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"Dinner." Angelina called, pulling a pizza out of the oven. She put a few slices on each persons plate as they all walked into the kitchen. "Is Eternity eating with us?" She asked, debating if she should dish some food out for her friend or not.

"She's sleeping." Andy answered quietly before taking one of the plates and thanking Angelina. They all stood in the kitchen, eating in silence until Sammie broke it.

"Guys, Jinxx and I have something important to say." She announced, grabbing everyone's attention."We have?" Jinxx questioned before he remembered and nodded. "Yeah, I know what it is." He confirmed then motioned for Sammie to continue. "Jinxx and I are engaged." The room went silent before Emerald broke it. "What does engaged mean?" She asked voice innocent and confused. "Where getting married." Sammie grinned then looked up at Jinxx then leant up to kiss him.

"And I almost forgot..." He added when the two had pulled away. He pulled a small object out of his pocket. A ring. He put the ring in her finger and she admired the large black crystal in the middle of it. "Wow." She whispered.

"Guys! How long have you two been engaged and why didn't we know about it?" Angelina asked in shock. All Sammie could do was grin as everyone congratulated them with wide smiles.


"G'night." Andy wished to everyone, then ran up the stairs to bed. He walked over to the bed where Eternity lay asleep under the covers. He quickly undressed to his boxers and climbed into bed, accidently waking Eternity up. "Sorry." He whispered. "Nah, its fine, I've been sleeping all day. Wide awake now." She smiled slightly at him. "You wanna do something?" He asked her, sitting up and leaning against the wall. Eternity sat up next to him. "If you don't mind."

"Okay, what you wanna do?" She shrugged a little and looked at the ceiling in thought. "We could...nope we couldn't do that." She mumbled.

"We could just talk for a bit." They both said together before smiling at each other and then kissing each others lips softly. Eternity snuggled into Andy' side as there kiss continued to go on. They got deeper into the kiss, Andy wrapping his arms protectively around Eternity, pulling her even closer to him. There lips moved together perfectly. Andy straddled Eternity, lips still locked. Hands started to roam and Eternity let out a small moan into Andy's lips. His hands travelled up her shirt and stroked her soft skin. He soon started removing her shirt, closely followed by her jeans. He moaned as he pulled away from her lips to take a look at the body he had undressed. "You're gorgeous." He whispered before removing her underwear and then kissing her passionately again. Eternity pulled down his boxers and moaned again as she caught a glimpse of what she had uncovered. "I love you." He whispered into her ear before kissing her jaw line, all the way back to her lips. He pulled away and smiled down at the girl under him. "Ready?" He asked as he lined himself up. Eternity bit her lip and nodded.

Andy pushed himself in, pleasuring suddenly shooting through the both of them. He found a steady rhythm and threw his head back in ecstasy. Eternity moaned loudly, not being able to stop herself. "So close." Andy managed to stutter out, feeling his climax build up. Eternity nodded her head slightly, trying to tell him she was also close.

"Andy!" She screamed as she came, gripping the bed sheets tightly in her hands. Andy came quickly after her, yelling out. He rolled off of her, pleasuring still pulsing through them both. Eternity cuddled close to Andy, resting her head on his chest. "Thank you." She whispered, closing her eyes and smiling to herself.

"Thank you for what?" He asked, furrowing his eye brows in confusion. "Thank you for making me feel loved." She told him, opening her eyes and looking up at him with a small smile "You are loved." He reminded her then kissed her forehead. "I'm not." She whispered in the smallest voice ever before falling asleep in Andy's arms.


"You guys, get up!" CC instructed as he banged on the door to Andy and Eternity's bedroom. Groaning, Andy got out of bed. He shook Eternity gently, waking her up. "Morning." He whispered softly, leaning down and kissing her forehead. "It's Willow's funeral today." He reminded her sadly. She nodded slowly and got out of bed, looking through the wardrobe for her dress. She pulled out the plain black garment and pulled it on. Andy got out his black suit and tugged the clothing on. Eternity changed her hair to short and jet black. "You're going to be okay?" Andy asked her as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She nodded, not trusting her voice. "You ready?" Eternity nodded again and walked behind Andy down the stairs into the kitchen where everyone else was in their black clothing. Ashley looked the worst. Although his hair was brushed down and he had applied a thin layer of eyeliner, he looked like he was about to breakdown. As if he had to hold himself together encase he fell apart. "We all ready?" CC asked sadly, looking for any objections. There where none so they all slowly walked out of the door and down the street to the small church that the funeral was being held at.

