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Levi was staring right across from Carlie in school. They were supposed to be studying in chemistry class, but right now, they had one thing on their minds; how to get back and save the heroes.

Sure, they were a bit thankful to be back on Earth, but that wasn't saying anything.

Even if the heroes won, they would still be walking to their deaths like pigs to the slaughterhouse. They had to think of something fast. Because if The All-Master really was the Angle of Death, then they needed to stop him soon.

"And so..." The chemistry teacher concluded, showing the finished breaker full of chemicals, "In conclusion..."

At that moment, something dropped in the breaker. The teacher looked at it closely and confused, before the chemicals exploded, sending the teacher back into the wall unconscious, and then causing a great deal of smoke to envelope the entire room.

Just then, Levi felt something drop on his head. Reaching up, he pulled down a note, and read it quickly. His eyes opened widely and he grabbed Carlie by the arm and pulled her out as quickly and as best he could.

"Levi!" She screamed, "What is this? What's going on?"

"It's our salvation." Levi answered, "I hope."


Meanwhile, on the All-Master's planet, the heroes were trying to find a way out, but to no avail.

"It's no use." Kara sighed, sliding down, and banging her head on the door, "It's hopeless."

Woody could not believe what he was hearing. Taking a break from pushing at the door, he keeled down, and grabbed Supergirl's shoulders, looking at her very seriously.

"Don't say that." Woody demanded, in an assuring voice as best he could, "Kara...there have been many times on my world that I've often found myself in the same situation. More than once, I've been separated from my owner. Yeah, it may seem impossible to get through, but I've learned something very important in the end."

Kara looked at him confused, telling him with her face that she wanted an answer.

"Just never give up." Woody explained, "Never give up, and you'll find a way."

Kara looked at him and nodded. Once again, it was amazing to hear such a philosophical thing come out of the mouth of a cowboy toy. But there was still one question remaining.

"So what's our solution here?" Kara asked.

Woody thought, and then suddenly he got it.

"I GOT IT!" Woody exclaimed, happily, laughing and dancing around, "I got it, I got it! YES!"

"What've you got, Woody?" Buzz asked.

Woody just shot him a smile before answering.

"I got a crazy sci-fi idea that MAY just WORK." He grinned.


Later, Woody's plan had come to fruition. Through the dismantling and reassembling of Kirk's phaser and the hammock, Supergirl had managed to make a makeshift power amplifier usually used by heroes on her world in case of power loss. It wasn't the best, but in this case, it would have to do.

"Okay." Woody said, backing away with Kara and Kirk, leaving Harry and Buzz there, "We probably got one shot at this. Kara, is it on?"

"Yes." Kara nodded.

"Okay." Woody said, "When I say 'GO,' Buzz and Harry, I want you to unleash the most powerful blast you can into there, if everything goes as planned, then we should be able to make a powerful blast, strong enough to weaken the door. Ready?"

Harry and Buzz looked at each other, and then nodded back at Woody.


At that moment, Buzz fired the biggest laser blast he could into there as Harry shot his best Stupify spell in there. The two energy blasts collided in the machine, as it began to hum. It then shook wildly, and hummed louder, until finally, it let out a combination of the blasts that struck the door dead-on. It emitted a giant white light, which caused the remaining heroes to shield their eyes from the light.

When the light faded, the heroes lowered their eyes and saw to their relief that the door had been thrown open, meaning it worked.

"You did it, Woody!" Kara laughed, happily scooping Woody up into a hug.

While Woody may have liked this, there was just one problem.

"Okay...Kara..." He wheezed, "But if you don't mind...you're crushing me..."

Kara realized her mistake and quickly let go. Woody then caught his breath and looked at everyone seriously.

"We should get going," He announced, "Buzz, you stay with Kirk and help him repair his phaser, or whatever. Think you can do that?"

"No problem, Woody." Buzz assured, with a mock salute, "I've done this many times before. At least I remember doing it in my show. I can handle it."

