"Snapshot" By RavenAK.

Apparently unconnected fragments of time, about everything, about nothing, about them. Soul/Maka/Crona, because ever since their roads met they are undividable.

Disclaimer: Soul Eater belongs to Ohkubo Atsushi, Square Enix and Shônen GanGan. Not me. No, sir. The song Stereo Love belongs to its rightful owners, whoever they are.

Warning: Spoilers for the manga. They might get heavier as the story progresses.

Author's Notes: Hey y'all! (waves enthusiastically) I bring you a collection of one-shots which are connected to each other, that means that they follow some sort of chronological order but they aren't exactly one-after-the-other, if that makes sense.

Oh and by the way, I gave Crona a female gender in this one, not because I am particularly inclined to believe that Crona is female, but because I needed a gender to work with, so I flipped a coin and got female. If you prefer, you can mentally replace all the words for male ones, because Crona's gender is not relevant to the story at all.

One: Stereo Love.

I'm hiding it inside

My heart is in pain

But I'm smiling for you…

It's all melody and silence…

It takes a pretty good hearing, a musician's hearing, to recognize and listen to the silence. It's more than the simple absence of sound. It has a meaning, it has a time, and there's a whole feeling behind it.

Emotional turmoil…


And the occasional denial.

She has been silent for the past two hours, and he has been listening. Her silence sounds –feels- like lots of things: Depression, angst, despair, frustration, fear.

More than anything, she's afraid. Afraid that things will never be the same, that she won't be able to save her, that she might even have to kill her…

She speaks in the form of awkward, longing silence. He doesn't want to snap her out of it, because she feels safe in the comfort of silence, and because he knows that she will find a way through…

But he wishes he could give her an answer to prove her wrong. There's none. The simple truth is that Crona has reached the point of no return, has lost the remains of her humanity and can never come back. That is the one awful truth, and he knows that she knows, but neither one of them can do anything about it.

Then she breaks the silence.

"Do you think… that we could…?" She doesn't dare to finish, but she doesn't have to.

"We could try". He answers truthfully. They could try, no guarantee that they could succeed, though. "I mean, we haven't tried everything yet. We still have the Chain Resonance, and we could retrieve the Brew. We haven't tried those with Crona".

"Yeah…" She sighs. "There has to be a way".

"I'm sure there is". This time he lies. He knows from experience that the only way to defeat madness is with a strong soul, one that is courageous and confident, and willing to fight for what's important for the person. That's why, for him, it has been a constant battle.

Crona, on the other hand, has a very fragile mind, marked by the numerous psychological and physical forms of torture that she's gone through. She's constantly trying to escape and to lock herself away from the world. She doesn't even want to deal with her own life…

She's the perfect candidate for a Kishin, stronger than the current one. Fear incarnate. Madness. Paranoia. Always there, in the shadows, waiting for a moment of hesitation to engulf a person's strong will and confidence, to leave them exposed and raw, apparently powerful but actually vulnerable.

That's Crona's true potential.

It's not exactly a joy ride.

She breaks the silence again.

"I don't…" Her voice breaks. "I don't want to lose her, Soul, it's not her fault…"

She stares right into his eyes, but he's unable to figure out what she's looking for. There is nothing he can say. The way he sees it, there are two ways in which this can turn out: One, Crona destroys Shibusen, Shinigami-sama and everything in between; or two, they manage to either kill her or seal her away. Either way, nobody wins. Either way, Maka is going to get hurt. Either way, she's never gonna get her well-deserved happy ending. And it fills him with a rage that he's never felt before, and he doesn't even know who he's angry at.

Then she starts sobbing, and he feels all the rage turn into the deepest of sadness.

"It's not fair…" She almost whispers, bringing a hand to her face to wipe the tears that are starting to fall.

"No, it's not". He agrees, as he comes closer to her, wrapping his arms around her. He's never been good at comforting anyone, but then again, it's not like he's ever tried.

She hugs him back, less awkwardly, and starts crying out loud. He can feel her pain surrounding his own soul, tightening and smothering him. He just wishes he could take it all away.

It's all unfair, but he can't really blame anyone. It's certainly not Crona's fault, but she's causing her so much pain. Maybe if they hadn't met before, she would just be another enemy they would have to defeat, nothing else.

Of course, it wouldn't be fun for Medusa if Maka was not emotionally involved.

However, there's no use wondering about the 'what if's' and the 'what could have been's', because they're currently in a position where their lives depend on what happens to Crona. And it scares him to know how closely connected they are.

They share the same blood, after all…

He shivers, and Maka feels it, for she loosens her hold on him and starts silently sobbing and hiccupping instead. He simply puts a hand on the back of her head.

He could become just like that person, he's been so close. He could end up hurting her just as much… It's not fair that she has to live with that.

A part of him, the secret and cowardly one, actually wishes for Crona to erase everything, so that neither of them will have to suffer anymore. The reasonable part of him, on the other hand, wants to preserve this crazy little world he lives in, if only for Maka's sake.

If it was up to him, he would do anything just to make her stop hurting. He would give everything he has ever had if it gave him the chance of seeing her happy again.

When she releases him and avoids looking at him, wiping her tears with her sleeves, he notices that she's shaking.

"Hey". He says, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Giving up isn't cool, okay?"

She looks up surprised and smiles, even if she knows that he's just pretending to be brave for her.

Because they both like to put up a front for each other, because they're both naïve and stupid teenagers with impossible dreams and they still pretend that they can do anything.

Because right now, he will do anything and everything to make it stop already.

And inside his mind, his little Ogre plays an upbeat tune and chuckles, because he knows it's true…

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