Uzumaki Naruto: The Gamer of Konoha

This is a work of Fan fiction. All of the original characters, organizations, techniques, and events portrayed in this fictional literature are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictionally. Though the majority of the events and most characters take place in and are a part of manga artist Kishimoto's world Naruto.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or any other manga or stories. I do have ownership of the techniques, the originality of this plot, the story I created and some others things in this story. But the elements from manga artist, etc I do not own.

Jutsu, Japanese translation: Saigasho (Crushing Fang Impact)

Normal speech: What the hell is this?

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: How should I know?

Human Thinking: You're over a millennia years old! Shouldn't you know this stuff?

Demon/Summon: I only pretend to know everything! I look more badass that way.

Summary: At a young age Naruto grew up with little to no friends. Because of this he grew up with a love of video games. One day somehow he woke up with the ability to view life as a video game. Naruto has no idea what to make of this, but decided to make the most of it. Watch out world! The Gamer has arrived. Naruto/The Gamer Crossover. RPG and Naruto Game of the Year elements.

Here we go with the redo. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Dawn of the Gamer

Uzumaki Naruto yawned as he rose up from his bed and shook the cobwebs from his head. The blond proceeded to wipe the crud from his eyes, waddled his way to the bathroom to take a shower and brush his teeth like clockwork. Soon after finishing, Naruto picked up his clothes that consisted of a small white t-shirt, underwear, and a pair of orange shorts. The young boy put them on and began making a simple breakfast before wondering what he should do today.

Today was Saturday and therefore meant that he didn't have school. It also meant he got to sleep in, which was always welcomed. Having just turned thirteen today, Naruto realized it would be a day he knew that many would avoid him like the plague more so than usual. Being thirteen also meant that Naruto was in his final year in the ninja academy. When Naruto first thought of joining the academy and becoming a ninja, like most others, he thought he'd be learning awesome jutsu and going on missions to save damsels in distress or save a country from an evil ninja.

Such thoughts and hopes went flying out the window after the first week and it only got worse from there as the years rolled by. Naruto, like most orphans before him, had been taught to read and write along with other basic needs to properly integrate into society. However, thanks to his hyperactive nature it took the academy student longer to learn and perform such tasks and skills properly than most orphans. Because of said hyperactivity – among a few other things, really – Naruto hated standing still and often skipped class to do some physical activity.

Because of this he was considered by most as a shoo-in for the title of Dead Last when it was time to graduate. Both his peers and the teaching faculty itself thought this. However, some doubted he would be able to graduate or become a ninja at all. But if one were to ask Naruto, he'd say he was the best ninja in the academy in a heartbeat.

"Ramen, I love you but why must you take three minutes to make?" the young boy whined as he impatiently stood in front of the microwave, sipping on his milk carton as he did even though it tasted a little sour. Ramen had always been Naruto's favorite food for a few reasons.

It tasted good, it was cheap and affordable, it was easy to make, he could eat it in several flavours, and it could be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and diner. The only thing he hated about it was the three minutes it took to make it.

Regardless of this – and if he was honest with himself, one might add – Naruto did wonder what it would be like to try new dishes once in while. He loved ramen, no doubt about it, but variety was nice too… unless it involved veggies then forget about it.

"Stupid merchants," Naruto grumbled.

Truthfully one of the only reasons Naruto ate mostly ramen, other than his love for it, was the fact that many of the merchants in Konoha either wouldn't sell anything to him or try sell to him at a higher price. Ramen was cheap and affordable and was often sold in large bulk compared to other healthier foods.

Luckily for Naruto some stores had friendly employees that sold him what he needed at a fair price. The only problem was that in most cases some would end up being fired and the cycle would start all over again. It was from one of these stores that Naruto found one of the only few pleasures in life that he could afford: video games.

Video games were still relatively new in this day and age, having only really started getting attention for the last decade and a half, but they were fun to play nonetheless. The most awesome of which, in Naruto's mind, were RPGs as it allowed the player to become anyone. Currently Naruto only had four of them, mostly older editions as they were cheaper, all from two guys called Akira Toriyama and Yujii Horii.

Video games were popular mostly to civilians and some of the younger ninja in the Elemental Countries. Reasons being that civilians had it much easier than ninja and could afford such leisurely pastimes. Ninja not as much as once an Academy Student graduated and became a Genin they had little time to relax. Even then during those brief times of rests they were often used for training or socializing with friends and family they might not see again.

Naruto, sad as it was to say, had little to no friends. Sure he hung out with a few of his classmates such as Shikamaru, Chouji by proxy of the former, and Kiba when they skipped class but other than that video games were the only things he could call friends at the moment.


"Finally!" Naruto whopped as he took out his cup of ramen and began to devour the food like a ravenous wolf once it cooled down a bit, taking sips from his milk in between. However, just he was finished did Naruto's stomach start to growl and protest.

"Uh? What the-" Naruto had little time to think before he felt a gut punching feeling in his stomach. Looking at the milk carton still in his hand Naruto's eyes bulged as he found the culprit of his dilemma.

"Expiration date September 30th… That's almost two weeks ago!" Naruto shouted/groaned before he shuffled as fast as he could to the bathroom, hoping to make it to the toilet seat in time.

"Stupid asshole merchants!" Naruto groaned uncomfortably, it wasn't the first time that someone sold him expired food. Though in hindsight Naruto knew he should have read the expiration date first.

