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Genre - Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Rated - MA+ for swearing, and lemons

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The tortuously slow pace of his descending lips ignited sinful feeling inside her very being. Heightening her need, her desire and her lust ten folds as she finally brought down his head, crushing her luscious pink lips against his equally desirous ones, inducing them both to groan in appreciation as their lust exaggerated to a new height.

His lips tightly clamped with hers in battle of dominance. He pressed on with his advances nibbling her lower lip with urgency in his movements. Though, she teasingly denied him the entrance inducing him to growl warningly.

Hearing Kiba growl made her already wet folds wetter as her sensitive canal ached with desire. So, Mei at last graciously granted him entry, a privilege only few elites could boost about. Kiba wasting no time immediately began to lick her delicious oral cavity. She tasted sweet too him. Naruto was an idiot if he had denied this goddess, but let it be known that Kiba might be stupid for falling for an enemy but he wasn't an idiot to deny this goddess in mortal form.

Mei was in bliss. Never someone had kissed her like Kiba did. He took her dominatingly yet gently. At start she half expected him to just shove his tongue in her mouth like a horny dog, but no he had surprised with his thoughtfulness and cavalry as he yet to touch her at any inappropriate place. He took his time with her as if he was savoring her. Teasing her lips her tongue gently yet firmly. She could kiss this man forever!

After making sure that Mei had relaxed significantly Kiba left her mouth, reluctantly. Mei whined at loss of contact but mewed when began to kiss tenderly at pulse and she pulled him against her naked body tightly. But then suddenly she pushed him away.

Fuck Kiba! What the heck you did wrong now to muck up this kind of opportunity!? Kiba wanted to pull his hairs out as he thought that he somehow had offended the redheaded beauty, though her next action eased her worries and incensed him desire when he finally understood what his goddess wanted.

In a minute he was in his birthday suit, mean butt naked and top off a very eager redheaded minx. As they lunged at each other, lust and desire rolling off from their heated bodies.

With Naruto

Damn all the fangirls! Naruto cursed as he tried calming his frantically beating heart. After escaping from the horde of women Naruto found himself inside a modest honeymoon suit as Naruto had seen far better in his life though he felt like he could faint at anytime. He was so out of it that he didn't even registered the presence of the woman standing right in front of him.

What the hell he is doing here? Kushina wanted to scream but kept her mouth shut as she was rather afraid of attracting Naruto's attention to her. She was confused why the man who ruined her was here but at same time she couldn't stop herself from staring at his alluring and enchanting eyes though they did seem rather unfocussed at the given moment but their beauty was still endearing. Even now he still appeared to be very personification of the word sinful.

Kushina was perplexed when she saw her rapist advancing towards her with some unsettled eyes and she would be lying if she said that she wasn't afraid as she was raped by the very same man just few days ago.

Kushina began to back pedal in fright though soon she realized that she had hit the bed and stumbled upon it. She soon was staring at ceiling but not for long as Naruto stumbled right on top of her.

Kushina was scared and if anything else she understating the issue. Where is Mikoto? She said she will be back in few minutes! Don't tell me Minato and her… ARGH! Why did I ever agree to come back in Kumo? Oh right, I was trying to get away from Kakashi-san Kushina really hated her life and she really hated Kumo metropolis. She thought about screaming for help but settled down when she realized that Naruto wasn't doing anything other than smelling her. I hope I don't smell Kushina thought and blushed, a perfect cherry red.

Why I care about my apparent smell? I should kick this guy off! Bastard even have girlfriend and he seems drunk. Maybe he mistook me for Mei? Now, that last one really stung Kushina and rubbed her in all the right (wrong) places.

"Kushina? Is it you? Have I finally found youuu.." Naruto slurred out as he began to smell her again though Kushina really needed some room to breathe as Naruto was literally crushing her under his bulky built.

Kushina somehow managed to push Naruto off and took some much need oxygen. After gulping for few more times Kushina brain again began to work as she pondered that why the hell her rapist was looking for her? To apologies? She would really send his ass in prison if he did something like that.

Kushina tried to move but found unable to move as Naruto pulled her to him. She tried to protest but forgot to breathe when she saw Naruto's face right in front of her. He was an asshole but he was a really alluring asshole, a kind of asshole she hated and desired all at the same time.

"Kushina," Naruto drawled out. Kushina could tell that he was dead drunk but bastard still held on her like a leech as he buried his nose in her hairs to inhale her scent. Kushina doubted that maybe Naruto was a vampire with all the smelling and other weird stuff he was doing. Maybe he got intoxicated with her? That made Kushina to blush even more as she pondered over her theory which seemed rather true.

Naruto being a vampire would solve the puzzle of his inhuman beauty. No man this gorgeous shall exist. It was a crime to be this gorgeous, a sin to all the women around the globe. Kushina decided to give up her struggle and unconsciously enjoyed the warmth his rock hard body was providing.

Again why I have to come back here? And why the hell is mumbling my name? He has a lover already! Kushina thought angrily though decided not to struggle as Naruto began to utter some jumbled shit. So, in order to not confuse the readers here's what he said.

"Kushina, my queen, I finally found you. Now I won't let you ever run away from me. I know you must hate me for what I did, but please give me a chance to rectify all this. I truly love you. I wanted to make you mine and lost control of myself, but if you give me a chance I would use all might to make you fall in love with me or die trying. Just give me a chance," Naruto actually didn't say that in one breath or even this cleanly but Kushina was a teacher and so she somehow managed to piece everything together.

Kushina blushed like crazy at his confession. She would be lying if she said that she wasn't dreaming of this as despite his asshollery, Naruto was a fine specimen and was her first time. Kushina also couldn't deny that she was charmed by him and his confession did make her heart skip a beat or two.

He is also great in bed. Despite all the trauma I really did enjoyed my first time though it could've been better if he hadn't force me and there is also Mei Terumi. I need to clear that up before I consider my future course of action. Oh God! I must be going insane for considering dating this man! Kushina decided that she needed some therapy but decided to grill drunken Naruto about Mei.

"Naruto." She tried but Naruto didn't respond. So, she decided another approach.

"Naruto-koi," Kushina whispered seductively whilst blowing ghostly over Naruto's ear. She grinned in victory when Naruto shuddered and groaned huskily. Kushina was elated at Naruto's response as she felt her pride as woman swelling; it appeared Mikoto's teaching worked even better than she ever hoped.

Though, her eyes widened in surprise when Naruto suddenly flipped her over and began to growl like an animal. Kushina was petrified as she recalled what happened to her last time she was in such perilous situation though she did get little wetter after seeing the raw desire burning inside Naruto's eyes.

Naruto began to move in for a kiss though he was denied when Kushina tried to push him. He looked at her with puzzled eyes as if asking why the hell she was denying him.

Kushina's almost crumbled when she saw the raw yearning and hunger in Naruto's glazed over eyes but she needed her answer of her question first.

"Naruto, who is Mei?" Kushina asked slowly so Naruto could understand, but Naruto just scowled at her.

"She is sniveling lying filthy bitch. She dared to accuse me for sleeping with her. When I already have you! Like I would ever sleep with another woman I just need you; only you!" Naruto declared with a burning passion before he roughly pressed his feverish lips with her soft moist ones.

Kushina shuddered when she felt Naruto's tongue in her mouth and she finally gave in as he began to ravish her with his sinful pink appendage which he called his tongue.

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