Chapter 4: Sunnyside Up or Scrambled?

Joseph ran out the door and into the early morning air to catch the bus down the block. He was late in getting up this morning because he didn't sleep very well last night thanks to his parents. Oh god, he felt green as he tried his best to forget the sounds he heard last night. If only the basement hadn't been turned into a large bedroom for the youngest four of his family! Then he could have escaped.

What made his parents think that he needed another little brother or sister? Wasn't five enough?

He sighed deeply, watching as his air puffs evaporate in the cool morning air. Well at least he had something to look forward to today. He felt a large grin grow on his face as he thought of Mary's hazel eyes. He climbed up the steps of the yellow bus and quickly made it to the back of the bus where other high schoolers sat and dug into his bag for the makeshift carrier he made for Jimmy, his egg son with Mary.

Mary had taken Jimmy for the night, saying that as a mother, she should have this time to bond. Castiel pointed out that the egg didn't need to bond with a mother since technically it was dead.

Mary rolled her eyes at Castiel. "It's just a saying Dad. I don't mean literally."

"Of course." Castiel said though he still looked uncertain.

They left Joseph with a wave before climbing into a cherry sleek black Impala. His mouth dropped when he saw that car. His teacher may be an awkward, literal, strange History teacher but man, did he have awesome taste in cars.

At the school, students were starting to arrive. His bus was usually one of the first buses to arrive so it wasn't too crowded as he made his way to the front of the school to wait. Mary had told him to meet her at the front of the school near the teacher parking lot to exchange Jimmy.

He waved and talked to a few of his friends when a car came speeding around the corner, loud classic rock music blaring from the open windows. He recognized the Impala, as did several of the other male students who gaped at the sleek curves and awesome rims. The car was shiny.

He could hear their jaws drop to the ground as Mary, not Castiel, climbed out of the driver's seat because his jaw did the same thing. He struggled to pick it off the ground when Mary saw him and waved at him. He waved back at her, a goofy grin on his face for noticing him right off the back.

"What?" he asked his friends when he lowered his arm. "She's my egg partner." They laughed at his blush and he pushed them away.

"Great, you showed." Mary said as she reached him with Castiel right behind her. She pulled open her bag and pulled out Jimmy. "I wasn't sure if I had to hunt you down but you're here so cool. Here's Jimmy. He slept like an angel and-"she turned to Castiel and poke him with a finger "-don't bother saying that angels don't need to sleep. It's an expression we like to use because some people think angels are awesomely sweet guardians who look like chubby babies. As incorrect as it is..." She saw his friends and held out her hand. "Hi. I'm Mary. This is my Dad, Castiel. He's subbing for the History teacher."

"Fred, Harry, Kyle." Joseph's friends said together, shaking Mary's hand. It was so strange; no hot chick has ever stuck her hand out to shake. Usually they made faces because they were considered weird or losers. They were starting to like this new girl.

"Ookay." Joseph said as he grabbed Jimmy and put him in his new carrier. Mary noticed right away. "Hey cool! When did you get that?"

"Oh, I made this last night when I got home." He held it out to show her. It was a blue and green knit carrier, almost like a purse but smaller in size and hung on his bag. A name tag with Hello My name is had Jimmy scrawled on it and pinned to the front.

"You knit?"

His friends snickered and Joseph blushed slightly. "Um, yeah. It's a thing."

"I wish I could knit but I don't really have the patience. Mom tried to teach me once but I kept breaking the needles." Mary said with a shrug, poking at the carrier before giggling. She really liked that.

"It was not your fault Mary. You were coming into your strength." Castiel said, leaning forward to study the carrier as well.

"Well now I can't knit and I'm jealous." Mary said with a wave of her hand as she straighten up, pulling Castiel up with her. "Ok, we gotta go, so see you during the next break to switch. Also, make sure to take down notes or something about his behavior. I swear the teacher is super anal about this whole raising an egg project."

"Please refrain from gossiping about your teachers. I do work with them after all and would hate to send my own daughter to detention." Castiel said with a slight frown.

