Toga Yagari led Arisu Sakebi into a forest.

"Zero," Yagari addressed a young boy that had come into view while he lit up a cigarette. "I found this girl in town. A Level E was after her." The man blew some smoke out of his mouth, and then looked down at Arisu, who was looking up at him to avoided Zero's look. "Did it kill your entire family?" Yagari ask the blonde child. She merely nodded.

"What's your name?" Zero asked. He sounded uncertain but if Yagari had brought her with him then Zero guessed she wasn't dangerous. Arisu looked at Zero. She touched her throat with two fingers, and then shook her head.

"She can't talk." Yagari said, now finished with his cigarette he threw it to the ground and put it out with his boot. Arisu bent down and picked up a stick that was lying on the ground. She walked over beside Zero, then dropped to her knees and wrote in the dirt.

クイリリラネ モン ミチモイ ニト チスニトナ トチノイコニ

Hello, my name is Arisu Sakebi.

Zero read what Arisu had written before looking up at Yagari.

"She says her name is Arisu."

Yagari nodded. "Arisu, was there a reason that the Level E was after you and your family?" The female child bit her lip before starting to write again.

ンイトネ カクイスイ テチトル モン モラカクイス トチニシ カクチカ モン ハチカクイス テチト チ ヒチモセニスイ クナミカイスネ チミシ カクチカ クイ ノニリリイシ カクイ リイヒイリ イケト コスラカクイスル クイ テチト チリトラ チ リイヒイリ イル

Yes, there was. My mother said that my father was a vampire hunter, and that he killed the Level E's brother. He was also a Level E.

"Alright." Yagari said while he looked like he was thinking. Arisu poked Zero in his side with the stick.

"What?" He asked, turning to look down at her. Zero had white hair, pale skin and light purple eyes. Arisu frowned and underlined the 'Hello' at the beginning of her first statement she had written. Zero rolled his eyes but he smiled slightly. "Hi, Arisu." The blonde girl smiled.

A now fifteen year old Arisu Sakebi sat up in her bed and stretched her arms over her head. It had been eight years since the Level E killed her family, and it had been two years since she had left Yagari. She'd stayed with him for almost seven years, from age seven to age thirteen. Arisu sighed. She missed Yagari and Zero; they were like her family, ever since her real one died. Yagari had visited her last night, though. He had arranged for her to go to a place called Cross Academy. Yagari had told her that there was a Day and a Night Class at the school, and that the Headmaster wanted humans and vampires to co-exist peacefully with one another. This was going to be such a pain.

After dragging herself out of bed, the blonde teenager took a quick shower and dressed herself in her usual attire; dark blue skinny jeans inside of knee high black boots, a crimson red short sleeved shirt, a black leather jacket and a red fingerless glove that was worn on her left hand. This appearance normally kept people away from Arisu, which was good. She didn't need to talk, or write, when her look screamed 'kick ass'. Such a shame Cross Academy had a uniform. Oh well, Arisu thought as she laced up her boots. At least I can still wear my glove and, hopefully, add some of my other accessories to keep my 'kick ass' look.

When Arisu knocked on the Headmaster's office door, she didn't have to wait five seconds before it was flung open and she was pulled into a bone crushing hug. Good thing the door goes in, or else I'd be hurting a lot.

"Hello and welcome to Cross Academy! I'm Headmaster Cross!" He runs the school? Oh Lord….

"Um, Headmaster? Her face is turning blue…." The Headmaster paid no attention to the girl who had spoken, but Arisu looked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of her. The girl looked around Arisu's age, is not the same or younger. She seemed short for her supposed age, and had large brown eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair. The girl sighed. "…Daddy? I think you're hugging her too tight." In an instant Arisu was released and could breathe again.

"And this is my wonderful daughter, Yuki!" Headmaster Cross was hugging his daughter now, leaving Arisu laughing silently. Yuki noticed.

"What's wrong?"

Arisu raised her head to look across the room at Yuki. How was she going to explain this…?

"Oh, that's right. I forgot to tell you, Yuki." The Headmaster released the brunette before continuing. "This is our new student, Arisu Sakebi." Yuki nodded, expressing that she had already heard that information. "Her parents were killed by a Level E when she was seven, and she hasn't been able to talk since." He caught Arisu's shocked expression and added, "Yagari told me." The blonde girl nodded slowly.

"So, she's sort of like Zero?" Arisu was shocked at Yuki's question. It can't be… she can't mean him…. Can she?

"Yes, I suppose so." The Headmaster smiled.

Arisu didn't have long to think before Yuki grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door. "Come on! I'll show you around!"

"This is Cross Academy, a famous private school where all the students stay in dorms." Yuki said as her and Arisu walked towards a set of wooden doors. There was a crowd of girls waiting and talking in front of them. "Oh, hang on." Yuki ran towards the front of the girls yelling, "Hey, don't push!"

"What?" was heard from coming from many of the girls.

"Okay, okay, step back!" Yuki called out to them. "It's already curfew for all Day Class students! Return to your own dorm!"

