I just want to make 1 thing clear, Sam and Santana are actors they don't know Quinn, Puck or Rachel, Finn is Sam's friend so that means he doesn't know Quinn, Puck and Rachel as well. For those who have watched Full house before, I haven't watched it so the story might be a bit different from the movie. I made a mistake on the last chapter when I said Sam and Finn knew each other in high school, it supposed to be in college. Anyway, here's the 2nd chapter.

"Have fun in London!" Puck said as he hugged Quinn.

"I will, thank you so much, you are my bestest friends." Quinn hugged Puck and Rachel. Rachel pulled away from her friend and wiped the tears running down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying Rach? I'm not going forever." Quinn said and wiped the tears for her friend. The brunette didn't answer. She pulled out some money and gave it to Quinn. "Take this."

"Why are you giving me money? You said that this whole trip is free."

"Yeah, but just keep it, maybe buy things you like."

"No, you keep it. I still have money in my card. Don't worry, ok?"


"No but! I'm not taking your money!"

"You better go now or you'll miss the plane." Puck said.

"Ok, see you guys in 1 week." Quinn waved goodbye to Puck and Rachel as she got into the taxi.

"I'm on the way to the airport now, Joe." Sam said as he flipped a few pages of a magazine.

"Is Finn with you?"

"No, he's in New York now, so we'll meet in London."

"Ok, good luck superstar."

"Thanks." Sam smiled and turned off his phone.

On the plane…

Quinn put her luggage in place and sat down in her seat by the window.

"I can't believe I'm going to London!" She said to herself and pulled out from her bag a book. Quinn turned a few pages and she heard someone sitting down in the seat next to her. She looked up.

"Oh my god!" She covered her mouth with her hand. "Are you Sam Evans?"

The guy didn't answer.

"You are! I love your movies. This is my first time to London. You're going to London, too? Is it for a new movie? What movie is it?"

Sam ignored the girl and took out a magazine from the front of his seat. Quinn rolled her eyes and went back to her book.

"Actors!" She mumbled to herself as the plane lift off.

"Do you want anything to drink, sir?" The flight attendant asked Sam.

"No thanks" he said. The women nodded her head and turned to Quinn. "And you Ms, do you want some drinks?"

"Yes, I'll have coffee please." The blonde smiled.

The women gave her a cup of coffee. "Here you go."

"Thanks" Quinn took the cup and the flight attendant walked away. Quinn turned to Sam. "Can you believe they give us free coffee?" Sam rolled his eyes and looked down at his magazine. Quinn gave him an angry look. "You know, that was very…"

She was saying and suddenly the plane shook really hard. She slipped the cup and it dropped right onto Sam's shirt.

"OH MY GOD!" The blonde guy shouted as he unbuckled the seatbelt and jumped out of his seat.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry, so so…"

"Forget it!" Sam said and walked to the bathroom angrily. He didn't even let the girl explain.

"Miss, miss!"

Quinn opened her eyes slowly and she saw a flight attendant. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her. "Yeah?"

"We're here in London."

Quinn looked outside the window and turned back to her. "Oh sorry, I fell asleep"

The woman smiled at her and walked away. Quinn unbuckled her seat bell and got her luggage. She saw a shirt in the seat next to her. The shirt that she spilled coffee on. She just sighed and took the shirt with her when she got off the plane.

Quinn got down the airport. There's no one there to pick her up. Rachel and Puck had told her that the hotel would send people to get her when she arrived. Quinn pulled out her phone and called her friends. The phone kept ringing but there's no answer. What the hell is going on with them?Quinn thought and put the phone away.

"Ok, try to remember the name of that hotel" She said to herself. "The name that Rachel told you…um…Sunshine? No…Sunrise! (I made that name up) that's the name!"

She quickly grabbed her luggage and got into a taxi.

"Hi, welcome to Sunrise hotel. How can I help you?"

"Um, I'd like to take a room."

"Did you make a reservation?"


"What's your name?"

"Quinn Fabray."

"Ok, let me check." The girl said and gave Quinn a smile.

"Excused me, I'd like to check in please."

Quinn heard a voice so she turned around. She saw a tall, good looking guy. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"What's your name sir?"

"Finn Hudson." He said.

"Ok, just a minute" The girl told him and turned to Quinn. "Sorry miss, there's no name is Quinn Fabray on the list. Are you sure this is the right hotel?"

"This is the right hotel! Can you check it again?"

"I have checked it twice."

"Ok, it must be my friends' names. Can you check Noah Puckerman or Rachel Berry?"

The girl typed something on the computer and turned back to the blonde. "No miss. I'm sorry."

"But my friend said that he won a free trip to stay in this hotel for a week."

"There is no free trip."

"No free trip? They fooled me?" Quinn hit her forehead.

"Can I help you?" The guy standing next to her asked.

"No, thank you. I can deal with this myself." She told him.

"Here's your key, sir." The girl gave that guy his key. "Enjoy!"

"Thank you." He said and gave Quinn a smile before he walked away. Quinn looked at him and then turned back to the girl.

"I'll pay for the room. I still have some money in my card and…" Quinn said, looking in her bag. There's no card! "Where's my card? They took my card!"

She was completely shocked. Her head was spinning and she couldn't think straight. The girl seemed to understand. She gave her a suggestion.

"Ms. Fabray, you can check in first and pay for it later, that's ok."

"I can? Oh, thank you so much!"

"Here's the key." The girl gave Quinn her key "Enjoy!"

"Thank you." Quinn said and took the luggage to her room.

"So how's your work, Finn?" Sam asked and sat down on the couch, in front of his friend.

"It's good. It's getting better and better, you?"

"Nah, there are plenty of rumors about my relationship with my co-star."

"Santana? You two are dating?"

"Yeah, something like that. We went out a couple times."

"So why didn't you tell the press?"

"She doesn't want to. I tried to convince her."

"Girls. They always like that."

Sam just smiled. Finn continued. "How's your flight by the way?"

"It was the worst flight ever. I sat next to a very annoying girl. She spilled coffee on my new shirt!" Sam rolled his eyes.

Finn laughed as he thought of it as he shook his head and took a sip of from the glass in his hand.

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