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Talking Fish

Hermione sighed; staying with her parents had become somewhat annoying. She would never tell them of course, but she was bored. Deciding to make some lunch she apperated into the kitchen…

What was happening, this wasn't the kitchen. Hermione gasped, she was underwater and she could breathe. Slowly she moved around, struggling to remember her swimming lessons.

"This is useless; I couldn't swim properly if my life depended on it." Thought Hermione gloomily, after a minute or two of trying.

As she struggled towards a rock, she heard a voice near her elbow.

"Hello I'm Dory the fish, who are you? Asked a small blue fish.

"Umm hello...I'm Hermione Granger." She said, swallowing her surprise.

"Say, your human aren't you? I mean Hermione Granger...what a human name. Don't expect me to remember it; I'm terrible with remembering names...or anything really." Said Dory. "It runs in my family...i think."

"Umm...do you know how to get out of here?" Asked Hermione, somewhat desperately. She didn't want to be in this strange world with talking fish.

"I suppose your human, you certainly look it." Said Dory thoughtfully again. "Still you could probably get out that way…" She said, thinking aloud. "Alright follow me. Dory started swimming towards a mountain of rocks. After a minute of watching her, Hermione started to follow her. After a few minutes Dory started to swim strangely, ducking into beds of weeds or suddenly changing directions. Slightly confused Hermione struggled to follow her, using magic to propel her along.

"Hey who are you and why are you following me?" Dory demanded, turning around suddenly.

"I'm...I'm Hermione Granger...we meet before, you said you knew the way out." said Hermione, feeling confused.

"I did...say, your human aren't you, I mean you certainly look it." Said Dory. "Alright, follow me." so it began again, Dory leading her towards the same mountain of rocks, this time singing. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…" Again and again. As before, when they got nearer the rocks Dory started to swim strangely.

"Dory!" Hermione yelled frustrated. "You're helping me get out remember!"

"I am?" Said Dory confused…"Say, your human aren't you...i mean- "

"Stop! You've already said that, twice! Just show me the way out!" Yelled Hermione, angrily pulling out her wand.

"Hey, you're a witch, a real witch." Dory said excitedly. "Why didn't you say so. Didn't you know you could magic yourself out."

"No I didn't." Sighing, Hermione asked how.

"Oh simple. You wave your wand and say a few words, that's what witches usually do isn't it?" Asked Dory, swimming in little circles around Hermione.

"Yes but what spell." Said Hermione, getting really annoyed.

"Umm I think it was...umm...something like…I don't remember...sorry." Said Dory looking confused as she struggled to remember.

"Well that a big help isn't it!" Hissed Hermione angrily.

"Sorry." Sniffed Dory, slowly swimming off.

"Dory come back! Please." Called Hermione pleadingly, but Dory kept swimming away. With a frustrated sigh Hermione started to swim after her. When Dory realised Hermione was following her, she swam faster. Hermione tried to follow, struggling not to lose Dory in patches of weeds or behind rocks. As Dory got harder and harder to follow, Hermione used more and more magic to keep up. Finally she gave up, just lay there drifting with the current.

"Damn irrational fish named Dory." thought Hermione angrily. "I just want to go home."

Suddenly Hermione was in the kitchen, her mum getting lunch out.

"I'm not underwater...YAY...food!" thought Hermione, happily eating a sandwich. She wasn't so bored anymore...