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It was about seven months since the 'freak' accident with Theresa, and now that it was December the weather had dropped considerabley. However, Cronus was still at large and it was thought that they techniquely had beaten him and no one was sure what would happen next. Still, the teenagers did their best to keep Cronus down, besides, they were quite happy to stay together.

After nearly two years of being friends, Jay and Theresa were dating as well as Archie and Atlanta. When Archie had finally asked Atlanta out, the others couldn't stop making fun of him as he stumbled over his words and blushing. Atlanta, who was trying not to laugh as well, confessed her feelings for him in return and admitted his 'attempt' was extremely cute.

Athena constantly shook her head at the group and found their antics quite amusing. But like all the other Gods, she felt like they were part of the family and enjoyed watching them grow up. Of course in some cases, some of the kids really were related.

School was out for the rest of the month and training continued nonetheless, much to the dislike of the children. But as said before, they needed to stay in shape for Cronus so Jay, Archie, Atlanta and Herry were in the gym training with Ares.

"KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT, ARCHIE!" roared Ares as he sent his student through some new exercise.

Archie grunted as he fought against some androids without his usual whip.

"First we need to strengthen your abilities without the use of weapons. Besides, Hephaestus doesn't want these toys broken yet."

Across the room Atlanta was practicing using her speed combined with her accuracy. Constantly moving, the descendant of Artemis jumped over a multitude of obstacles and shooting off her laser bow. After her last shot she angrily kicked a nearby statue of Hera.

"Yeeow!" Atlanta gritted her teeth, holding her foot.

"What was that for?" asked Herry as he passed carrying a bunch of weights.

"I only hit 49 out of 50."

Herry raised an eyebrow and put the weights away.

"Herry, let's go one more time." Said Jay, the leader of the seven heroes. He was holding a pair of sparring staffs.

The descendant of Heracles shrugged and took a staff. Though Herry was just as strong as his ancestor, Jay was intelligent and instinctive in a fight. Just like ancestor, Jason.

"Hey, can we be done already?" panted Archie.

Ares glared at him, "Hmph, mortals. Your ancestor, Achilles, would continue training rather than quit."

"Oh come Ares. Even Achilles needed a break once in a while. "

The God of War sighed, rubbing his face, " Fine, take the rest of the week off. All of you."

"Sweet!" exclaimed Atlanta, she rushed over and grabbed Archie's hand.

"Let's go to the mall, there's an awesome new movie I wanna see. Meet you guys back at the dorm." And off they went.

Jay turned to Herry, "Will you get Odie and Neil and I'll get Theresa?"

Nodding, Herry left to get Neil from Aphrodite's. Neil was incredibly lucky and with him around, maybe Herry wouldn't have to walk all the way to Hephaestus and then Hermes just to find Odie.


It was, unsurprisingly, rather warm in Persephone's solarium. The goddess herself was sitting with Theresa on the cushions by the entrance to the Underworld.

Persephone was busy trying to get her student to transform some objects . So far, they were only using small stones set upon a table. Right before his eyes, Jay saw his girlfriend turn the last stone into a feather.

"Wow! That's really cool!"

Theresa blushed, "It's really easy, the hard step will be turning inanimates into, well, I guess it's like turning this feather into a live bird."

"Well I have full confidence in you."

Theresa's went even darker.

"Hey, I thought you were still trying to read immortal minds?"

"Theresa will go back to that next week. I've had to ask some of the other gods to help with her training."

"But I thought you —"

"Remember Jay, I can't handle magic in my current state." Persephone patted her stomach.

Jay could've kicked himself. She was pregnant! The news had only come out only a week ago so she was nowhere near showing yet.

"Oh, r-right. Sorry."

"Don't worry about it, you're not the only one used to the idea yet."

Blushing, Jay said goodbye and left with Theresa.

Once the doors were closed behind them, Theresa spoke, " I'm really worried about Persephone."

"What, why?" Jay stopped, "It's not because of what happened with your aura is it?"

"No, nothing like that! It's just, Persephone and I, we used to go out all the time together, mostly shopping you know. And she still wants to go, but what if —?"

"Cronus were to find out?"

Theresa turned away. "Exactly."


Persephone was headed to the gazebo outside to speak with Zeus.

Due to the magic within the school, it was wam rather than cold. Zeus stood on the steps leading to the gazebo, talking to Hera. Approaching them, the wife of Hades stood silentlhy waiting for them to be done with their conversation. After a moment or two, the King and Queen of the Gods turned to Persephone.

"Yes, what is it dear?" asked Zeus.

"Well, I hope it's not too much to ask, but I just hate being cooped up for so long… I would like to still be able to go out on occasion?"

Zeus sighed," You know it's not safe." He looked at Hera and she nodded in return.

"Persephone, we will discuss this later. If you are to leave the protection of this school, Hades or your mother's homes, than safety measures will have to be taken. Tomorrow, meet me in my office with Hades and Theresa at noon."
The young goddess was disappointed, but understood. Thanking them, she left to tell Hermes to give Theresa the message to meet her in the morning by the Underworld entrance before heading home to Hades.

She'd only told Hermes this, but... Hades didn't know about the baby yet.