Mary smiled sheepishly. "Sorry Dad. I forget how upstanding you are sometimes. Come on, let's go get some coffee before the bell."

"You should not drink coffee. It will stunt your growth." Castiel said as they headed towards the school.

"I thought that was a myth?"

First period went by fast. Second period did too.

First break came by and he walked the halls searching for Mary. He stopped in the main corrior where the cheerleaders, Glee Club and Science Club had set up Valentine's Day booths to sell or offer goods for the upcoming holiday.

The cheerleaders had of course set up a kissing booth and a large line had formed to block most of the hallway. Glee Club had set up a booth where they offered to sing a tune for people's valentines and Science club potions?

Huh. That's strange.

One of the girls, wearing glasses with frizzy hair waved him over. "Hey Winifred. Are you guys really selling love potions?" he asked when he reached her.

Winifred nodded. "One of the new members came up with a recipe combining extracts and a mystery juice that she won't tell us but yeah. Love potions." She held out a small capped test tube filled with a pinkish liquid between her fingers. "Wanna try one? Only five bucks."

"Five bucks! What is that small thing made of gold?" he took a closer of the test tube in her fingers. It had a slight glow to it."Does it work?"

"Yee-ah. I wouldn't sell something that doesn't work." Winifred said with an annoyed look on her face.

"Can I get a friend discount?" he asked.

"Five bucks is the friend discount."

"How much is the real price?" he asked curiously looking at the two rows of test tubes in front of her. There was some empty spots that meant a few must have been sold.

"Ten for this guy and fifteen for the bigger one." Winifred pointed out to the side with the smaller test tubes before pointing to the other side that had much bigger test tubes.

"Holy Jesus!"

"Where!" a voice said right next to his ear. He let out an unmanly yelp and jumped, bumping into several people that set off a crazy chain reaction of people bumping into people and ending up with the line of people waiting for kisses from the cheerleaders to fall over like dominoes. He turned to see Mary holding on to her stomach as she laughed so hard that people in the halls stopped to watch her. He felt his cheeks start burning hot. She had embarassed front of the whole school practically!

He frowned and grabbed Jimmy, thrusting the egg into her hands before he turned around and started merging with the crowd.

"Hey Joseph!" He could hear Winifred call after him. "That wasn't very nice."

"But it was funny!" he could hear Mary protest, still fighting off chuckles.

"To you maybe-"

He turned the corner and sprinted down the hall to his next class.

He did a pretty good job, he thought, of avoiding her for the rest of the school day. He hid out by the bleachers during lunch and ran to every class so he wouldn't chance bumping into her. The whole school seemed to glare at him for the disaster in the hallway. He dreaded Gym class more than usual because she was in his class period. He changed into his clothes and waited at the door until the very last second before exiting the locker room.

He kept his eyes to the ground and waited for roll call. He piped up when his name was called but frowned when Mary's name came up and a girl spoke up for her, "She left at lunch and never came back."

He let out a sigh of relief before he felt a heavy weight of guilt and anger in his stomach. Did she just bail on him? He didn't know where she lived so there was no way of getting Jimmy back for the night to continue his homework assignment. God, how could she be so irresponsible?

He was in a bad mood the rest of the class and trudged through the hallway, ignoring protests of the people he bumped into when he reached his locker. He saw Winifred waiting for him and groaned. He didn't want to deal with anyone right now.

"Hey Joe!" Winifred said with a smile and small wave.


"All bad moody I see." Winifred teased lightly. He grunted in reply. "Well after what happened today, I thought I would cheer you up." She held out a small test tube between two fingers. The love potion. "Here. Free of charge."

"I don't want it." he said, opening his locker and pulled out his backpack.

"Oh come on! It's free!" Winifred wiggled the test tube entincingly. "It'll help you I promise!" She pressed the test tube in his hand.

He sighed and closed his fingers around the potion. "So how does it work?"