A couple of hours passed as Naruto's body purged itself from the expired milk before he felt capable of leaving the toilet. "Oh, god that was hell." Naruto gasped as he poured water into the sink to wipe his face with. Finishing Naruto grabbed a towel and wiped his face dry before he saw an unusual sight in the mirror.

"… Eh?" Naruto blinked in confusion. In the mirror above his head in blue letters was the oddest thing in the world.

"Uzumaki Naruto - Academy Student – Lv 5"

"Oooookkkkk," Naruto drawled, "Now the milk is screwing with my mind," he nodded thinking it was just a combination of his mind screwing with him and the expired milk.

"Next thing you know I'll have my own Status Window," he chuckled though it didn't last long.

Status Window

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Job: Academy Student

Level: 5 Next Level: 350/2800

HP: 1925

CP: 3275

STR: 9?

VIT: 57?

END: 81?

DEX: 16?

INT: 11

WIS: 8

CHA: 6

LUK: ?

DEF: 15

Specialization: N/A

Special Perks:

Gamer: Allows you to view and live your life as though it were a video game.

?: Additional +5 VIT & +7.5 END per Lv, +250 CP per Lv, +25% additional EXP towards [Power Type Fighting Styles], +50% Increase towards [HP Regen] & [CP Regen], +50% Tolerance towards [Poison Debuff], -25% EXP and Effectiveness towards [Chakra Control Skills], -25% Reputation gain towards [Konoha Populace] whose relationship with you is Abhorred, Hostile or Disliked

Unknown Blessing: Your luck is immeasurable. Don't be fooled as it can go either at random.


?: Additional +5 VIT & +7.5 END per Lv, +100 HP per Lv, +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards [Fuinjutsu Skill], -15% EXP and Effectiveness towards [Chakra Control Skills] , ?


Prank King: Additional +1 DEX per Lv, +25% additional EXP and Effectiveness towards [Stealth Skill] & [Traps Skill], -25% Reputation gain towards pranked for 24 Hours

Academy Ninja: +10% additional EXP gains towards quests and enemies slain (only for character level up)


Malnourished: Hampered physical growth rate, -25% to VIT, DEX, END, and STR stat base, -25% Tolerance towards [Poison Debuff] (Can be removed)

Description: Uzumaki Naruto's background is shrouded in mystery. Currently an academy student with inspirations to become Hokage, Naruto has a long and difficult journey ahead of him before he can attain his dream. At the moment many consider Naruto as a shoo-in for the title of Dead Last.

Money: 6500 Ryo ~ (650$)

Attribute Points: 17

Naruto's mouth was agape in disbelief as he saw the status window. Before he could begin to freak out Naruto suddenly found himself calming down and thinking logically.

"Ok, that just happened. What's the hell's going on? And why the hell are my stats so low?!"

"Do you wish to view the Help Guide?"


"Ok, I've had enough of this crap! It was funny at first now it's just plain creepy. Kai (Release)!"

"Ok, now time to… oh you're freaking kidding me, Kai!"

The concept of trying to get out of Genjutsu was still fairly new to him, to the whole class

really except those from clans, having only just learned about it nine days ago. So when the illusion hadn't gone away on the first time Naruto had simply attempted it once more with more power than before.

"The hell! Kai!" Naruto grunted out.

"Do you wish to view the Help Guide?"


Naruto cocked an eyebrow as a blue box suddenly appeared before him once more. Naruto was seriously starting to doubt this was a Genjutsu. Sure Iruka-sensei had said something about some being very elaborate and difficult to get out of but even this was pushing it. Who the hell would make a video game Genjutsu?

"Now that I think about it. Iruka-sensei did say that Genjutsu were meant to harm or psyc…psy… argh, attack your brain and make you feel bad or whatever," it was about one of the only things he really learned in that class as he along with a few others had fallen asleep during the lecture.

As far as he could tell the Genjutsu wasn't hurting him or make him relive bad memories like they were supposed to. Looking back up at the message that still floated in the air Naruto cocked an eyebrow.

"What is this anyway, an RPG?" he wondered out loud before he answered, "…Yes?" Naruto said after a moment's hesitation, thinking it might trigger something bad, before the screen shined and flickered out of existence only to be replaced with another that revealed more information.

"Hmm… ok not a Genjutsu. Alright, says here everything is activated by voice and touch command. That's convenient," Naruto mused as he continued browsing the Help Guide; his hesitation and caution slowly going away.

"Okay, let's take her for a test spin," he grinned, "Skill List Window open!"

Skill List Window

Passive Skills

|Gamer's Mind: Lv Max Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Grants holder an immunity to psychological status. Strong and powerful Genjutsu being the exception depending on the caster and the Gamer's level and skill.

|Gamer's Body: Lv Max Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. HP & CP are fully recovered after sleeping.

Passive/Active Skills

|Basic Academy Taijutsu – D-Rank: Lv 7. 63% to next Lv Mastering Speed: B| A basic form of martial arts that teaches one how to kick, block, and punch properly.

• Increases Strength by 5% during combat

Active Skills

|Naisho (Stealth): Lv 18. 89% to next Lv| Mastering Speed: D| An essential but basic skill for all shinobi that allows the user the ability to move around undetected. Hint: Combine this with other techniques to greatly improve your stealth. In addition, those with greater levels, senses or possess certain skills than you will be unaffected by your efforts.

