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Cronus' POV:

Never could I remember Rhea being like this. I knew she'd been beautiful, but her standing before me, after so long, she had grown absolutely perfect. I prayed a silent thanks to myself that I had changed back into my original suit before my love had arrived. Rhea loved imposing, but caring people; can't be imposing in sneakers.

Trying to stay strong and not fall to my knees, I leaned back on the doorway, crossed my arms and began to examine my nails. I knew she'd seen my look of surprise, but I wasn't about to give her the benefit of doubt.

"So," I began, "What brings you here, after all this time?" I tried to put some emotion into my voice, but keeping it strong and steady. It was a difficult feat with her before me as I loved her, hated her betrayal, and had to be a powerful acting, non-caring god all in one. Hell, I even tried to sound a bit sexy. (*coughgagcough*)

The raven-haired goddess snorted, and raised a scornful brow at me.

"It's quite simple, really," Rhea stuck her nose in the air, which was more like looking UP at me with gorgeous hungry eyes, as she was somewhat shorter and barely reached my chin.

She came closer and rubbed her body against mine, making it rather hard to find control over every fiber in my body and not close my eyes and wrap my arms around her.

It didn't matter; Rhea pulled my arms from my chest and wrapped them around her waist, her hands resting at my shoulders, forcing me to breathe in the scent I hadn't known in so long.

She lifted herself up onto her toes and leaned forward till her mouth was close enough to my ear to whisper one more word, "Revenge."

Oh, yes. Simple indeed…


Theresa looked at her PMR impatiently: 12:15, the meeting was supposed to have started fifteen minutes ago.

Normally, Theresa wouldn't have worried, Persephone was frequently late, but Zeus always got these weird feelings whenever something was wrong, and right now, he had one of those feelings. She just wasn't sure whether it was the reason for her mentor's lateness or not.

Creeeak. Hermes stuck his head.

"Sorry for the delay, folks, unexpected mood swing by the pregnant lady."


"Was that really necessary?" Hades looked down in fear at the cowering form of Hermes who had been reduced to fetal position. And sucking his thumb.

Persephone placed both hands on her hips and glared down at the messenger god.


Her short answer immediately warned everyone that her mood was on the edge and could snap again at any moment.

"I knew pregnancies ranged in effects, but this is already insane." Theresa whispered to Hermes as she helped him up, he giggled with fear in reply and retreated as far he could from Persephone, but close enough to still be a part of the conversation.

"I don't think that really offensive of a comment, dear." Spoke Demeter.

"Whatever, mother."

Hera smiled, the effects always matched up with the personality and the powers of the child to be born. If it started with mood swing two weeks in, the babe would get along fabulously with Ares. Probably would be a nicer person though with Hades and Persephone as the parents. Wait, now there was an odd thought. After a few thousand years of marriage, the two never had produced a child.

"What in the name of the Gods have they've been up to all this time? (Trust me, you guys don't wanna know) And why now? What are the Fates playing at?" Hera's eyes widened at the thought of the Fates; she would have to speak about this with Zeus later.

"Now, I have asked you all to attend today in the concern of Persephone's protection. With Cronus still at large, we cannot risk his knowledge of your condition." Hera looked pointedly at the blonde.

"Discussing this overnight, Hera and I have decided it is best you go out, no more than once a week. And you cannot go alone, ever."

"Four times a month! That's insane, I demand more time." Persephone was enraged and nearly flashed to her angry self, had it not been for her mother grabbing her arm and forcing her to sit she probably would've gone on another rampage.

"Persephone, darling, it's not safe for you to go off like that, stressing leads to problems with the baby."

Persephone pouted and curled up to Hades, suddenly she began to feel tired.

"Just a little more time, pleeease?" She looked up to Hades and gave him her best puppy eyes.

He nearly melted, "Seven times, brother?" Hades looked up to Zeus, his expression clearly suggested, 'how could you possibly say no to this?'

Rolling his eyes, Zeus sighed, "Six a month then."

"Good enough for me!" Persephone's tired immediately evaporated and she sat up.

Everyone shook their heads sympathetically for those who would have to be with her at all times. Five minutes with her was enough to drive anyone around her crazy.

"So how is this going to work then, it can't just be random?" asked Theresa

"It's a fairly simple method. Until the birth, we shall randomly pick a day in a week and the extra two go in randomly. Then we will organize who is free to stay with her."

"And I'm here…?" Theresa looked pointedly at everyone else, if any of this interrupted more of her time with Jay…

"Don't worry about your time with Jay, Theresa," smiled Hades, "If it's preset, then you can work around the times, and besides, you don't have to be with her every day she goes out." He winked.

Somehow, Theresa knew this was all a bad idea…


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