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The Fallen Nation

Year 74 of the Cosmic Era
The Plants

The Second Bloody Valentine's War is over and the Logos controlled EAF have drained the Atlantic Federation with its financial, material and human resources to unimagined cost.

It is also a nation with its government cut from the head, its armies depleted as what remains after the destruction of Arzachel Base along with the last of Earth Alliance Space Forces, there is nothing to stop the seizing and annexation of their territories and colonies by either Zaft or former allies.

By the time an Interim government has been organized as well as a cobbled up Armed Forces from remnants of the Earth Alliance was formed to protect their boundaries, the other governments re-draw the Earth Sphere territories thanks to the Treaty of Aprillius

The Treaty of Aprillius put the Plants in claiming many AF territories as payment for the war losses and then to add insult to injury, their former allies demanded the Atlantic Federation to pay the debt's that the former Logos controlled government built up over the years which is something they are unaware about it, as well as claiming full responsibilities for the War.

Overwhelmed and unprepared the representatives of the Interim AF Government were unable to do anything for its defense and had no choice but to agree with their demands. War reparations come from what finances and monetary resources and priceless treasures they still have are used to pay their debts.

When all debts were settled, the Atlantic Federation is in the brink of bankruptcy.

The whole world pretty much said 'comply or else' meaning, face economic sanctions that could cripple their country's economy which is needed more than ever.

This moment is the AF most humiliating moment their country has ever faced. With a stone face, the representatives admitted total and complete responsibilities for the war, burdening the shame done mostly by Blue Cosmos back by Logos who is a global organization of arms manufacturer that hold the economy of many nations not just the AF.

Their admittance got the other governments off the hook claiming of being misled by the tyranny and bigotry of the AF.

The delegates representing the AF held their anger and cries at what just been forced on them and their country.

Silently the delegate's representatives pack their papers to leave. One member, the head of the delegation, is Ambassador Henry Hayes, look at the treaty copy with anger hidden behind his eyes, for he knows that his country will suffer badly after this as word that most of their space born colonies have just declared independence as some independent movement group have taken advantage of the AF weaken state and the AF authorities are unable to do anything about it.

Lacus Clyne and members of Terminal watch the Treaty of Aprillius signed and the conference ends. She knows full well that the AF delegates are seething mad at the outcome, an outcome she's partly responsible. Her invitation to them was supposedly discussing reconciliation between nation and their people and not forces anyone to do something that humiliates them.

The Plants and the other nations however, can't help but take advantage on what maybe the only time that the AF is vulnerable and so, they override Lacus wishes and did a World War I version of the Treaty of Versailles and imposed it on the Atlantic Federation.

Lacus had opposed the action from the beginning but the Plants representatives did not listens to her, and so they force the matter, saying that it was the only way to protect the Plants from further attacks from Blue Cosmos as they believe that there are still remnants of the Terrorist group in that nation.

Imposed on the AF is the loss of almost all of their space assets primarily the rich Helium-3 mines on the Moon, orbital military bases and resource satellites.

Shown on wide screen projectors are the many space colonists under the AF banner, people are tearing and burning the AF flag around cheering enthusiastic crowds declaring independence as well as accusing the AF of atrocities committed against them said by the new colony government.

In truth, the AF have been good stewards in governing the colonies and not all of them are that bad, yet seeing the colonist acted it seems that it doesn't matter at all to them.

Hayes and the others admits that what is happening now is the result of allowing special interest groups like Logos to gain a foothold on the government and also letting people with affiliations or sympathizer to Blue Cosmos should have been filtered out of the Earth Alliance Forces and OMNI. People in the AF who opposes them were overwhelmed by their power, and now with them swept out of the picture, the Interim Government want to make amends, but not in the way of bankrupting their country.

What was now imposed on their country will be catastrophic and it will take years, maybe even a century for the AF to recover what they lost.