• Increases un-detectability effectiveness by an additional 18% when active.

• Increases critical hits damage and chance by 18% when active.

• Increases pick pocketing effectiveness by an additional 18% when active.

• Increases infiltration/lock-picking effectiveness by an additional 18% when active.

** You have a 68% percent chance of being undetected by those of your level (percentage will generally increase when used near lower level foes and decrease near higher level foes. Other factors come into play)

|Henge (Transformation) D-Rank: Lv MAX| A basic technique that allows one to transform themselves into other objects, people, or creatures. Uses 20 CP per minute.

• Increases Stealth Skill effectiveness by 20% when active.

• Increases Bluffing Skill effectiveness by 20% when active.

** You have a 75% percent chance of being undetected by those of your level (percentage will generally increase when used near lower level foes and decrease near higher level foes. Other factors come into play)

|Kawarimi (Replacement) E-Rank: MAX Lv| A basic but useful technique nonetheless that allows the user to avoid harm by replacing themselves with other objects. CP usage depends on substitute object size, range, and chakra.

• Increases evasion by 20% for 10 seconds when activated.

• Increases movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds when activated.

|Basic Shurikenjutsu and Kunaijutsu (Basic Shuriken Techniques and Kunai Techniques) D-Rank: Lv 9. 53% to next Lv| Mastering Speed: A| A basic and essential skill that all ninja should know if they wish to call themselves true ninja. This skill allows the user to properly wield and throw both shuriken and kunai during and outside of combat. While most ninja master only the basic forms of these aspects some clans or ninja are known to utilize more advanced forms.

• Increases power of shuriken and kunai by 9% during combat

• Increases accuracy when thrown during combat by 29%

• Increases accuracy when thrown outside of combat by 59%

|Basic Cooking: Lv 4. 47% to next Lv| Mastering Speed: A| The ability on how to cook meals and how good it turns out. Current level only allows you to make simple meals such as instant ramen, boiled rice or eggs. Hint: Some meals can only be made when using a recipe or having watched someone teach you how to cook it.

• Increases cooking speed by 4% (instant meals aren't affected)

• Increases success of creating a new non-recipe dish by 54%

"Cool," Naruto couldn't help but admire it all.

"Gamer's Mind and Gamer's Body huh? Guess that explains why I started thinking straight instead of having a meltdown… still weird as hell though that I'm able to view the world like it's a video game. Wonder if it's a Bloodline Limit or something?"

That last comment made him think. Part of him wondered if he should go and see Hokage-jiji to see if he could help with this. However, the other part wanted him to keep it a secret. It wasn't as if he could prove it and knowing the Old Man he would have someone keep an eye on him to make sure he was alright.

As much as the Old Man liked him telling him he had a video game based Bloodline Limit would force the Sandaime to potentially have to take drastic measures. We wouldn't want to but what choice would he have if he said something this crazy. Without proof to show it was best he kept it a secret till he found a way. Sure pranks were one thing but claiming you had a video Bloodline Limit was very different.

"Guess I should keep this on the down low till I figure this out," Naruto had no intention of potentially spending his life in a nuthouse.

For thinking things through in a rational manner your WIS and INT have gone up by 1!

"… I can increase my stats by doing stuff like that? Sweet!" Naruto whooped. "Ok, let's see what else I can do to bring my stats up."

Chakra Enhancement Training:

A training method that increases your chakra, control, and potency of chakra based techniques.

Physical Enhancement Training:

A training method that increases your physical capabilities and physical based techniques.

Mental Enhancement Training:

A training method that increases your mental faculties.

"Ok, makes sense," Naruto nodded it was pretty straightforward, as far as explanations went, unlike Iruka-sensei's lectures. "Ok, so what do attributes do for me? Attributes open!" he had an idea already but wanted to be certain.


Your attributes determine your strengths and weaknesses. Currently there are seven attributes. The most common way for your stats to increase is by levelling up. Doing this increases them by a small margin, but each level decreases the rate of stat gain. Another way to increase your attributes is by training or performing certain tasks. An example would be physical training, which depending on what is being done will increase your Vitality, Dexterity, and Strength.

|Important Special Note!|

Furthermore, when you've increased an attribute by 150 points you gain a perk that as time passes will increase even further for every 150 points. This perk can also be temporarily increased even more through certain skills that enhance a specific attribute. Be forewarned, if a single attribute exceeds the VIT attribute by more than two and a half times its amount, it will begin to have a negative effect on the body. This can usually be rectified or at least be managed by increasing your VIT attributes, not always though depending on circumstances.

Strength (STR):

The Strength attribute determines the person's overall physical power. This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict on another with martial arts, bladed, or blunt objects. It also affects a person's ability to reduce damage when blocking and affects the amount of weight they can lift, or throw. It's very important when one's fighting style focuses on using heavy weapons or brute force.

20 END & 20 STR & 20 VIT = 1 Defense

Vitality (VIT):

The Vitality, also known as the Vigor attribute, determines the person's overall health. This attribute also affects a person's ability to regain health in and outside of combat and resist specials types of damage from things such as poison, bleeding, paralysis, burns, etc.

