled.

I grabbed the end of the chain and tugged on it, Derek grunted and bent down a bit. I lifted on my tip toes and kissed him softly on the lips, when I pulled he was blushing, I giggled when Simon and Tori gagged, "Okay let's go" I said to them, they all nodded.

"Dad, we are leaving!" Simon yelled, "Alright" we heard a muffle response. We left the house, "eh he mommy he's scary" a little boy whined at his mother while pointing at Derek. Who bared his teeth and let out a small bark, the little boy whimpered.

His mother sent us a deadly glare and walked off with her in his arms. I gasped and smacked Derek, he laughed "what in the world did you do that for" I said glaring up at him, he shrugged and flashed me his canine teeth.

I rolled my eyes and sent him a tug, he grunted and glared down at me. I smirked tugged again, he growled. I stuck my tongue at him, but he quickly caught it between his teeth and sucked on it. My eyes widened, then I shut my eyes in pure bliss and threaded my fingers in his hair.

"Ahem" a really loud cough broke us apart, we turned. Simon and Tori were staring at us "naughty girl" Tori scolded me playfully waggling her finger back and forth.

I blushed, Simon rolled his eyes "Please can we start with out you guys being like horny dogs, no pun intended Derek" he said. I blushed harder and nodded "sorry" Derek muttered but i knew he wasn't sorry at all. I smiled and jogged up to catch up dragging Derek behind me, Even though I knew I wasn't strong enough.

-At home back from trick or treating-

"Man I'm hungry" Simon moaned, and he went down on his knees clutching onto my legs "Please Chloe help me before I die" he whined.

I laughed and patted his head "I ordered pizza you guys go set the table and wait" I said. He grinned and sent me a peck on the cheek before running off, Derek was not far behind him.

I sighed and looked at Tori who was rolled her eyes at them. "So how much did you order" she asked. "Well 1 box of cheese, 2 boxes of meat, 1 box of hot wings, and 2 bottles of 2 litter sodas" she looked at me "Derek" I reminded.

"Oh" she said nodding, the door bell rang "I'll get it" I said, and went to the door. I opened it and a handsome young man about the age of 18, he had dark brown hair spilled over his forehead and covered his gray eyes.

He looked me over and his pink lips curved into a smirk "Hey sexy" he purred. I blushed, "uh hi" I said, "thanks I'll take it" I said trying to grab it, he shook his head "Oh no allow me pretty lady" he sent me a wink.

I gulped if Derek heard, this guy would go back to work with out a head, an arm, and leg and probably half of his body. I was to busy thinking, I didn't notice that he walked in and set the food on the coffee table, "Oh here's you're money" I handed him the cash, "how about your number as well" he cooed.

"Um well i have a boyfriend" I said taking a step back. He followed "what he won't know won't hurt him" he purred. I shoved him "get away you creep" i hissed.

He smirked and grabbed my wrist, "Let go" I said and tried to pull free. The next thing i knew it was I was behind Derek and Simon, the guy was hanging upside by his foot "hey dude let me go!" he yelled.

"Don't you dare touch my girlfriend" Derek snarled at him, the man nodded "dude I'm sorry, I won't touch her i promise just let me go" the guy pleaded and started to cry, 'what a wimp' I thought.

"Derek come on let him go" I said. Derek gave the guy a good shake and threw him out the door making him land in our bushes. "You crazy bastard!" he snarled. Derek growled "Crazy oh I'll show you crazy" he took a step, the pizza man squealed and ran into his car and speed off.

Simon and Tori were too busy laughing their asses until Derek smacked him both upside the head. "Shut it" he growled and walked in, I sighed 'great a moody werewolf tonight' I thought, we all walked in and ate in silence, a very awkward silence.

"I have a dick!" Simon exclaimed, "glad to know" Tori muttered. I raised my eyebrows at him, Simon shrugged "eh the awkwardness was getting to me" he said blushing slightly.

I laughed and shook my head, Derek just grunted and probably ate his 8th slice of pizza. "I'm sorry" I muttered to him, Derek's head snapped over to me, "what are you sorry for?" he asked, I just shrugged "your not talking to me, and back to your moody self" I said.

Derek's face softened "I'm not mad at you Chloe" he said. "I need a women" Simon growled looking at everyone, we looked at him.

"Now he's completely lost it" Tori grumbled, she grabbed her bag of candy and walked upstairs. "Anyways Chloe, I'm not mad, I'm just...furious at the guy, if you hadn't come in, It probably would have end up really nasty" he grimaced.

"My dick is hard" Simon groaned and thumped his head on the table. I cleared my throat and Derek looked annoyed "go take a cold shower" he snarled.

Simon perked up and he nodded before running off. "Well okay then, but Derek it's okay you never hurt me, probably his ego but nothing harmful" I said and went to sit on his lap.

Derek nodded and placed a kiss on me, we sat there in silence, until we heard moaning from the shower. "Oh gross, Simon!" We both yelled.

so here you guys go :D and yes I know it's a bit weird and I'm going to add the other specials