"Great." Woody smiled, turning to the others, "So the rest of us will go to assist Steve and Optimus. Meet us in the arena when you're done."

With that, Harry, Kara, and Woody left, leaving Buzz to defend Kirk and help him repair the phaser.


Meanwhile, up above, Optimus and Cap's battles weren't going too well. Optimus and Megatron were obviously evenly matched, but Cap was nowhere on the same power as Korvac. Korvac was a demigod from another world where Cap existed only as a comic book character. Korvac was once a man in an alternate future who was experimented on by aliens, and eventually, they turned Korvac into the cosmic deity he was now. But it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Cap was by far outmatched.

Steve Roger had no real powers whatsoever. He didn't fly. He wasn't invincible. And he couldn't have any real superpowers to save his life. All he had was his super-strong brains, his super-strength of the highest in human potential, and of course, his only means of defense was a vibranium-laced shield. Even with that, though, THIS Cap didn't have the same experience of the Captain America that Korvac had known from his many fights with the Avengers on his world.

Cap tried to block again, but once more, the blast sent him flying into the wall.

He groaned, trying to get up, but he was badly hurt. Korvac just floated over there, observing the injured Captain with all glee plastered on his face.

"How pathetic." Korvac smiled, "I thought my own Captain was bad alone. But you? You are even weaker than he is!"

As Cap tried to ponder what that meant beyond the pain, Korvac raised his arms up, but was suddenly interrupted by something.


With that, Korvac was struck from behind in the chest, that would have caused his chest to explode, but being the deity that he was, came close to doing so anyway, by giving him the slight feeling that he might've and had lived through it.

Which he certainly was, as he eyed Harry Potter menacingly who was just arriving with the others. Behind Woody, Supergirl used her heat vision to close the entrance gates, and then melt it down in place, preventing the guards from getting in there.

"CHILD!" Korvac yelled at Harry, raising his palm to prepare a large energy blast, "YOU ARE A FOOLISH CHILD TO STRIKE KORVAC!"

With that, he let out the giant blast, but at the last second, Supergirl got in the way and covered Harry in her cape, taking the blast full-on.

Korvac chuckled thinking the girl was foolish to think she could save the young man from such a deatly-blast, but his amusement was soon replaced by a shocked expression when the dust cleared, and Supergirl was still standing in the same position without any scratch on her body. Opening her cape, Korvac could see that Harry was okay too, and that his blast, despite having the maximum energy required to make one such as that, did not do anything to stop her.

"No..." Korvac announced, in amazement in shock, "I...you...can't..."

"Wanna bet?" Supergirl remarked flying straight on into Korvac and fighting him head-on while Buzz, Woody, and Harry went to work on reviving Cap.

Korvac tried to block with his arms, but Supergirl flew right into him, flying him through the back of the hole he had made from his battle with Captain America, and then out again, which sent him flying into the opposite wall hard.

Now Korvac was amazed. Not only did this girl manage to survive one of his most deadly blasts, she had actually hurt him.

But she hadn't beaten him.

Getting up and taking the kid gloves off, Korvac let out an endless wave of energy, trying to bring the girl down with all his might. But it was of no use. Each blast only bounced off Supergirl's body, and she honestly looked like she was just being bored by Korvac trying to kill her.

So Supergirl just walked forward until she was right in front of Korvac, who by then, had stopped because he could no longer deny it. There was finally someone in the multiverse as powerful as he was.

After staring at him for a minute, Supergirl punched him in the chest, and then grabbed him, bringing him up to eye level, staring at him with happiness while he was in shock and amazement.

"It won't work, you cosmically-powered bully," She smiled, throwing him back into the wall hard with no effort, and then scanned him with X-Ray vision, finding what she needed, "As long as there's a yellow sun around, I'm completely invincible to anything you throw at me. And I've just figured out your weakness."

With that, she used a combination of freeze breath and heat vision that struck Korvac right in the chest. Korvac cried in pain and then felt weird. At that moment, he understood what was happening.