They all a few rows away from the front and started listing to everything being said. "And now, a few words are to be spoken by Ashley Purdy." Ashley stood up and walked to the front, pulling a crumpled piece of paper from his trouser pocket and cleared his throat slightly. "Willow was the only girl that could have changed me in anyway. I had never known what love was before she came into my life. I know It sound cliché but, I could feel my heart breaking as she said her last words. Only a few in here know what happened, but its better that way. I... I want her back so bad, just to feel her in my arms, to here her amazing laugh at one of Jake's crappy jokes." He let out a small, sad chuckle at that, as did Jake. "But most of all, I want her back here to make everyone's life a little brighter just as she always did." A few tears escaped his eyes as he walked back to his seat next to CC and Jinxx, who both put their hands on his shoulder in comfort.

After it had all ended, the group made their way out of the church, running into the blond-haired girl that had insulted Eternity the other day. "Don't you fucking dare." Andy growled at her through gritted teeth, making sure Eternity doesn't notice the girls' presence. CC had Eternity in his arms as she quietly cried over her friends' death. "Shhhhhh. It's okay." CC cooed as he held her close and glared at the girl as well. "What's wrong with your little bitch now?" The girl asked; a daring smirk on her lips. Eternity pulled her self away from CC and stared at the girl. She started towards her but was pulled back by CC. "Leave it." He whispered.

"That's right you little slut, you stay over there with him in hope of pity sex."

"You little bitch!" Eternity screamed and charged for the blond.

"Are you really gonna add fighting to you shit reputation?" The girl asked. "You're nothing more then a filthy, selfish whore! Rot in hell, along with everyone else you know and love!" Eternity stopped in her tracks let fresh teas fall from her eyes. She turned around quickly and ran off. Angelina stomped up to the girl and slapped her in the face. "You fuck with my friend one more fucking time and I will shove Jake's guitar so far up that shit-covered ass of yours that you will have to reach down your throat to get it back! Now piss off you skanky shit bag!" She yelled at the girl before turning around and walking back towards the house, followed by the rest of her friends.

They all walked through the door, Andy calling Eternity's name. He got no reply so he ran upstairs to look for her.

"Does anybody want a glass of water or something?" Jake asked. Angelina nodded and Jake walked into the kitchen. He reached in the cupboard and pulled out a glass but was stopped in his tracks when he heard a small whimper come from the bathroom. He put the glass down and walked towards the sound. He opened the door and the sight before him caused him to freeze in place. He looked down and met pain-filled eyes.

"Andy! Guys!" He yelled as loud as he could. Andy was there within seconds, closely followed by everyone else. "Shit!" Andy yelled, running into the small room. Eternity looked up at him, tears in her eyes and large, gaping wounds running up the length of her arms. Andy picked her up and carried her into the kitchen, for more room, where he softly laid her on the ground.

"Oh shit." CC knelt down beside Eternity, pulling off his jumper and pressing it to Eternity's left arm. Andy did the same to her other arm and looked at her in panic. "What were you thinking?" Andy asked. Eternity shook her head. "I- I don't want to die." She stuttered. "I wasn't thinking." She admitted.

"CC, you can do something, can't you? You fixed my legs, help her, please!" Andy begged his friend. "How long have you been like this?" CC asked.

"I found her about three minuets ago." Jake told him.

"Andy, I'm in so much pain." Eternity let tears stream down her face as her arms burnt and thick golden liquid spilled from the wounds. "Don't worry, we can get you healed." Andy whispered to her, leaning in and kissing her cheek. "I'm so scarred. I don't want to die, not like this."

"Andy, it's too late." CC told his friend. "No." Andy whimpered, keeping his eyes on Eternity. He moved a strand of hair out of her face. He looked over her features. All he could think about was her beauty. It was just wrong for someone as pretty as her to be in so much pain and it was breaking Andy. "Andy, I can't stand the pain. I'm terrified. I don't want to die. I'm scared of it. I can't get out of this, this is where I end." More tears escaped her eyes. "Help me. Make the pain go away. Let me bleed, I can't stand it any longer!" She screamed.

"Andy, we can't help her, all we can do is..."

"All you can do is let me die." Eternity cut CC off. Andy shook his head, not believing what he was hearing. "Andy, make the fear go away." She pleaded, looking at him.

"You have nothing to fear, your stronger then that. It's just like one massive adventure, just like you wanted." It was all he could think of in such a panic. Slowly he released his grip from the cloth around her arm, as did CC, and he leant down to kiss Eternity. She weakly kissed back. He pulled away to see Eternity's tired features. "I love you." She managed to say before her eyes shut.

Andy looked at her, refusing to cry. "Andy..." Jake started, placing his hand on his friends shoulder. Sammie had taken Emerald into the front room and turned on the TV loudly to block out the sounds.

"Andy?" Jinxx asked, trying to get some reaction out of him. CC got up, devastation plastered on his face. He stomped up the stairs, trying to keep it together. Sammie had walked back into the room and was now sobbing into Jinxx's chest. Angelina was trying to stop the tears but shrugged Jake off whenever he tried to comfort her. Ashley looked dead. As if he were a zombie.

