Chapter Three:

"So what exactly is going on?" Jerrica asked as Spirit led her towards an empty office.

"Your mission didn't have the expected outcome Cobra and the Cartel is giving their alliance one more shot." Spirit explained "As such we are developing another plan to include both surveillance and sabotage."

"So are we doing an encore or just a second act?" Jerrica asked.

"Most likely a second act." Spirit replied. "There is no way Cobra would not suspect something was up if we were to use that same plan again."

"So this time you are going for a soft opening?" Jerrica asked.

"I do not understand." Sprit replied.

"Well we can't hit them head on again; instead we have to find a softer approach." Jerrica replied.

"Exactly," Spirit replied as he gestured for her to precede him into the hallway.


"Alright everybody what have we figured out?" Hawk asked.

"We need more information." Lady Jaye stated. "We need to get a team up close and personal so that they can act at a moment's notice as well as gather as much intel as possible."

"The old staple is to pose as dock workers on the pier around the boat. But that will require tipping off the dock office so that we can get as many people in there as we can." Shipwreck replied.

"Which if the dock manager is on the take," Roadblock continued, "We're blown before word go."

"Where is the closest bar?" Jerrica asked.

"Just off the docks." Lady Jaye replied.

"What kind of turnover do they have?" Jerrica asked.

"It has recently increased." Lady Jaye replied after looking through her notes. "This should appeal to you Bone Breaker; the house band has given notice."

"Who do we have that can play decently that Cobra won't recognize on sight?" Duke asked. "With all that is riding on this deal there is going to be at least one member of cobra command present, and I will bet money on the Dreadnoughts being there in their entirety."

"That's not a problem I can make you up so that your own mother wouldn't recognize you." Cover Girl replied. "Talent is not going to be as easily faked."

"As much as it turns my stomach I can fake that easily." Jerrica replied "Making them look like they know what they are doing is another thing all together. I am going to need 24 hours off base to get everything together."

"You have got it, we have two days people start combing the personal files." General Hawk ordered. "Dismissed."

"Bone Breaker may I talk to you for a moment?" Spirit asked.

"Alright." She replied as she followed behind him.

"That is not going to end well." Shipwreck muttered as he watched the two leave the briefing room.

"What was it you wanted to talk about?" She asked as the two of them settled in an empty office.

"Why" he replied simply.

"Why what?" Jerrica asked.

"Why did you cut me out of your life?" Spirit asked as he took her wrist in his hand being careful of her own.

"Spirit, Charlie." Jerrica sighed. "Those meds, they essentially made me a whole different person. My goals, temperament, I wasn't the woman you loved any more. I couldn't stand the thought of you leaving me so I left first. Ironically I have spent my time since then being a doormat so no one would ever leave me."

"That should have been my choice." Spirit said. "You did not allow me a chance to meet the person you were becoming. I would still like a chance."

"Spirit, I am seeing someone." Jerrica explained "His name is Rio and he has stood beside me since I got out."

"We started out as friends and I would like to regain that at least. I want to know the woman you have become in all that entails." Spirit replied.

"That will take time Sprit." Jerrica replied. "I am not feeling all that stable right now. Before I commit to anything I need to get everything sorted out."

"I understand and I will wait." Spirit replied.

"While this is very touching, unfortunately I need my office." Flint stated from the doorway startling Jerrica and Spirit apart.

"I should be getting home; if I hurry I will be able to get some sleep before my girls wake up." Jerrica said as she pulled away and headed for the door dodging around Flint as she went.

It was a long drive home to Starlight mansion for Jerrica not just in distance but in emotion. She was well aware that the situation they were in didn't sit well with anyone. Her sisters were leery of losing her to the army again, Rio didn't like that she would be fighting, and the girls were just confused and slightly frightened with all of the changes going on. While she had been able to keep her head level so far she could feel herself starting to unravel. The medication that she had been taking to suppress her abilities had also essentially given her a chemical lobotomy and a temper that she hadn't felt in years was starting to raise its head. She was not looking forward to what was most likely waiting for her at home, a few times she almost headed to a hotel in order to put it off. Each time she shook herself and kept the car pointed toward home.

It was early morning when Jerrica final walked through the door of Starlight Mansion, and despite the hour her sisters were in the living room waiting mostly awake.

"Finally," Aja breathed as Jerrica made her way over to them. "We have been expecting you for hours." She added as she took Jerrica's bag and watched her sink into the sofa jostling Kimber awake.

"What are you wearing?" Kimber yawned taking in the army jacket and body suit Jerrica was still wearing.

"Clothes," Jerrica joked. "Sorry to keep you all waiting things didn't go as planned."

"What's wrong?" Shana asked sitting up.

"While I did what they asked, it didn't have the result they expected." Jerrica said as she looked at her bandaged hands. "I am going to have to go back later tomorrow, I was able to get today to get things together and arrange things on my end. This time I am likely to be gone for a week or more." Jerrica replied.

"This is ridiculous." Aja said. "This was supposed to be a onetime deal, you do this and they pay for Banee's surgery."

"Aja," Jerrica replied looking at the blue haired Asian. "I reenlisted; the army is not going to just disappear from our lives. Granted long missions like this are not going to happen often."

"What about Jem?" Kimber asked. "We can't perform if you are not here."

"It's not going to be for more than a month." Jerrica reassured. "It's probably for the best they took me off of the suppressor by the time I get back my system should be evened out."

"I thought that was court mandated?" Shana asked.

"They were, but the order has been rescinded." Jerrica replied raising her hands. "They didn't want me back for my personality."

"What's the damage?" Shana asked as she moved closer taking Jerrica's wrists in her hands.

"To them or me?" Jerrica asked.

"Jerrica isn't that how you got in trouble the first time?" Kimber accused.

"This time I had permission." Jerrica snapped back, "For you information I have sprained three fingers and broke two." As she pulled away, "Instead of a couple of horny teenage boys this time it was terrorists and a drug dealer. It might have made the news the riot that occurred during a Misfit's concert at the Pit."

"Dozens were hospitalized." Aja stated.

"I know." Jerrica replied. "I am going to check on the girls and get some sleep I have a long day tomorrow." as she headed up the stairs.

"Jerrica, we could go back to the set you don't have to do this." Shanna said as she followed her. "We can find another way to pay for Bannee's operation."

"Too late," was Jerrica's reply as she went up the stairs.