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Chapter 2: A Few Eggs Short of a Dozen

The bell rings soon after Mary started writing on their guide list for raising their fictional egg son named John James Pereira and gathers her Ipad and swings the bag over her body to let it sit comfortably on the other shoulder. She hands Joseph their son.

"Take good care of him Joseph." she said, raising to her feet, meeting him eye to eye surprisingly. He doesn't think of himself as short but not exactly monstrously tall either but Mary he realizes least for a girl at this school. "I'll pick him up at my lunch period at 11:45. What class will you be in? I'll meet you there."

"Uh, I have World History II with Mr. Togo right now." Joseph said, as they headed towards the door leading to the hallway. They pause in the doorway. "Well his replacement anyways."

"Oh right. He's the one who was caught with his pants down at the local theater for the late late showings." Mary let out a chuckle. "That sucks for him, the poor guy." she winked her nose. "I can't believe people actually still pay for things like that when we got 6G internet."

"Crazy right?" Joseph agreed, his chuckle a bit higher than normal. He didn't want to admit that it was kinda a pass time he and his friends always try to sneak inside for the new movies. "Wait what?"

"What?" Mary asked innocently.

"Did you—whatever." Joseph thought back on their conversation before shrugging. He must have got it wrong. She couldn't have been talking about porn.

"Yeah, whatever. Ok lil John, be good with Daddy...I'll see you later." she said to the egg before giving Joseph a small wave and merge with the rest of the student crowd.

The first warning bell sounded and Joseph quickly made his way to his next class. He banged his shoulder on the door jam as the final bell rang, just missing being counted as tardy. He let out a huge sigh of relief and headed to his assigned seat as the new teacher wrote his name on the board...and rather nicely he might add. It was something you would have seen written on rolled parchments or something as old.

"Hello class." Joseph and every other student jumped at the sound of the deep and gravely voice that came out of the somewhat stiff, dark haired man in front of them. "I am your new World History teacher. My name is Castiel Novak."

Castiel Novak, Castiel if you please, Joseph noticed idly as he opened the class tablet for the assigned reading looked a bit lost. He didn't even do the whole, this-my-life-before-I-came-here intro like other new teachers had done. Didn't try to get to know the class. It were as if he didn't have a clue what he was supposed to do with all the kids in front of him. When he spoke, it was in short sentences, "Your former teacher has left a list. I will follow that." "Read chapters 12 and 13." "Here is your homework."

But what was even stranger...was the fact he stared. It was like have the focus of a huge laser beam, it was that intense. It made him and the rest of the guys squirm in their seats when called upon to read...with him looking. The. Entire. Time. The girls didn't seem to mind though, he could hear them talking quietly with each other about how blue and pretty his eyes sexy his voice was...what did he look like under that overly large sweater vest.

That was another thing.

He had horrible fashion. Right now he wore a sweater vest that looked like someone had thrown up fruity pebbles and decided that it was fashion. His hair was messed up like he just rolled out of bed, thrown on the vest and came straight to school. He wore jeans (since new teachers were given a bit more rope to work through, being new and all) with pink (PINK) and black plaid Converse.

This guy, he figured, was just a few eggs short of a dozen.

Suddenly there was a scream as one of the girls, hit the boy next to her with her purse repeatedly, yelling the whole time. Castiel was there instantly, holding his hands up and talking to the girl with a low soothing voice. "Please stop that. Don't hit that boy with your bag any longer."

"I'm seriously going to kill you!" The girl screamed at the boy. "God damnit Freddie!"

"Please don't take the Lord's name in vain." Castiel said.

"I'm sorry jeez!" Freddie said, his hands in front of him, prepared for when she decided to hit him again. "I didn't mean for it to fall okay Cindy?"

"You were tossing George in the air! What the hell did you think was going to happen!" Cindy said, swinging her purse at him.

"Cindy put your bag down." Castiel said waiting until she did. He took a step forward and felt something crack under his shoe. "Why is there a broken egg on the floor?"

"That's George. My son!" she said, dragging the word 'son' out. "And Freddie dropped him!"

"That is an egg." Castiel stated.

"Yeah." Cindy sighed dejected. So much for her grade in Health.

"That is not your son." Castiel stated again.

"Um, yeah he is." Cindy frowned, her mood rapidly going south.

"Humans can't lay eggs."

The whole class blinked. Was he serious?

"Yeah, I know."

"Then why did you call that egg your son George?"

Joseph coughed to hide the laugh, doing much better he thought proudly as a few others didn't. Yep, it was official. This guy was strange.

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