1 VIT = 25 HP

1 VIT = .5 HP REGEN Per Minute (Outside of Combat)

1 VIT = .25 HP REGEN Per Minute (During Combat)

20 END & 20 STR & 20 VIT = 1 Defense

Endurance (END):

The Endurance attribute determines a person's overall stamina/chakra, which affects how long they can fight or perform some form of activity and the potency of most chakra based skills. Similar to Vitality and Strength this attribute also plays a role in the person's health by increasing their natural defense when not armoured and when blocking an attack by assuring the blocker's poise doesn't break.

1 END = 25 CP

1 END = .5 CP REGEN Per Minute (Outside of Combat)

1 END = .25 CP REGEN Per Minute (During Combat)

20 END & 20 STR & 20 VIT = 1 Defense

Dexterity (DEX)

The Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement. This attribute affects a person's accuracy, evasion, speed, and ability to land critical strikes on an opponent in close, mid, and long-range combat. Dexterity also plays a major role in pick pocking, stealth, use of weaponry and the ability to dual wielding weaponry properly.

Intelligence (INT):

The Intelligence attribute determines the person's overall ability to think quickly, to learn, memorize, retain information, and determines how smart they are. This attribute affects one's ability to properly control and mould their chakra. It also enables one to perform a technique the smallest amount of chakra necessary while still achieving the desired results. Much like Wisdom, Intelligence also affects ones ability to learn and develop certain skills such as Genjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu along with successfully enabling new variations of certain techniques to be created as well as defending from mental attacks.

Wisdom (WIS):

The wisdom attribute determines the person's common sense, innovation, and perception. Wisdom, along with Intelligence, also plays an important role in learning certain skills such as trap making and fuinjutsu along with successfully enabling new variations of certain techniques to be created. More importantly, it affects how resistant they are to damage from mental based techniques.


The Charisma attribute determines a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and their attractiveness. The Charisma attributes plays a role in certain skills and techniques such as those involving mind control, intimidation, bargaining, and even plain old lying. In addition, Charisma, much like Wisdom, also plays a role in allowing you to detect skills that affect you mentally, and allow you an easier time to detect when someone is lying or telling the truth.

Luck (LUK):

The Luck attribute determines the person's overall chance. Luck is unique compared to all the other attributes as it is capable of influencing anything from finding or looting random items of various rarity, winning money while gambling, to encounters, and even playing a role in landing critical hits.

"Huh? A little different than what I expected. Yosh! Let's take this for a test drive," Naruto nodded before heading out the door. Carefully and silently leaving the building so as to not disturb the old man who ran the place. He was a decent guy, if somewhat cranky, but hated it when people made loud noises. More than once he kicked out a few people for that fact alone.

Naruto had almost gotten himself kicked out too but guessed that the fact that he was an orphan and was close to the Sandaime had left him off with a warning instead. Even then the man kept a watchful eye on him.

"Senile old fart," Naruto muttered.

"I heard that, brat!" the old man shouted from his room causing Naruto to flee like a bat out of hell.

"How the freaking hell does he bloody do that, dattebayo?" the old man's hearing never ceased to amaze and scare him. Naruto guessed the man either had wires all over the place or he was an ex-ninja. He wouldn't doubt it if it was both.

"Ok, let's see if anything interesting happens," Naruto muttered to himself before spotting a couple of familiar individuals. "What the?"

Nara Shikamaru – Nara Heir - Lv 7

Akimichi Chouji – Akimichi Heir – Lv 7

"Come on, Shikamaru. They're serving at half price for today only!" Chouji spoke in between the chips he ate about his favorite eating spot.

"Troublesome," Shikamaru sighed, "You do know they open at 11:30 right? It's still only 10:56."

"Yeah, but I heard some of my family are going to be there and I wanna be first in line before they do," Chouji countered and began to drag Shikamaru, who barely or didn't bother to resist being pulled, to the restaurant. When it came to Akimichi and their love of food nothing stood in their way, unless they wanted to be missing a limb or too.

"Okay, so it's not just me who has a floating textbox above their head. Guess it's not a Genjutsu," Naruto told himself. Even if it was it wasn't doing anything to warm him so why bother fighting it.

Walking around the village Naruto continued to observe the villagers. From what he saw most of the civilians had levels ranging from 5 to 15 at best, while ninja, with the exception of academy students, were a heck of a lot higher. From what he saw most of the Chunin had levels of 25 and higher. Unfortunately, as his level was still in the lowest tier, he couldn't see anything that was twenty-five levels higher than his own. People he knew that were Tokubetsu Jonin had question marks while Jonin also had a question mark. Some Jonin he saw had a golden leaf background on their names and others had skulls.

"I guess the question mark means my level's too low and their level's too high to see. Golden leaf means they're elites, I think," Naruto pondered. He had seen this before during his video games and guessed the same concept applied here.

Question marks instead of a number meant the level was out of his league, while a background or symbols around the name meant they were not only high level individuals – not always – but much, much stronger than those with the same level. Those with skulls or X's meant they were at least fifty or sixty levels higher than his own. In short it meant don't screw with those guys until you were at least close to their level or had a large and skilled enough group to help you.

|Congratulations! A special skill has been created through a special act!|

|Through continuous observation of others in order to find out more about them the passive/active ability
|Observe| has been created!|

"Really? Yatta, dattebayo!" Naruto cheered suddenly, much to the confusion of some onlookers and much to his embarrassment when he realized he made a fool of himself in front of a crowd.