'Coming here was a mistake' he gritted in anger 'Lacus Clyne call for reconciliation was nothing more than a lie'

"Ambassador Hayes" a voice of a young lady called his name and it was Lacus Clyne and by flanked by Col. Waltfeld, Captain Murrue Ramius and Major Mu La Flaga

"Ms. Clyne" she nodded in respect to him but continued glaring at her

Lacus look at him and he looks back at her with hidden anger behind cold eyes, and that much says that he's angry at everyone right now but especially to her, after all, she sponsored this peace treaty conference to iron out the details of the treaty and not to take advantage on the weakness of others.

What just happened made her look like a liar

She wanted to speak to him, to extend a hand of friendship as much as she could. She was about to speak when Hayes spoke first.

"Congratulations, you won" he said with the coldness of a glacier

"Sir, I don't think that anyone have won today" Murrue spoke up which was not the right words she would be saying because Hayes has lost the last thread of control of his anger.

"Really, well our country, no make that MY country just got told by every-one-of-you, to walk around carrying a billboard sign saying 'we did it' and 'It's our fault' so I would say you guys won" he shot back and nearly growled at Murrue and she took a step back.

"Sir, it was not my intention to humiliate your-"

"SHUT UP, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!" Hayes yelled at Lacus out of anger which cut off Lacus explanation which shocked not just her but everyone else and Waltfeld would have deck Hayes if he wasn't restrained by Lacus herself.

"Maybe there is something about you Coordinators being Superior to Naturals and being 'Evolve' and all that garbage, thanks to that God damned George Glenn, he made us Natural born extinct"

"Sir, I," Lacus was about to make dispute but Hayes spoke up angrily at her again

"You WON! Coordinator, what is there to say other than that?" Lacus took a step back, clearly his anger was still boiling

"Mistakes were made and we have paid in full with blood and tears, my only regret is, our mistakes of letting George Glenn live"

"We should have killed him when he came back from Jupiter-no correct that, we should have killed him before he was even been born and then kill all the scientist who manufactured him, then none of this nonsense would have started!" He yelled then took a deep breath and calmly he said to her lastly

"As a sign of PEACE, we will walk a different path in life so that there won't be anymore conflict between us, so tell your people to stay out of my country affairs and we will stay out of yours in return, don't bother us, we won't bother you, got that!"

The AF delegates left, leaving one dismayed songstress for this was not the outcome Lacus wanted to happen. She wanted no more reprisal, no more revenge and no more anger. She wanted reconciliation; begin a new relationship with the AF without the past haunting them and holding them back.

"I failed" she muttered sadly

As the AF shuttle leaves the Plants, Hayes looks out his viewport one last time and then, closes the shutters.

In his thoughts he wonders how his country will rise out of the pit they are in. Logos and Blue Cosmos practically burn every bridge's they know of, their country's natural/mineral and human resources are exhausted, their access to outer space is cut off inflation, unemployment have skyrocketed and so does crime.

All Hayes can see ahead for them are hard and bleak time for his people. Right then, he notices something in his pocket and he pulls out of his an old fashion Chinese fortune cookie.

'Forgot about this'

Before going to the Plants, he had Chinese dinner with his family. His daughter gave him the fortune cookie, for luck.

He breaks it open and read the fortune written in a piece of paper inside, hoping that luck from her daughter will help ease his mind

'When one door closes, another door will open for you to step inside'

The fortune was nice but Hayes wonder if there are any doors out there that will to open for them.

28 of October 74 CE
AFM Cheyenne Mountain Complex
(Formerly the USAF, NORAD Base)

While the world sees the end of another War and the fall of a superpower, global reconstruction begins in earnest.

However, an event is happening underneath the Cheyenne Mountain range in Colorado, an event that gone completely unnoticed as a team of AFM Special Forces led by Colonel Jack O'Neill and assisted by Egyptologist Dr. Daniel Jackson, step towards the event horizon of a controlled wormhole, created by a large circular ring.

The ring device was rediscovered after 78 years of being kept in a storage vault underneath the Smithsonian Museum, and on a blackboard is a translation from the Egyptian Hieroglyphs found on a cover stone…

Someone cross out the word Doorway to Heaven and wrote down the real translation…STARGATE