"I- I... FUCK!" Andy yelled, getting up and punching the wall, his fist going through the brick like a knife through butter. Andy ran up the stairs, face red with anger and sadness. He walked into his room, slamming the door behind him and tried to find something to let his anger out on. His fist collided with the mirror on the wall, smashing it. He watched the shards of glass as they fell to the ground then moved his sight to his fist which was leaking a gold colour as he yanked out pieces of glass that had wedged themselves into his skin. He didn't feel any pain; he was completely numb, all he could feel was his broken heart scratching his insides.

He looked at the desk before throwing every object on it onto the floor with one quick movement of his arm. Next he pushed the desk over and advanced over to the bed, ripping the sheets and pulling the mattress onto the floor along with everything else. He stopped and looked around the trashed room, backing up against the wall and slowly sinking down to the floor. His legs where pulled up to his chest and he hugged them tightly as if it would help him. He moved his hands up to his head and tightly gripped his hair, pulling it hard in attempt to take his mind off of the pain in his chest. It didn't help.

For a few hours he sat in his room, alone, trying to ease the pain. There was a knock at his door; it made him jump and his head shot up to see where the noise had come from. "W-who is it?" He asked in a small voice. The door slowly opened and Andy hugged his legs again, squeezing himself together. He relaxed a little when Ashley walked in and slowly towards him. He still looked dead but alive at the same. "Ash..." Andy's voice was barley a whimper as he watched his friend approach him. Silently, Ashley sat besides Andy, eyes set on the ground. "Do you wanna sleep in with CC, Sandra and I tonight." Ashley asked in a small voice, not moving his sight to his friend until he answered. "Yeah."

"We can cancel tour if you really want to." Andy shook his head.

"No, I want to go on."Andy told his friend surly. Ashley nodded slowly. "You're gonna be okay though, right?" Ashley asked. Andy didn't answer, just looked down. "It hurts, right." Ashley asked sadly. Again, Andy didn't answer. "I'll give you some personal space, just come find me when... whenever." With that, Ashley got up and walked out of the room, leaving Andy alone again. He wanted to call his friend back, but couldn't find his voice. He sat by himself again, watching the walls of his room as if he expected something amazing to come out of them. He couldn't get his mind off Eternity. He would never see her again; never fall asleep with her in his arms and never going to be able to get lost in her eyes. The sky became dark after a while and there was another knock at Andy's door. Again, he flinched, but moved no more then that. The door opened and Sandra appeared from behind the door, trails down her cheeks where tears had fallen. She didn't say anything, just sat down next to Andy. She handed him a pile of clothes. "Something comfier to wear." She told him as he looked down at the soft fabric. "Thanks." He said in a scratchy voice. "You can get changed in front of me, I won't look." She told him, getting a nod in response as he got up and started slipping off his clothes and pulling on the ones Sandra had given him. "You done?" Sandra asked then looked up at him. She got to her feet and forced a small smile onto her lips. "Come on, It's late, I'm sure you could do with some sleep." Andy didn't move. "What's the matter?" She asked then realised how stupid that question was.

"What's the matter? My fucking girlfriend just killed herself! I'm never going to see her again! I'm fucking scared of living my whole life alone! I'm so fucking terrified, I have nothing! And you wanna know the worst bit? I could have fucking stopped it, but I didn't because I'm the worlds biggest shit bag!" He looked down, fighting to keep himself standing. "I could have saved her." He whispered to himself.

"Andy, there was nothing you could do. No one could have stopped her." Sandra said sadly. Andy looked at her with wide, dull eyes. "Is she still downstairs?" He asked. Sandra nodded slowly but regretted it when Andy rushed for the door and then down the stairs. He ran into the kitchen, Sandra behind him, desperately trying to stop him but failing. His eyes landed on Eternity, Her pale body lying lifeless on the floor. Andy felt his stomach twist at the sight and he ran for the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet and throwing up. His throat burnt and he felt even worse then before, if that was even possible. Sandra was quickly behind him as he lurched forwards and let out more vomit. Sandra pulled back his hair and rubbed his back until he kneeled up. "I can't go back out there." He mumbled. He looked down, noticing he was surrounded in a small pool of golden blood. He got up as if it burnt and made sure he was no longer touching it. "Oh god." He whispered.

"Andy, we need to get out of here." Sandra pointed out but he shook his head. "Close your eyes and I will guide you." Andy nodded and shut his eyes tightly, letting Sandra lead him out. He could still smell Eternity, but told himself to ignore it. They got upstairs and Sandra gave him another pair of trousers, which he put on immediately. Sandra offered him her bed but he shook his head and sat down in the corner of the room, going back into the foetal position. "You're going to freeze, here." Ashley passed him a blanket and Andy instantly wrapped around himself, still staring intently sat the wall. Sandra looked sadly at her friend sadly; she was never going to see the old Andy or Ashley ever again.

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