"Note to self, be more discreet," Naruto thought as he left for a more secluded area of Konoha. "Ok, let's see what we got here. Open Skill List… ah here we go."

|Observe: Lv1. 79% to Next Lv| Mastering Speed: B| This skill allows the user to see the target's max HP, max CP.

"Hmm, basic, simple, and useful," Naruto noted. Looking around to see if there was anything he could use this ability on the young blond spotted a small creature.

"Here goes nothing. Observe."

Brown Rabbit – Forest Creature – Lv 1. NC

"NC? What's that?" Naruto had never heard of the term or seen it video games before. Though he didn't have to wait long before his answer popped up.

NC "Non-Combatant"

NCs are creatures or individuals with no fighting skill or little worth. As such they will not offer you any experience points and serve little purpose other than dropping useful items such as meat or fur that can be used or sold. Doing this to NC civilians, however, will have serious consequences.

"Well, there goes that grinding idea," Naruto grumbled at the loss of easily levelling up. Sure the meat and fur sounded good, it would give him something else to eat and potentially bring in extra cash if he managed to find someone to buy them off him. But what was the point if you weren't going to get any experience points out of it.

"Crap, I also have to learn how to cook rabbit meat," Naruto wasn't the sharpest kunai in the pouch, but even he knew that meat from different animals was not supposed to be cooked the same way. He recalled Ayame and Teuchi saying one technically could but it wouldn't taste anywhere as good or you'd get very sick.

"Ah, forget it. I don't have time to waste learning how to cook that stuff," he had a hard time learning about what was going on in the academy. He didn't need the extra hassle.

"Ok, let's what else I can do this on," Naruto thought just as he spotted the perfect candidate.


Umino Iruka – Ninja Academy Teacher – Lv 29

HP: 2200 CP: 1525

|Observe skill has levelled up! You can now see more information and can use this on inanimate objects!|

"So it levels up the more I use it. Let's see it now," he spoke softly as he opened his skill list once more.

|Observe: Lv2. 53% to next Lv Mastering Speed: B| This skill allows the user to see the target's max HP, max CP, and some information. Can now also be used on items such as weapons and armor. The more you level up the more information you can see. Individuals with huge levels gaps will have a question mark instead of a number; this will only go away when you have gained a decent amount of level or have increased this skill. Some powerful skills, however, can fool the technique.

"So it lets me see more info now. That's useful. Observe," Naruto whispered as he looked at Iruka once more.

Umino Iruka – Ninja Academy Teacher – Lv 29

HP: 2200 CP: 1525

Description: Umino Iruka is a dedicated Ninja Academy Instructor who hopes of passing on his wisdom to the next generation of ninja. He is also known as one of the only Chunin in Konoha who can catch Uzumaki Naruto through as of yet unknown means.

Naruto's eye began to twitch as he read that last part of the description. Though he didn't like to admit it, it was true really. Most of the time when he pulled a prank the ninja who were sent to retrieve him were Chunin, which he more often then not managed to escape from. Sometimes the occasional Jonin would be sent, which he learned early on meant he was screwed. He could trick or evade the odd one but it was always brief. But whenever Iruka was sent his tactics didn't really work that well.

"How the hell does he do it?" Naruto wondered.


How Does He Bloody Do It?

Main Quest: Learn how Umino Iruka manages to catch you every time you've pulled a prank.

Side Quest: Don't let Iruka figure out what you're doing.

Main Quest Completion: 250 Exp.

Side Quest Completion: 100 Exp.

Failure: 50 Exp

Accept? (Yes/No)

"Hmm, sounds good but I'd better look more into this. Help Guide," Naruto called out before locating what he was looking for. Just because it was similar to how video game quests did it didn't mean it followed the same rules.

For not rushing to complete a quest and thinking things through your WIS has increased by 1.



Quests, sometimes called missions, are tasks given to players by others or appear spontaneously. Completing a quest or mission will result in rewards such as experience points, items and money. Most quests can be accepted or declined while others are mandatory and must be completed in order to proceed.

Sometimes a side quest will be giving alongside the main one, these are purely optional but completing them gives a boost of rewards such as experience, money, items, etc. Some quests will allow you an unlimited amount of time to complete it while others need to be completed before a specific time and/or day or risk quest failure. A variation of a side quest known as hidden objectives will sometimes be posted, what these objectives are you needed to figure out on your own but the rewards are generally greater that side quests in the long run.

Completion of quests also boosts one's reputation with the affiliated village, person or faction by a certain amount though sometimes it can decrease the reputation of something else such as an enemy village. Depending on the quest failure to complete it can result in penalties such as no rewards, negative reputation gain, lower experience points gained, the crippling injury status, or even death.

Thinking nothing of it Naruto pressed on the "yes" button to accept the quest. The quests were pretty much the same as the video games he had. Though the hidden quest was somewhat new, still the extra rewards and exp were fine in his books.

Naruto also considered himself lucky really. This wasn't the first time he had spied on Iruka-sensei before. Iruka himself had fallen victim to a few of his pranks in the past with the only times he ever did get caught by the man was when he was actively looking for him after a prank, otherwise he was almost invisible to him.

Seeing him leave the store he was currently in, Naruto began following the academy instructor from a good distance. Not too close that it would arouse suspicion but not too far that he would loose him sight of in the crowd, or if he made a turn somewhere he could not see him.

Seeing him enter another store, one where he wasn't exactly welcomed, Naruto decided to wait for him outside before he continued his quest. "Might as well see what else this Guide Book has in it."