Supergirl was separating his molecules.

With that done, Supergirl spun around fast, and then faster than before, until she had created a tornado, big enough to separate Korvac's molecules. Korvac let out a scream of fear and rage having been foiled by what appeared to be a mortal girl gifted with abilities far beyond his wildest dreams. Finally, his molecules were separated, and he ceased to be. Supergirl stopped and then flew back over to Harry, Woody, and Steve. She saw to her relief that with Harry's help, Steve was back on his feet, and Woody was helping him stay up there.

"You all right, Captain?" Supergirl asked.

"Yeah." Steve said, motioning for Woody to let go, "But I don't think I'll ever get used to healing like that again."

Everyone nodded as they saw that there was still one more villain to deal with.

"You should've killed me when you had the chance, Megatron." Optimus declared, holding his ground against his Decepticon foe.

"Kill you, Optimus?" Megatron asked, acting surprised, "But we have so much more to discuss!"

"Maybe." Optimus said smacking Megatron in the chest with his foot, "But I can think of one question for you; who's going to clean you up when we're finished?"

Megatron let out a scream as he quickly pulled away from his Autobot enemy, and landed a punch on Optimus's face. Optimus struggled backwards as he attempted to throw a punch back at Megatron, but the Decepticon leader simply grabbed the fist with one hand, using the other to sock him in the gut hard.

"We gotta do something!" Kara declared.

"I have an idea." Cap said, taking off his shield, and putting it on Woody's arm, despite his protests, "Supergirl, try to cut a large hole in his back. Woody, have you ever been thrown on a Frisbee before as a toy?"

"Uh..." Woody said, as Kara got to work quietly an discreetly so that Megatron wouldn't notice her, "No...but I have done other incidents that..."

"There's a first time for everything." Steve interrupted once he saw that Supergirl had indeed blasted a hole in the back big enough to see.

With that said, the fighting avenger threw the shield still strapped to Woody's arm towards the hole as the cowboy was thrown towards the giant behemoth of a machine.

"I DIDN'T !" Woody screamed, as he was thrown directly inside Megatron.

Getting up with a groan, Woody figured it would be best to find anything to shut him down, before he became paper shreds, or worst.

"And I thought the dump was scary." Woody said to no one in particular, grabbing the shield with both hands, and moving as fast as possible.


Meanwhile, Carlie and Levi had reached the outskirts of town, and were now by the welcoming sign.

"What are we doing here, Levi?" Carlie asked.

Levi showed her the note which she read instantly.

'Dear Levi,

If by some miracle you get this note, then all hope is not lost. Listen carefully, Levi. Your life depends on it.

I am your future self, sending this note and a distraction back in time to try and save all of us. In my future, failure to get back to the All-Master's Planet results in the All-Master wiping out all the heroes, and then enslaving mankind. Only a few band of freedom fighters and myself managed to remain alive for so long. We spent decades inventing a machine that could defeat the All-Master, but nothing could stop the All-Master at this point.

Then the thought occurred to us; why not use it earlier BEFORE the All-Master defeated the heroes?

All efforts were then made to develop a means of time travel and teleportation to the past and anywhere you wish, so that only my past self who is hopefully reading this, will be able to stop the All-Master before he rises to power.

I have sent the weapon back and hidden it near the welcoming sign to Samitown. It is a blade-like wepon which will respond only to my own vocal commands alone.

To my past self; when you get the message, you must get this weapon, and tell it you wish to go back to the All-Master's planet, right as he's about to destroy the heroes. Once there, you must quickly stab the All-Master behind in the back. This will create a flux-disruption in his powers, shorting them out enough for the heroes to finish him off.

Levi, if you fail, we all loose. Succeed, and you will have saved the entire planet.


Levi Bools.'

Levi put the note away and started searching all around the welcome sign, hoping to come across a weapon of some sort. Finally, he reached into one of the nearby bushes, and felt something.

