When Svetlana came back to the castle the next day, Hermione and I were waiting for her. She smiled but that smile quickly went away when she saw Hermione and she tried to avoid her gaze when...


When I saw Harry I smiled before I saw Hermione and tried to avoid her when she ran up and hugged me, which scared me.

"Uh...Hermi-" I started before she cut me off.

"I'm so so sorry, Svetlana. I should've never treated you the way I did. Could you ever forgive?" She asked still not letting go of me.

"Yeah...sure Hermione. Now can you please let go of me. I'm really sore from what happened last night." I said and she quickly let go.

"Sorry." Hermione said.

"It's fine.' I said waving it off.

Later that day Harry and I went to see Lupin. When we got to his office he was packing up his things. Turns out he was quitting because someone -cough *Snape*-cough- let it slip he was werewolf and parents wanted him out so he was leaving. Before he left he gave Harry the map back before walking out of the class room.

That afternoon Harry and I head for the Great Hall were there was a big huddle of Gryffindors huddled around a fire bolt that was sent to Harry that also came with one of Buckbeak's feathers. When we got outside when Harry to tested it, that broom stick was really fast. I just wished that next year will be as good as this one.

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