"Lighten up Andy, it's not like your gonna be fighting alone, I will help." Angelina said, acknowledging that Andy seemed a little worried. "Angelina, outside please." CC said before leading her outside of the bus. "Are you kidding me? A bunch of slayers are coming this way and there are only four vamps, one of them still isn't experienced enough to fight in battle!" CC referred to Andy, who hadn't ever learnt to fight since CC and Eternity where sure he didn't need it. "Look, I have some mates and they have mates, we will have an army in weeks. We both have contacts and so does Eternity so you can stop panicking and get prepared. What did you do to piss 'em off anyways?"

"We killed a slayer...?" he replied after a minuet of thinking. "Which slayer was it?"

"Matt Good."

"Aw, I always liked him. Oh and by the way, he was pretty important to the slayers. He was something like third in command but he was a rubbish fighter, my cousin tried to kill him and almost succeeded and she isn't that strong."

"Why was he so high up then?"

"Son of the most respected slayer of all time."

There conversation was interrupted when Andy walked out holding a pack of cigarettes. "You do know vampires can't smoke, right?" Angelina said with a raised eyebrow.

"I like to pretend." Andy said sheepishly. "Trust me, it helps." He added before taking a lighter from his jean pockets and lighting up one of his cancer sticks and placing it between his lips. He wished that he could inhale the smoke, one more time. Every time he moved it towards his mouth he would be hopeful that he would be able to feel the calming sensation of nicotine coursing through his system and every time he was disappointed it didn't happen. "How's Enzi?" CC asked.

"Sleeping, apparently the whole running thing wears you out."

"Trust me, it does." The three of them stood there in silence until Andy's cigarette became to small to do anything with so he put it out and walked away, telling the other two that he was going on a walk before they had a chance to ask. He wandered around, despite there only being a small area to walk in. they where a small gas station that was next to a small woodland area. Deciding he needed time alone, Andy walked towards it and was soon walking in a beautiful clearing. He walked deeper and deeper into the trees and took in his surroundings. He let his mind wander as he thought about more lyrics and songs, then about Eternity. He was in a state of pure happiness and didn't care about anything at that moment; he just lied down on the grass and shut his eyes, letting joyful memories fill his thoughts. He chuckled at the memory of Eternity stealing some of his ice-cream and getting it on her noise and it wasn't long before he was in a deep sleep.

When he did wake up Eternity was sitting next to him, facing the other way and humming to herself. Andy decided to stay quiet and sat up without making a single sound. Quickly he wrapped his arms around her, making her jump and scream a little before she turned round to see his kind blue eyes and smiled in relief. She leaned back so her head was leant against his chest and she closed her eyes. She felt him place a small kiss on her head before pulling them both down so they where lying on the floor together. "How is my Eternity?" he asked, getting an amazing feeling just knowing that he could call her his own. They were both each others. "I'm feeling great, and you." he nodded before planting another gentle kiss on her head and answering, "I feel amazing."

For another half an hour they just stayed there, hugging in silence, feeling comforted in each others presence. "Found them!" they heard Jinxx yell and sat up. "Jinxx, shush! Please give us ten more minuets!" Andy said in a hushed tone. "False alarm!" Jinxx shouted again and winked towards his friends before running back in the direction he came from. "Does this mean we have to go back?" Eternity asked, aggravation flavouring her voice. "I'm afraid so."

The two walked back, hand in hand. They had decided to make that place there special place, despite how cliché that sounded. "Okay, so were all here?" Jake asked looking around and realising Angelina wasn't anywhere to be seen. "Seriously, we all go looking for you guys and the person that is told to stay here and wait isn't here and isn't waiting?" Jake asked, obviously annoyed. "Should we go looking for her?" Andy asked, getting a head shake from Eternity and CC. "wait here for a bit, she tends to just wander off sometimes. If she's not here tomorrow we start looking." CC said. "We don't have time, we are going on tour remember."

"Andy, chill. We were going to be two days early anyway." CC reassured. Willow and Sammie said something then giggled between each other. "What was that?" Eternity asked, knowing it would be about her or Andy. "Nothing." Willow giggled. Eternity ran up to her and tickled her. "NO, quit it I'm really ticklish!" Willow yelled, trying to escape. "What did you say?" Willow didn't answer, just kept trying to get away from Eternity with a huge smile plastered over her face. Sammie cleared her throat, making the two girls look up. "I would like to point out how childish you are." She said sarcastically with a smirk. Willow and Eternity looked at each other before standing up straight. "I do not no what you are talking about. I thing you will find we are nothing like children but like grown ups." Eternity said in her best posh accent. "And one would like to no what one's friend was saying." She added with a smirk. "One was only saying that you were going to take Andy's mind of things, obviously one was saying it in a... sexual way..." Willow said with a smirk, making everyone else laugh. "You know it." Eternity joked after playfully hitting her friends arm.

After they all calmed down, everyone went back inside and got ready to sleep. "Do any of the girls own anything wearable for bed?" jinxx asked after Sammie informed him she had nothing. All the girls shook their heads. "Jinxx can give Sammie something, Ashley can give Willow something and Eternity can borrow some of mine. I think were all good for beds as well." Andy said, pulling out a large black top and sweatpants out for Eternity. Ashley and Jake did the same for Willow and Sammie and they all hugged each other goodnight. Eternity scrambled into bed with Andy and they just hugged each other for a while before Andy spoke. "Do you think we can beat the slayers?"

"I gotta be honest, I have no idea. I just don't want this to happen, Matt was one vampire and he almost killed us. He would've done if it hadn't off been for CC."

"I promise I will defend you to my death."

"You don't have to do that."

"I do though; you mean so much to me."

"Andy, do you feel how real this is? I can't believe it, in ten months, we could be killed. All of us. They won't just go after us vampires but Jinxx, Jake, Ashley Willow and all the humans we know could be slaughtered, just because of what we are."

"I know, it scares me, it really does. I don't want to die and I don't want any of my friends to die. But until the time comes all we can do is get prepared."



"I love you, so much."
"I love you too." He said and kissed her forehead before closing his eyes and falling asleep.