Taking his hand off, he pulled out the item, and stared at it, truly amazed.

The weapon was a sword that reminded him of the sword of Godric Gryffindor in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but this sword was different. This one had glowing spots along the sharp edges, and also had a microphone and speaker where the safe part to hold turned into the sharper part.

Then Levi spoke.

"Is it on, you think?" He asked.

"Identification." The sword suddenly said through the speaker in there, "Levi Bools. Welcome back, sir. It is good to hear your voice again."

Levi looked at Carlie with a smile, and she gave him a soft one back.

Levi then turned to the sword seriously.

"Can you take us to the All-Master's Planet?" Levi asked.

"Yes." The sword answered.

Levi motioned for Carlie to get over there as she held onto him tight.

"Get us there, then." Levi ordered.

"Acknowledged." The sword replied.

Carlie and Levi looked up and saw a lightning bolt before it struck them, and they disappeared.


Meanwhile, back on the All-Master's planet, Megatron had finally taken notice of the other heroes there, as Optimus was trying to hold his enemy back, and prevent him from killing Harry and Cap, while Supergirl tried to protect Harry as best she could, and Steve tried to block all the lasers he could. But they felt it was only a matter of time before the All-Master called foul and they lost.

Luckily, that was not to be the case either way, as inside the Behemoth, Woody had come across some wires.

Looking at the wires and then at the shield he still had, Woody just shrugged.

"Sure." He sighed, "Why not?"

With that, he cut the wires with Captain America's shield, but that got him electrocuted as he screamed in pain.


"MEGATRON!" Optimus said, as his enemy had now pointed his blaster at the children in the stands, "DON'!"

"So caring for the children, Prime." Megatron chuckled, "Human children who not only think of us as robotic life forms, but just as mere playthings, or even imaginary characters. Well, Prime I think the tables are now..."

At that moment, Megatron stopped as he felt something wrong. Optimus let go and at that precise moment, Megatron let out a scream, and was suddenly electrocuted completely. Then his eyes turned off, as he slumped to the ground dead. Five seconds lated, Woody was literally thrown out from the hole Supergirl had made, and fell back to the ground, landing on his front side hard.

"Woody!" Supergirl screamed, rushing over to help him, "Are you okay? Say something!"

Woody just looked at her, still dizy and off-guard from the shock smiling in a half-sleeping way.

"The happy days..." Woody began singing half-awake, "Are here again..."

Kara slapped him as that woke Woody up.

"Sorry." He said, now fully aware of what just happened, "Sorry."

"Nice job, cowboy." Steve acknowledged as Woody handed him back the shield.

"Thanks." Woody said, "But that's Buzz's line, so if you're gonna use that, I think you may have to talk to him about it."

"THEN WHY DON'T YOU ASK HIM NOW?" The All-Master's voice bellowed as the five heroes looked to see Buzz and Kirk standing there suddenly before them. They also noted that Kirk seemed to have fixed his phaser, as he was holding it in his hand.

Suddenly, a great light appeared above them, which caused everyone to cover their eyes. When the lights dimmed and the seven heroes and all the children in the audience looked to finally see the All-Master in person.

Surprisingly, though he seemed to sound like an old and wise figure, he was quite young. He looked to be in his 20's, with long brown hair, and a long brown beard, that both seemed to move in the ominous wind. He wore a suit of golden armor which covered his whole body with weird symbols and markings that nobody could understand, and he had milky white eyes.

"CONGRADULATIONS," The All-Master spoke in his still-loud voice, "THE BATTLE IS OVER. YOU HEROES HAVE WON."

"Great." Woody said, being the one to speak first, "Now can we go home."

At this the All-Master chuckled, which sent chills down everyone's spines.


"What?" Kirk declared stepping up, "Oh no. Listen here, 'buddy!' We played your damn games, and we did it fair and square! We did our parts, now it's time for you to do yours and send us back home now!"