"By you saying that…" One of the girls at the front said. "Aren't you just trying to keep all the Night Class to yourself, Cross?"

"Just because you're the Headmaster's daughter… it's no fair!" Another one said.

Yuki backed up slightly. "That's wrong! It's my job as a prefect to-" Yuki was cut off as a bunch of girl leaned forward yelling, "Aidou-sempai!" Yuki automatically put her hands up in a sundering pose, before pushing the girls back.

"You can't do that!" Yuki said, before turning her head back to look at the wooden doors that were opening. I… didn't get them away in time again…. Yuki thought. She looked back to the girls, only to see that they had all gotten into a line on either side of the door. Yuki twitched. "…Here you go…" She muttered, sliding out of the way of the Night Class. Arisu looked at the Night Class. She had to admit, she could understand the female Day Class student's dreamy sighs. All of the Night Class students were beautiful. Or, they would be if they weren't vampires. Arisu was sure they were, besides the fact Yagari had told her. Her skin felt like it was on fire. It was her way of knowing who was a vampire. Judging by the intensity of the burning sensation, she'd say all of them were Level B, Aristocrats or Nobles, but there was a Level A, Pureblood, mixed in there with them.

"Good morning, ladies!" A blonde vampire said; his eyes closed as he smiled. "I could hear you! You're all so energetic and cute today!" Arisu looked over at Yuki. The brown haired prefect deadpanned.

"Idol… ah, Aidou-sempai …." A girl standing to Yuki's left said.

"Hi~!" Aidou called out, waving.

"Hanabusa." An orange haired male said in a low voice.

"It's alright, you're cool, too, Akatsuki." Aidou said back to him, not stopping smiling or waving to his fans.

"Wild-sempai!" A random girl from the crowd shouted. Aidou stopped waving and look in the girl's direction.


Aidou pointed at random, winked and said "Bang~!" Arisu sweat dropped. What do they see in this guy? The girl he pointed at got hearts in her eyes and fainted.

"Shoot me too!" Girls called out and pretty much ran over Yuki, knocking her to the ground. Aidou was surrounded by girls and was yelling "Bang!"

"Yuki…" A Night Class student with dark brown hair, darker than Yuki's, bent down and held a hand out to her. "Are you alright?"

Yuki snapped out of her memories. "Kaname-sempai!"

Kaname smiled at Yuki, tilting his head slightly to the side. "Thanks for all your hard work."

Yuki scratched her head absently. "It's not really…" She suddenly became aware of the group of glaring Kaname fans behind her. Yuki jumped to her feet. "Of course! It's my duty as a prefect!"

Kaname stood up as well. "Don't be so uptight… it makes me feel a bit lonely."

"No, it's just… you're the one who saved my life, Kaname-sempai." Kaname moved forward towards Yuki, and raised his hand up to ruffle her hair.

"Don't worry about that anymore." His hand moved down to cup her cheek and Yuki blushed lightly. "It was such a long time ago." Suddenly, another hand snatched Kaname's away from Yuki's face.

"Zero!" Yuki said, startled. Arisu froze from her spot in the distance. Zero? She swallowed. It can't be him… it's impossible.

"Class is starting, Kuran-sempai." Zero said, looking like he'd much rather not us the honorific. Zero dropped Kaname's wrist.

"You sure are scary…" Kaname began as he walked away to his group in the Night Class. "…Mr. Prefect." He stopped walking and looked back over his shoulder.

"Kuran-sempai." A girl said, and she and her friend walked over to Kaname. "Uhm… please accept this!" She offered him a rose.

"Thank you." Kaname said kindly. Yuki tightened her grip on her hands.

Meanwhile, Zero looked over to a group of seven or so girls. "All of you!" Zero yelled at them, raising his fist. "Hurry back to your dorms!" The girls ran off. Screaming. "Having to deal with you all running around screaming 'kya kya, kya kya' everyday…." He muttered under his breath. Then Yuki started punching him repeatedly.

"You were late! Don't talk like you're all 'high-and-mighty'! It's our duty as prefects, so have more respect!" Zero started shoving Yuki.

"I could say that right back at you!" He stopped shoving her. "You're too easy to figure out." Zero turned half way around, so his side was facing Yuki. "Although it has nothing to do with your love towards him… you understand, right?"

"Shut up!" Yuki said, but she looked away. "I know already!" When Yuki looked away, she happened to look in Arisu's direction. "Oh! Zero, I was showing the new Day Class student around before all of this happened." Yuki ran over to the blonde teenage girl and grabbed her hand once again, this time pulling her over to Zero. "Arisu, meet Zero. Zero, meet Arisu." Yuki said smiling. Arisu wouldn't look up and meet Zero's eyes. What if it is him? What if it is the same Zero that I met through Yagari? But… Yagari would have told me, right? He would have had to; he couldn't just send me to Cross Academy without telling me that one of his other students was attending it! Arisu's froze when Zero addressed her.

"Arisu? Arisu Sakebi?" The blonde girl's blood ran cold.

It is him….