The Life of an 11 Year Old Beauty Queen

Chapter 2

Kat's POV

I was so excited for the photo shoot. I love doing these kinds of things and we are also doing a commercial for the pageant, I can't wait! We do the natural photos first, then get spray tanned, make-up and hair, and then glitz shots. Then after all that we do the commercial thingy. As soon as we arrived to the studio we hopped out of the car and walked to the glass door. Right when we walked in me and Meaghan were whisked off to the dressing rooms with Nathan quickly following behind. The dressing room had a couch, TV, 2 huge empty make-up carts, 2 huge vanities with mirrors and lights surrounding, and 2 stools. In the rooms were two hair and make-up stylists waiting for us. "Hey guys I'm Crystal and that's Kelly, we are your make-up stylists" Crystal our stylist said. "And that is Jim and Bill, they are your hair stylists" Crystal continued. Right then our moms' busted through the door with about 3 huge boxes each stacked in their arms. "Wow, aren't those heavy?" Meaghan asked them. "Yes they are but we wanted to bring them all in at once" my mom replied breathing heavily. "Once you set up all their make-up in these carts we can get started" Kelly told our mom's. "Hey Meg, want to go watch some TV while we wait for them to set up?" I asked Meaghan. "Sure it takes them forever to set everything up" she replied. So we joined Nathan on the black leather couch and turned on the TV. There was nothing on but I settled on the news. It was pretty boring, but there was nothing else. No one watches the news. "Okay girls we are ready so come sit in these chairs and we will start with your natural look" Crystal instructed. That was pretty quick considering all of the make-up our moms brought for the shoot. We sat down in the chairs and closed our eyes. Since it was natural all we could wear was lip gloss, blush, and mascara. My hair was in curly waves, while I was wearing a baby blue striped sequin tank top with white short shorts, and silver sandals. Meaghan was wearing the same tank in purple with black short shorts and purple sandals. The reason we were wearing like almost the same thing was because some of the shots are showing best friends. We take separate and together shots. So we went and did some fun and crazy poses for the camera on in front of the green screen. Then we went and changed for the next group of shots. The theme is: Fun In The Sun. When we walked out I was wearing grey shorts, a loose fitting pink tank top, with a blue and white stripped bikini top under it. I also was wearing big white sunglasses on my head. Meaghan was wearing white shorts, a hot pink bikini top, and a black tank with hot pink sunglasses. When we walked out we saw how they changed the scenery. There was sand on the ground, and they built a sandcastle. There was also a beach ball. So Meaghan and me went and posed. It was fun, I love doing this. Next was out glitz photos.

Meaghan's POV

I love how into this Nathan is. It is like his biggest interest. We are his best friends so I kind of understand, anyway next is our glitz photos. This is my favorite part, but first we have to get spray tanned for them. Kat hates spray tans and the eyeliner. I don't know why she hates them but she does. Her mom said they could stop tanning but Kat said she wanted to do it because if she stopped it would affect her chances of winning. So she does it anyway. It is good that she does because she is really pale naturally so she would look really sick and washed out on the stage under all the lights. "Meaghan are you ready for your tan?" my mother asked. "Yep" I replied happily. "Kat do you want to do yours at the same time?" I heard her mom ask her. "Yeah I guess I will" I heard her reply back. So we both got changed and stood in front of the tarp. We both spread out ours arms and legs and let the cool liquid cover us completely. After we waited for it to dry and then went to the make-up stools. "You guys are like professional models when you are in front of the camera" Nathan commented. "We were trained" I replied smiling. I love getting complimented. Tomorrow we have an interview with the local news channel talking about pageants. I have never been on TV before so it is exciting. After about a half hour our hair and make-up was done. Then we changed into our glitz dresses that we would wear for beauty. My dress was hot coral and Kat's was bright blue. Blue really is her color. We walked out and did separate poses and then did headshots. It was so fun then we went back and changed into shorts and our Rhinestone Beauties shirts for the promotional shots. After about 5 hours we were done and it was almost 9 at night.

Mrs. Taylor's POV

I love seeing my daughter do this stuff. I had always wanted to be a pageant girl when I was younger but my mother never let me do it. So when Kat was about 3 years old I put her into her first glitz pageant and she loved it. If she told me she didn't want to do them anymore I wouldn't force her. We would find something else to do together. Seeing her on stage makes me smile. I love seeing her have fun and perform. Seeing her all glammed up makes me happy.

Kat's POV

That was a very fun and stressful day. I loved doing that stuff but at the end I get really tired. Meaghan, Nathan, and me were talking by the door while waiting for mine and Meg's mom to come with the stuff. "That was so fun" Meaghan said all hyper. I don't know where she gets all her energy. "Really, because I'm just tired" I yawned. "Well you guys did great, I can't wait to see you perform at the pageant this weekend" Nathan complimented. "Yeah well I'm going to bed as soon as I get home because we have our interview tomorrow and I don't want to be yawning during it" I said. "Oh yeah, that's going to be so much fun. Are you coming to watch us?" Meg asked Nathan. "No I don't think I can. It's my cousin's birthday tomorrow" he replied. Soon our moms' came out carrying everything they brought and put all of it in the car. We climbed in and in a couple minutes we were at my house. Nathan said goody- bye as he walked off to his house. Meghan and me walked into the house to see the TV on, chips and pop on the coffee table, and Oliver and his friends passed out on the couch. Meghan took a picture with her phone as we laughed into our hands and ran upstairs and into my room. "Hey are we staying up late or going to bed" Meghan asked me. "Well I am tired so I am going to bed" I answered. "Fine I will too" she said. We changed into our pajamas and crawled into my bed. Tomorrow was going to be hectic, I can already tell.