Finding a an empty bench Naruto whispered the voice command and proceeded to look through the Guide Book for anything interesting, "Ok, let's see what else we got here. Ah, Inventory!"

Inventory Box:

The inventory box, a personal space-time technique, is where the items you are currently holding go to when not in use. This allows you to store a near infinite amount of items without having to carry them on your person and hamper your movement with the excess weight. To place an item inside just press it on the screen and vice versa when you want to pull it out. Any items placed inside the Inventory Box will go into a state of stasis, so weapons and armour won't rust and food will never go bad even if it remains there for years.

Special Note:

Certain things cannot be placed in the inventory box such as a campfire or living beings. Corpses, however, can be.

"That makes things easy," Naruto thought before moving on.

The idea of not having to carry everything on him yet have everything he needed when he wanted it was a great thing to have. The never going bad aspect was a big bonus, too. Though part of him thought it was a bit of overkill and unfair to others Naruto immediately squashed that thought. He was a ninja in training damn it! Their whole lifestyle was about being unfair, fighting dirty and not caring if they cheated. They weren't training to be samurai.

Shaking that thought from his mind, Naruto looked at what else there was before he called, "Item Quality."

Item Quality

Simply put, item quality is a relative indicator of how good an item is compared to another. The quality indicator is most often seen with a rank beside the name of the item. There are seven types of item qualities in the world, which are ranked from Poor to Legendary.

Note: The higher the quality the greater the requirements needed to use it properly before being able to master it, not in all cases, however.

Poor Quality:

Items that are considered the worst of the worst and barely even worth using, seen as junk by many. Such items are made of shady materials, poor craftsmanship, has rusted over, or been worn down so badly that it can no longer be used properly. Items of this quality be recycled for parts to make better items but don't expect much.

Common Quality:

These are common items of decent quality that many use every day. Most items that fit into this category are basic kunai, shuriken, and some other forms of weaponry and armor.

Uncommon Quality:

These are the uncommon items, not everyone has them but have frequent enough usage. Most items that fit into this category are sealing scrolls, weaponry and items that can be used for making other things such as clothing, medicine or weapons.

Rare Quality:

Items of this quality are either somewhat difficult or expensive to come by. Most usually grant an ability or a great attribute booster for the user, or are made from materials that are difficult to acquire or buy, or require a great level of skill to create.

Very Rare Quality:

These items are considered the rarest of the rare. Items of this quality are incredibly difficult to come by and create, though not considered one of a kind they are generally very limited in supply. Such items contain higher forms of enchantments that few to none can replicate or capabilities only the highly gifted can accomplish.

Epic Quality:

Items that are a second to none except when compared to legendary quality items. Items of this quality are few and in between as the methods of creating them are either a closely guarded secret or their ingredients are held under lock and key, come from very dangerous or incredibly rare and elusive creatures, or the materials are situated in extremely dangerous locations few dare to tread.

Legendary Quality:

These unique items are considered legendary in terms of power and one of a kind ability they possess or are capable of granting individuals or other items, many of these being one of a kind. Chances of coming across items of this quality are one million to one and only those with incredible levels of luck are said to be able to find these. If you own one many will call you a lucky bastard, while others will try to kill you for it. Items that are considered to fall under this category are masterpieces or items used by legendary and ancient craftsmen or figures such as the Rikudo Sennin, Gorō Nyūdō Masamune, Uchiha Madara, Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Sasuke, etc. Some, but not all, of these items possess sentience and will only allow specific individuals to wield or summon them.

"Huh, let's see," Naruto thought as he took out a spare kunai from his pocket he had taken from the academy. "Observe!"

Academy Kunai – Poor Quality

A poor excuse for a kunai. The weight and sharpness of the kunai leaves much to be desired. The blade is so dull that piercing or cutting something with it will be very difficult, while the uneven weight of it lowers your chances of hitting your target.

Attack Power: 2-4

Flaw/Debuff: -20% accuracy when thrown

"THE HELL!" Naruto shouted and cursed himself as he did before vacating his spot and jumped onto the roof of the store to hide. No sooner did he leave did Iruka come out of the store, and from the way his head was moving in every direction did Naruto guess he was looking for him.

"Strange? I could have sworn I heard Naruto," he heard his teacher mutter to himself. Shrugging his shoulders Iruka left the store and continued on his way.

"That was close," Naruto thanked whatever deity was looking out for him at the moment.

"Whatcha doing, gaki?" a voice suddenly spoke from behind him.

"Bhwwammmmmm," Naruto tried to scream only to have his mouth covered by someone's hand.

"Rule number one about stealth, gaki: no screaming when following someone. Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole thing," the purple haired and scantily clad woman informed him.

Muttering "Observe" on her as low as he could Naruto was shocked by the result.

Mitarashi Anko – T&I Specialist – Lv ?

"Shit!" Naruto cursed his luck at the moment; it really did go either way. It was easy to see that she was strong, easily way out of his league, and the fact that snuck up on him without him noticing only scared him even more.

"So again, whatcha doing following Umino, gaki?" Anko repeated.

"Um, trying to find out how he keeps finding me?" Naruto hesitated. He knew from experience that lying to Jonin wasn't a good idea; most knew when he was lying and often called him out on his bullshit.

For her part Anko only blinked before she grinned and laughed a bit, "That's it? Oh that's a good one."

