Chapter 1

Roxy frowned as her parents pulled up into her new driveway. She didn't know why she was so unhappy, she had a beautiful new house, a fantastic new school and a really nice area to live in, but still she wore a frown as she stepped out into her new environment. She did have one reason for moving away though, a reason beyond any 'normal' persons belief. ''So sweetie, how do you like your new house?'' her mother asked as she stepped inside and looked around, her parents weren't like she was, they were normal. ''It's really... nice mom'' she said as she stepped into her large kitchen and explored a little, she ventured into the games room in the garage, made for her father.

Antonia crept, barefooted, across the wooden floor. Her three brothers were camping, which left her in the large house, alone. She had called a lifelong friend and enemy, so that she wasn't alone and surely enough, a few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. ''That's him!'' she thought as she raced to the door. She pulled it open to be pulled into a tight hug from her friend and she laughed. ''What's up with you, eh?'' She hugged him back and he laughed too and replied ''nothing, I'm fine Antonia.''

Roxy tossed and turned in her sleep, she mumbled and stuttered, but no words could be made out of her dreamy talking. She dreamed of him, the one she feared most, the one who could harm her. She awoke with a start and grabbed her wand from her bedside table. ''Lumos'' she whispered and a tiny ball of light appeared at the end of her wand. Although she was convinced something was in the room with her, all she could see was her owl sleeping with her head under her wing, and her large stack of normal, and spell books that needed putting away. She put her wand under her pillow and lay her head on a large stuffed animal beside her and soon drifted off to sleep.

Antonia leaned on the wall and Dimentio, her best friend and maybe more, stood next to her, smoking as an American girl walked past them. ''Oi, Dimmy, look at her,'' she said as she nudged him and pointed at the girl walking past, flicking her hair out of her face. Dimentio scoffed, before walking out in front of Roxy. ''Oi, what's your name kid?'' He looked down at her, his glasses reflecting her confused face.

''You talking to me mugg... I mean boy'' she was careful not to use the term her kind used for humans; she carried on walking, looking down. ''Heyy, where'd you think you're going?'' he asked as he grabbed her arm and spun her round to look at him. ''Getting cocky are we?'' he said in a gruff voice, the girl stood next to him stared at Roxy, smirking.

Dimentio's half closed eyes widened slightly as he pulled something out of Roxy's back pocket. Antonia grabbed it off him and her smirk fell as she narrowed her eyes. She handed it back to the girl and pulled Dimentio to the side. ''She's like us... be wary, were still more powerful than a wand user, but just watch out.'' She whispered to the older male and he nodded.

Roxy looked at the pair with wary eyes as they spoke to each other. She placed her wand back into her back pocket and walked off in a slow jog. She was soon followed by the other two, they had their gaze on her and she felt suddenly very worried. ''Please don't be going the same way as me!'' she begged, as she turned a corner onto the road a few blocks down from her school. She still had quite a walk to go and didn't want the two teens to be following her.

Antonia kept her eyes trained on the girl and she could tell the girl was nervous. She smirked and hugged Dimentio's arm. He rolled his eyes and shoved his hands in his pockets while spitting out the cigarette and crushing it under his foot. Antonia kept her eyes on the girls back, determined to break into her mind later in the day.

Roxy's first few lessons went okay, to her dismay, the girl who had been following her earlier was in most of her classes, and the ones she wasn't in, her boyfriend was. But as the day went on, it got harder and harder to hide her secret. There were voices in her head, and when she had gotten angry she had blown up a bunsen burner in science, spilt chocolate milk on a pile of books in english and made someone's lunch rot at lunchtime. When the final lesson came, Roxy was glad it was the end of the day, although both the girl and the boy were in the final lesson, geometry, she couldn't be happier.