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Chapter 1

There was a knock on my door when i answered it i was shocked to see Sasuke standing there with an upset look on his face. I asked "Sasuke whats wrong?" "Katrina I'm sorry but it's over." he told me. "Why?" I asked him. He said your a distraction and you'll only hold me back, and with you do that i cant get any stronger.

After that he turned and left when he did I shut my door and started to cry and after i stoped crying i went to see the hokage.

In the hokages office

I knocked on the door to the hokages office. "Come in." I herd the hokage say. i went in and stood infront of the hokage. "Lady Tsunade" I started " I want to be the one who spies on the akastuki and I know that its dangerous but I think I can do it please let me go."

"Although I am against it I'll let you go I think you are ready for this when do you want to leave?" I told her to " Tonight." After that I left to pack my things so I could track down the akatsuki.

After that I went to see the hokage one last time before I left on my misson that I won't be back from for a long time and before I left I told her that if anyone asks about me to tell them that I am training or I am on a mission. After that I walked slowly to the gates to leave.

When I got to the gates I stoped and looked back at the place I was leaving from I was going to miss it.

"Where are you headed so late at night?" I heard some one ask. I turned around and saw Kakashi leaning against the wall. " I'm leaving on a mission." I said. "But why so late?" he asked.

"If you want any information go ask Tsunade." I told him then I left the village with a few tear running down my face.

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