What is this that suddenly shows up from nowhere? Let me explain: *ahem* This is a fan fiction that started out in June 2010 as a mixture of "trying to write something completely cliché and make a proper story out of it" and "exploring characters to get to know them better". So here you go. The success rate might vary; I did have a lot of fun writing it though, and if it can make a couple others smile as well, I'm more than happy with that.

The story is as of this very moment not finished, so regarding update schedule, it will be completely unexpected and random. (It is extremely nerve-wracking to post this when the story isn't complete yet, but I have to start somewhere!)

Spoiler warning: The story might contain spoilers to "A Certain Destined Introduction", so if you care about that, now you know. Regarding some of the content (mainly characters showing up), you might want to read ACDI before reading this, but you don't have to. Things will be introduced in a hopefully satisfying manner. Regarding the original material, there are very little chance of any spoilers at all, and if you have seen the first season of the anime, there are definitely none.

Hope you enjoy!

(As always, English is my second language, so please point out any errors or weirdoes you may stumble over. Thanks!)

A Certain Cliché Switchover (yup, I changed the name to the cliché one)

By Cun


It was a dark, late evening long after curfew in Academy City. The street lights were dimmed, the trains had stopped running; there was, in short, nothing to do for a student at this time of night. Usually, all the girls at the dorm of Tokiwadai middle school would be long since sleeping in their beds, but tonight, one girl was just about returning to the dorm at this time.

Due to her helping Anti-Skill with a case, Shirai Kuroko had gotten her curfew extended on exclusive conditions for this one night. She was now free to go home, after a long, eventful night that ended on a rather puzzling note; though she had no reason to linger on that for now. She was already close to breaking her extended curfew time, even while teleporting eighty meters at a time the entire distance from Judgment 177th Branch.

Returning back to the dorm at the nick of time, she escaped the main entrance with a mere glare of warning from the dorm mistress, and headed to her room without lingering to say more than good night.

Once she opened the door to her room, she was greeted by the darkness. Onee-sama must have gone to bed already. Naturally, since it was so late. Her glance flickered over to the bed of her roommate; and indeed, she was sound asleep in her Gekota pajama, lying atop the bed sheets since the night was fairly warm. Ah, if only you would follow the laws of nature and sleep in the nude—! Thinking such inappropriate thoughts, the pig-tailed Judgment member closed the door behind her and went over to her own bed, teleporting off her school vest before she paused, once more looking over at the other girl.

She was mumbling in her sleep.

Kuroko could not make out the words from where she stood, but she had an irritated inkling as to what the older girl would be muttering about. A nameless spiky-haired boy came to mind. That insufferable monkey—! Clenching around the edge of her shirt, Kuroko looked positively pissed off. All summer, her roommate had talked about that rumored idiot non-stop, and even now when school had once more started, it didn't seem to let up.

"Wait up, you jerk…" Mikoto muttered happily and clenched the pillow below her head, still quite obviously dreaming rather than speaking to Kuroko. The younger girl looked at her roommate for a second, observing her childish pajama and ruffled, sleep-worn hair, before her eyes landed on her lips, slightly parted to let her breathe, subtle and inviting…

Her heart suddenly sped up with several kilometers an hour. This… this is… Feeling sweaty and nervous and almost like she was having a heart attack, she swallowed a lump in her throat, staring at that enthralling sight like a hypnotized penguin.

Before she knew it, she had moved to stand beside the bed, looking down at her Onee-sama and her peaceful face. This is… my chance!

And without thinking further ahead, her heart beating like a worn-out drumstick, she leaned down towards Mikoto's unsuspecting form, their lips coming closer and closer…


Random fact: The prologue was written one year after the story was started.

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