"Pour half of the test tube into a drink of someone you want and drink the rest down. It works instantly as you both start producing pheomones that will make you so irrestiable that it will guaratee a date or more after one day." Winifred explained. She handed him a small folded note that had instuctions. "Here. This explains everything I said and more."

"All right. Thanks." Joseph held up the test tube, studying the liquid inside. It really did have a glow to it. "I'll think about-"

"Joseph, I have something for you." a deep gravally voice said right behind him. He let out a yelp and twisted around, pressing against the lockers when he saw his History teacher, Castiel standing right behind him.

"Cripes! I see where she gets it from!" Joseph said in surprise as he fought to get his heart back to normal rhythm. It was beating like a hammer against his rib cage. Castiel tilt his head to the side, silent as if thinking about what he said before he held out out a blue and green knit bag with a name tag.

"Mary wanted me to return this to you." Castiel said. "And remind you about keeping a diary for tonight."

"She came back to school?" Joseph asked as he took Jimmy and tied him to his bag.

"No. She had not returned." Castiel said. "She had left Jimmy with me at lunch before leaving with Spike. That is all." he turned and walked down the hall before exiting out the double doors to outside. Dark clouds had been forming and it smelled like rain.

Joseph frowned. There was that Spike again. Who the hell was this guy? And why did Castiel not care that his teenaged daughter had ditched school to go with him?

"Who's Spike?" Winifred asked. Joseph shrugged and slammed his locker shut. He said his good byes to Winifred before he headed outside and turned towards the buses. He sat in the back of the bus, a heavy feeling in his gut that he hoped wasn't what he thought it was.

He didn't need to be jealous of a guy he never met over a girl who he didn't know very well.

He watched as the rain started falling, dripping down the window panes.

"Wow, look at this!" Mary waved over her partner as she yelled. "I think I found it!" It was dark now, after midnight and she was in the cementary looking for disturbed grave sites. From what she managed to research and find, the spell needed bones of young lovers taken before their time. Out of five cemementaries, four couples fit the bill and though two of the graves were untouched, one so far had been dug up and ransacked.

"What did you find luv?" Mary brush off her pants of the mud and grass as she stood up. It had been raining for hours now and everything was wet and sticky, her included since she didn't bring an umbrella like Castiel had suggested when she called him earlier that night.

"Someone who doesn't know how to cover their tracks. Amateurs, I swear!" she said, leaning back to the man who wrapped his arms around her shoulders, probably thinking that he could keep the rain off her.

"But powerful pet, you have to remember that." Mary looked over her shoulder at Spike, his blue eyes twinkling in the dark night. He smelled like smoke but thankfully he must have just thrown his cigarette away. "Witches are a nasty bunch."

"Better not let Willow hear you say that. She'll turn you into a toad and keep you like that." Mary teased before becoming serious, wiping her wet hair away from her face. "Man, I hate witches. Papa always told me about them, and even knowing Willow and the other girls doesn't make me like them any less."

"I don't like what they're doing here. It's hard enough pretending to be a happy-go-lucky new girl at this school knowing that somewhere nearby. witches are killing a cupid for a stupid spell. Castiel keeps a straight face but he's disturbed about what's happening here. After all, it is his little brother." Mary sighed and Spike kissed her on the cheek.

"Relax pet, you'll find them. You're good at this whole Slayer gig." Spike said, leading her away from the grave. Now that they found the grave the witches were using and identifed the others, they can get back to Castiel and let him know what they found. "Come on, let's get you out of this rain and somewhere dry. I can help you get warm."

"Whatever Mister-My-Body-Is-The-Same-Temperature-As-The-World-Around-Me, you'll be of no help!" Mary said, shrieking when Spike tucked his wet, cold hands under her shirt. "Stop stop, I'm so gonna tell Castiel that you're harassing me!"

"Dream on luv, you wouldn't trust Feathers to stop from smiting me on the spot." Spike argued.

"Hmm, maybe you're right. Fine, I'll have him take away all the liquior and smokes in a 100 mile radius." Mary grinned at the horrified look on Spike's face before she took off at a run to the car with Spike yelling after her.