Seeing him glare at her Anko realized he wasn't kidding, "Uh… really? Wow, you're serious aren't you? Yeah, not to bust your balls or anything, kid, but how the hell is following him around gonna get you the answer? You think he's just gonna talk about it willy nilly?"

"Uhhhhh," Naruto just realized he hadn't thought of that. "… Crap."

For not thinking things through your WIS and INT have decreased by 1

"Oh, son of a bitch!"

"Yeah… No offense, gaki, but you suck at information gathering. There are other ways of getting information on someone other than following them. The fact that you weren't exactly being discreet allowed a few of us to see what you were doing from a mile away," she pointed out. "Hell some of us know when you're gonna do a prank."

"Bullshit! If that's true why don't your stop me?" he called her bluff.

"It gives us a good laugh watching those Chunin struggle to catch you, especially when they run into a few of your traps along the way," she grinned. "Besides it's fun to see them being brought down a notch. Quite a few of them think they're tough shit just because they made Chunin."

Naruto couldn't believe, and was having a hard time believing it, that some people actually liked his pranks. Seriously, most people hated him for his pranks, especially the victims.

"Just a heads up though, prank us and you'll be wishing for death, if not begging for it. Got that?" her sadistic grin returned with a vengeance. One that made Naruto sweat and nod furiously. "Ok, we're good then, gaki," she patted and ruffled his head.

For agreeing with Anko on not pranking her or her friends your reputation with her has increased by 100.

"That's convenient," Naruto thought. "Um, I don't suppose you'll help me then?"

Anko merely cocked an eyebrow before placing her hands on her hips, "And why would I wanna help you? What's in it for me?"

"Um, what do you want?" Naruto asked.

"What can you offer me?"

"Uhh, want me to prank someone for you?" even as he said it Naruto was thinking along the lines of, "Nice move genius. Real smooth."

"Hmm, alright. But in exchange you owe me three pranks. No ifs or buts and no fuss. This here's a take it or leave it deal, gaki. What do you say?" Anko offered.

Knowing that it was probably as good as it was gonna get, Naruto agreed, "Deal."

A special skill has been created through a special act!

Through the art careful and successful exchange of services with another the active ability |Bargaining| has been created.

Naruto forced himself not to drop his jaw at the sudden gain of an ability before focusing once more on Anko, "But can I add one thing? I don't want Iruka-sensei to know what I'm up to."

Anko merely shrugged, "Meh, I'm cool with that. You got yourself a deal, gaki. Wait right here while the Incredibly Sexy Anko Mitarashi does her thing."

With that Anko jumped off the building and began her pursuit of Iruka. Naruto thinking he had time to kill decided to look at his newly acquired skill.

|Bargaining Lv 1. 39% to next Lv Mastering Speed: C| This skill allows the user to successfully barter with others in order to acquire certain services or information. Such things include the buying and selling of items, the exchange of information, or others, the higher the level of this skill the greater the success and rewards.

Note: Your wisdom and reputation with individuals, and their level, will play a big role in the success of bargaining.

"Uh, gaki," Naruto say Anko poking her head up the side of the building a sheepish look adorned on her face, "You wouldn't by chance know which way he went … would ya?"

Naruto gave her a deadpan look before pointing in the direction Iruka was last seen.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all," he thought before going back to his Guide Book.


Challenges are a set of specific tasks that are accomplished by the user. However, unlike quests, which give EXP and rewards, challenges only award experience points. Most challenges involve killing many of the same type of enemy, creating variations of a technique, mastering a set of techniques from a specific rank, etc. Other challenges are based around discovering hidden areas, hidden caches, looting enemies, traveling, increasing your reputation levels, and your own profession.

Note: A list of challenges becomes available once you've reached level 15, and more will be revealed as you level up and and accomplish certain tasks. However, some challenges can still be accomplished as you perform certain tasks. Be forewarned, depending on your actions, some challenges can be permanently forfeited unintentionally.

"Ah, crap," Naruto hated when stuff like this happened. With him currently being at level five, which was a load of crap in his mind, it would take him quite a while before he reached level fifteen. As Anko still had yet to come back, Naruto decided to look at any else that was useful for him to learn.

Maximum/Mastered Level

Mastering a technique to its utmost level takes time and dedication. For skills at the basic level it isn't so bad but each upgrade takes greater time and dedication, but it's very beneficial for the user. Not only will it allow one to not only spend less time preparing a technique but it also allows you to create your own variants of the technique, too. Mastering certain techniques can even add a bonus stat, unlock a hidden function, drastically reduce the cost of chakra needed, increase the strength, or the duration of it. It should be noted that not all techniques have this. Additionally, some techniques can be mastered but variations can't be created or will be more difficult to master due to higher power and requirements needed.

Keep in mind that the higher the rank of the technique the harder and longer it is to master. However, certain variables come into play. Depending on a number of variables, the length of mastering techniques that have no rank can go either way.

Mastering Speed Index

E–Rank(Very Slow)

D–Rank (Slow)

C–Rank (Average)

B–Rank (Fast)

A–Rank (Very Fast)

S–Rank (Extremely Fast)


Titles are benefits given to individuals either through the deeds they have accomplished such as swordsmanship, due to their lineage such as being the descendant of a powerful or famous clan member, or for slaying a particular type of foe such as undead, insects, or humans. Titles, unlike perks, can be removed and replaced by the bearer at will (except in dungeons or in the middle of a fight, some titles cannot be removed unless certain actions are performed). Initially a person is only capable of holding three titles but the amount increases by one every twenty-fifth level.

