Chapter 3

Marla flew across the streets before landing on the windowsill at the two teenager's house she bit the small letter on her leg before flying through the open window and waited for the girl and boy to come back. A few minutes later she heard a key in the doorway and then the two people sat down on the couch. Marla flew to the couch and landed very gracefully on the arm, squeaking. The girl grabbed the letter off the Marla's leg and then Marla flew out of the window, towards home.

Antonia's narrow, slanted eyes widened as she read through the letter. "...It's not as bad as ours, but her life has been pretty messed up Dim. Read this." She handed him the letter. He lowered his head to read it. Antonia elbowed him gently. He rolled his eyes. "What? I hated mine!" Antonia rolled her eyes in return. "At least your mother wasn't a total... and you knew your father. How I'd give to have a normal family, Dimmy."

Roxy stared out of her window as another owl flew past her and quickly dropped a letter onto her desk, then flew back out of the window again. Then as her own owl flew through the window, she opened it up and read it over and over, before scrunching it up and throwing it in the bin.

The next day, Roxy woke up and turned around to see her owl and wand gone. ''ROXY, GET UP NOW YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL!'' Her foster mother shouted up the stairs. She knew she couldn't do anything now, she got ready for school, pulled her school bag over her shoulder and walked to school without her wand.

Antonia sat bored in the first lesson. The other lessons were just as bad. She and Dimentio were in two lessons together that day; Art and Geography. They had forced the teachers to let them sit together. When the first lesson with the pair together, Geography, came around, Antonia complained to the taller teen she was bored. He shook his head and chuckled, before yawning and going to sleep. When the end of the day finally came around, the two raced out of the door and down the street, paying no mind to the mysterious girl.

Roxy walked down the street after lessons. She looked down and wore her black hoodie when out from nowhere came a strange looking man carrying something in his hand. Roxy took no notice and carried on walking, but as she looked round, she could see Antonia looking at the man and slowly walking over.

Antonia glared at the man, before running after him. He broke out into a run as he saw the teen running after him. She quickly grasped his mind, and spun him around. She yanked the wand out of his hand, before releasing his mind. She punched him square in the jaw, and pushed him down, his head slamming against the curb. She walked over to the girl and returned her wand. "Here. He stole it, kid. What's your name?" Her hand was slightly bloodied from when she had punched him, and she had a dangerous glint in her mismatched eyes.

''I...ugh...I have to go...somewhere...'' she stuttered before unlocking the door to her house, dumping her bags in the living room and running upstairs to packing a small amount of things into a new bag. A large amount of spell books, a cauldron, a smaller bag with many ingredients for spells. Then she placed her wand into her pocket and scribbled a small note to her parents which she signed and then locked the door, placing her key in a small box near the door which locked itself. Then she dragged her bag and her owl cage with the sleeping Marla in it, towards the city.

Antonia frowned as she entered her house, and flopped down on the sofa. Dimentio had fallen asleep, so she kicked him gently to wake him up. "Hm? Oh, you're back." He sat up and yawned, stretching his pale arms above his head. Antonia sighed deeply. "Not even a thank you! I got her wand back for her. Insufferable bit-MPH!" She was interrupted by a pair of lips crashing against her own. Dimentio parted and smirked. "I'll see if I can crack her shell tomorrow..."

Roxy continued down the road until it got dark, which wasn't long after she took off. She stopped by a park, only a few minutes away from her house and pulled from her bag, a large over coat. Then she fell asleep on the bench the other kids, or muggles as her people named them, call the 'kissing bench.' When the sun rose, she realised that it was nearly mid-afternoon, so she set off for the city again. Meanwhile, Antonia and Dimentio had just arrived at the road just off the park. As they peered round the corner, they spotted Roxy just packing a few things up, then not long after, setting off to go somewhere. The two teens followed.

Antonia jumped onto the taller teen's back. "Run, my noble steed, to Greggs! I'm hungry." She gently kicked his side. He laughed a little before running to said bakery. He dropped her in front of it, and she went in to buy some food and drinks for them. "Antonia...hurry up I'm starving!" He complained. Antonia threw a paper bag at his head. "Here, stop whining."

Roxy came to a small village, just outside her own town; she stopped off to get a small snack before starting off again. When she looked back, she saw Antonia and her friend outside Greggs, and then two hooded figures started walking towards her. She didn't know what to do, she couldn't use magic around muggles, and although there were no muggles to be seen, she would have to be careful. She drew out her wand from her back pocket and held it by her side, just as the two hooded men surrounded her.