"HAVE ANY OF YOU WONDERED WHY I BROUGHT YOU HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?" The All-Master asked, as silence filled the air.

That was a question that nobody had the answer to yet. But the All-Master chuckled, preparing to finish the job to regain all his power.


With that, black glowing tendrils shot out from his hands, that struck the seven heroes in the chest. Everyone screamed in pain as they felt like they were being killed in a million gruesome ways possible. The All-Master just chuckled at the heroes screams, and the screams of fear from the children in the arena.

"YES!" The All-Master declared as he started to feel more rejuvenated by the second, "YOU WILL BE THE FITTTING SACRIFICE FOR THE REBIRTH OF THE ANGLE OF DEATH!"

But this is where the Angle of Death would make his final mistake. At that second behind him, a lighting bolt struck, which would have been obvious to him, had he not been taking pleasure and thrill of killing for himself.

If he had been, then he wouldn't have been surprised when Levi instinctively grabbed his sword...

...and stabbed it right through the suit of armor and through the Angle of Death's body.

The dark angle screamed in pain and agony, but smacked Levi aside, throwing him into a wall in the arena hard, and knocking him unconscious.

"LEVI!" Carlie screamed, rushing over to help him.

The All-Master lost concentration on the two, and approached them, menacingly, the sword still burried in his chest.

"CHILDREN!" He roared, as Carlie held Levi in her arms tight, crying tears of fear and sadness, "YOU ARE CHILDREN WITH YOUR FOOLISH GAMES!"

But before he could bring down his hand and consign the children to oblivion, he suddenly felt tied up. He tried to break free, but found that he couldn't. Looking behind him, he saw the seven heroes alive and well, Woody being the one to tie the Angle of Death up with Woody's own pull-string.

"Yeah?" Woody asked, sarcastically, "Then I guess you're a hypocrite since it's gonna be a child who ends up saving the day."

With, that, even before the All-Master was struck by the outburst combination of powers, he knew he was royally defeated. So he uttered the last words she would ever hear.

"Well, crap." He said almost sarcastically before the heroes all attacked him at once.

Buzz fired his laser at the All-Master's right shoulder, cutting it off while Kara did the same on the other side using her heat vision. Kirk, setting his phaser to kill, fired a blast that shot the All-Master through his left kneecap. Optimus fired a blast that took out the All-Master's opposite foot. Harry fired a confringo blast, that hit the All-Master in the chest, causing him to cry in pain. Finally, Cap shot his shield at the All-Master's head, which struck the All-Master right in the forehead, causing it to start bleeding. No heroes saw any reason to hold back. The Angle of Death had already claimed the life of an innocent ten-year-old boy, and looked like he was ready to truly take theirs if they did not act now.

However, whereas the All-Master's head seemed to bleed upon contact with Captain America's shield, the rest of his torn body seemed to emit a strong glowing light, similar to when he had first shown his fully-grown form. The Angle of Death let out a scream in pain and rage, and suddenly, the whole planet was engulfed in the white light.

Everyone shielded their eyes, until the blast was over. When it was, everyone looked and saw the All-Master was gone. Then, descending from the heavens was the sword Levi had used to kill the Angle of Death, but there was no sign of his body, meaning one thing.

Everyone erupted into cheers as the heroes all started on congratulating each other.

But then they stopped when Woody pointed out something serious.

"Levi!" He exclaimed pointing to the boy's body which Carlie was still cradling. Everyone ran over there, and looked at Carlie who was now sobbing uncontrollably as she held Levi's body for dear life.

"Oh god!" She cried, looking at the heroes, "Help! Somebody help him!"

The heroes looked at her regrettably showing the girl that there was nothing that could be done.

"No." Carlie said, now turning to Levi's motionless head, "No! Levi! Don't go! I...I love you!"

She kissed his lips and continued to hold him tightly. But whereas Levi got a wish granted that almost turned out to be bad. Carlie was about to get one that was going to turn into something good.

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