Attribute/Stat Points

Attribute Points, or AP for short, also known as Stat Points, are essential to any adventurer as it allows them to increase their Attributes (except for DEF). Attribute Points are generally earned whenever a person levels up, however, there are items and quests that grant Attribute Points as well. Once applied, Attribute Points cannot be readjusted, so be cautious and think before applying them.

Ordinary Perks and Ordinary Perk Points

To begin, Ordinary Perks are benefits the holder of them has that increase their overall capabilities. Most perks are something that the person is born with such as being naturally flexible, intelligent or talented; a person's lineage is generally considered a perk. Ordinary Perks are capable to change over time, but can change for the better or for worse. Perks, despite their boons, can also be lost depending on circumstances.

Similar to Attribute Points, Ordinary Perk Points, or OPP for short, are used to gain ordinary perks once a certain amount of OPP has been gained. However, unlike ordinary AP, only one OPP is gained every fifteenth level up – where the OPP list becomes available – and sometimes when completing certain high level quests (the higher the quest rank the greater chance of gaining OPP). In addition, OPP can also be used to enhance existing Ordinary Perks, too, the maximum level being five.

Special Perks and Special Perk Points

Special Perks are perks that are usually unique to the user such as bloodline limits like the Sharingan, Byakugan, or powerful passive abilities like the Gamer, Sun Pyromancer, Stormborn, or Water Master. Special Perks allow users to use blood related techniques or use common techniques in ways no one else but them can. Much like Ordinary Perks, Special Perks can change overtime and be lost depending on circumstances

Similar to Attribute Points, Special Perk Points, or SPP for short, are used to gain special perks – certain bloodline limits excluded – once a certain amount of SPP has been gained. However, unlike ordinary AP, only one SPP is gained every thirtieth level up – where the SPP list becomes available – and sometimes when completing certain high level quests (the higher the quest rank the greater chance of gaining SPP). In addition, SPP can also be used to enhance certain Special Perks, too, the maximum level being five.

Naruto was interrupted from his thoughts as a series of shuriken came sailing at him. Though he managed to dodge a few of them several still managed to cut his clothes and gave him a few cuts. It didn't stop there, however, as Naruto soon felt the unforgiving feel of cold iron pressed against his neck; its presence threatening to slice and spill his blood all over him and the roof he was on.

"Lesson number two about stealth, gaki: always be aware of your surroundings. You never know when someone else is sneaking up on you while you do the same," the familiar voice of Anko rang in his ears before he felt the kunai being removed.

Naruto had realized then and there that it was twice that Anko could have killed him if she so wished.

Twice she could have killed him without him realizing it. Naruto wasn't as dumb as many thought him to be. He knew that Jonin were skilled, as evidence when they managed to catch him in the past, but if this was the skill of a Jonin it made him realize that as he was in need of some serious grinding.

"Oh, and the reason why Umino was able to find you is because he's one of the few sensors we have," Anko informed him.


How Does He Bloody Do It?

Main Quest: Learn how Umino Iruka manages to catch you every time you've pulled a prank. (Accomplished)

Side Quest: Don't let Iruka figure out what you're doing. (Accomplished)

Total Rewards Earned

350 Exp + (350*10%) = 385 Exp

Naruto had to stop himself from jumping up and down at the completion of a quest, sure he hadn't gained a level yet but he was half way there.

"…You really need to stop spacing out like that, gaki. It's creepy, even for me," Naruto heard Anko say and before he could ask her what a sensor ninja was the kunoichi disappeared in a whirl of leaves. Never knowing that Anko knew his class mentor was a sensor the entire time. As he prepared to leave, Naruto noticed where Anko once stood was a kunai with a message penned to him.

"Don't forget, gaki, you owe me three pranks. If you try to weasel your way out, well, you'll see," Naruto gulped before noticing another line, "Ps. This message will self-destruct in twenty seconds … WHAT!" Naruto screamed but was too late to evade the explosion of smoke that enveloped him.

When the clouded finally cleared, Naruto found himself covered head to toe in girly pink paint. When he finally managed to get home, after passing by a still laughing landlord; Naruto began washing the substance off him. Upon finishing, the young ninja in training's red hot temper took hold the moment he spotted the characters for "Anko's little bitch" marked on his face.

"This means war! Nobody pranks the Prank King and gets away with it damn it!" Naruto vowed, all the while not knowing that Anko heard every word.

"Challenge accepted, gaki," she smirked.

Status Window

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Job: Academy Student

Level: 5 Next Level: 350/2800

HP: 1925

CP: 3275

STR: 9?

VIT: 57?

END: 81?

DEX: 16?

INT: 11

WIS: 8

CHA: 6

LUK: ?

DEF: 15

Attribute Points: 17

Now as you can see, I added the END attribute cuz people made since with the whole INT but Naruto not getting smarter thing. So, more chakra, but still not as smart. CHA was added because a person can be wise and intelligent but lack charisma, which plays a role in persuasive skills and influencing others into falling for a genjutsu. Yet, at least. I also added a couple more things and increased his level a bit higher than in the original. Enjoy!. Ps. the original story chapters have been posted under the story Original Version of Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer.