Chapter 2: Let's Level Up

"Soooo, bored," Naruto sighed as Iruka droned one of his infamously lengthy lectures. Naruto was certain they could cure a severe case of insomnia. Compared to what happened during the weekend – which was something Naruto was slowly coming to accept – this looked even more boring than usual.

Six days had passed since Naruto had met both Anko and discovered his new – if not weird as hell – ability. During that timeframe Naruto had decided to grind much of the skills he currently had as quickly as possible. Which, unfortunately, was easier said than done.

Despite their mastering speed rank, combat skills such as Taijutsu and Kunaijutsu levelled up more quickly in actual combat. Other skills such as the Observe ability, which was now at level four, levelled up just as quickly in any given situation. Naruto's Basic Academy Taijutsu and Basic Shurikenjutsu and Kunaijutsu, despite it taking him six days, had finally been mastered. The only problem was finding the scrolls to increase them further.

It was a school week and while he could ditch class to find the advanced scroll set, Iruka was starting to become much less lenient for tardiness and those who dozed off in class. Naruto guessed it was because this was their last year. By the time school ended, the shinobi in training spent much of his time preparing himself for his first dungeon. His browsing of the Gamer functions showed that his was high enough for him to enter dungeons. However, tempted as he was to go into a dungeon at the time, his current equipment and stats left much to be desired. Naruto needed to increase his stats and he needed money for better equipment.

Thanks to a few daily quests – low experience and imperceptible pay, but it stacked up in the end – and one of the pranks he owed Anko, his cash reserve and a few of those stats had gone up. Apparently a Chunin had bragged about how he had 'tamed' the Snake Charmer of Konoha. Naruto didn't know why the Tokubetsu Jonin decided to PG-13 it; he knew what sex was.

And while Anko did in fact sleep with him – the easy admittance took Naruto by surprise – the man had done such a bad job that she had thrown him out of her apartment with barely anything to cover his dignity. Anko soon regretted not being harsher. The Chunin had a silver tongue and was very convincing when it came to – in Anko's own words – spouting horrible bullshit.

Needless to say the Snake Mistress decided he deserved his due diligence and ordered Naruto to prank him and prank him hard. If the prank was good – and it had been in her humble opinion – Anko would give him a decent pittance.

For days Naruto followed the man like shadow until he managed to find out that the Chunin was going on a date with an attractive woman at a civilian hotspot. The stroke of luck made it all the easier. Unless a ninja was present, rarely did anyone in a non-shinobi restaurant notice him in a Henge. Through careful planning and ingenuity on his part, Naruto had managed to make the man look like a fool.

Instead of drinking water the man drank diluted vinegar, tasteless laxatives, and ghost pepper hot sauce. Naruto counted himself lucky that the cups they served were dark coloured. Not that he would notice since he was too focused on his date. The man ended up burning his whole mouth, spitting the contents onto his date – a good portion hitting her eyes and blinding her in the process – and shitting himself for everyone to see.

By the end of the night the man not only ruined his reputation and pants, but Naruto was pretty sure he wouldn't be going on dates for a long while. Heck, Anko told him that the man wasn't allowed back at the restaurant again. The only downside was that the restaurant was one of her friend's favourite places and it would be closed for cleaning for the next few days or so to get rid of the smell.

On the plus side doing what he did he during that week managed to increase stats. His Strength and Dexterity had gone up by a decent amount, while his Intelligence and Wisdom only went up by two each. It wasn't much but it was better than nothing. END and VIT stayed the same, as they were already pretty high.

"Okay, what should I increase?" Naruto pondered, barely listening to Iruka. "END and VIT are already pretty high and the perks will take care of em. LUK can be left alone cuz of that perk. Guess that leaves DEX, STR, INT, CHA and WIS."

Luckily for him DEX and STR could be increased through physical training, something Naruto enjoyed doing, and pretty quickly due to the amount of stamina he had. CHA was his lowest attribute but not all that crucial in his opinion. If anything he could probably increase it by coming up with better lies and practicing intimidation. WIS and INT were the opposite, regrettably. The latter was increased by performing smart decisions and by studying books, while the former, while similar, put greater emphasis on smart decisions and wise actions.

"INT it is then," Naruto nodded and placed all his AP into his INT. The action resulted in the meager number thirteen to increase to a decent thirty, "Status Window."

Status Window

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Job: Academy Student

Level: 5 Next Level: 2375/2800

HP: 1925

CP: 3275

STR: 14?

VIT: 57?

END: 81?

DEX: 22?

INT: 30

WIS: 10

CHA: 6

LUK: ?

DEF: 15

Attribute Points: 0

Naruto smirked at the improved numbers. With them he felt more comfortable entering a dungeon now. However, so focused was he on the screen that he was caught off guard by what came next.

"NARUTO!" Iruka shouted so loudly and suddenly at the blond that he fell out of his seat.

"Kuso!" Naruto cursed as his got back up. Sending a small glare at Iruka in the process. "What the hell was that for, Iruka-sensei?!"

"Language! And that was for daydreaming instead of paying attention in class," the academy instructor said.

"Was not!" he lied.

"Oh, really? Then you wouldn't mind telling me what I was talking about?" Iruka called him out.

Cut off guard, Naruto tried to recalling what today's lesson was about and hoped he was right when he answered, "Uh… we were talking about the Shodai?"

Iruka still frowned, "… Right, but what exactly about the Shodai was I talking about?"

"Uh…" to that Naruto had no answer.

"That's what I thought. I'll let it go this time but pay better attention," Iruka told him and then proceeded to go back to his lesson.

Your luck managed to hold out to help you avoid detention!

"Phew," Naruto was relieved at avoiding that mess. The last thing he needed was detention on a Friday or during the weekend. Those sucked. Naruto seriously had no idea why they were learning history. Sure, it was sometimes cool learning about who did what in the past, but each time Naruto though, "How the hell is this gonna help me become a better ninja and win a fight?"

Looking at the clock, Naruto saw that they only had five more minutes to go in history before their last class of the day, Dummy Training, began. To kill the boredom he began looking around the classroom.

"Observe," he muttered.

Status Window

Name: Haruno Sakura

Job: Academy Student

Level: 8 Next Level: 2865/5400

HP: 200

CP: 250

STR: 5

VIT: 8

END: 10

DEX: 15

INT: 56

WIS: 31

CHA: 15

LUK: 15

DEF: 10

Description: Haruno Sakura comes from a civilian family but is a very smart and talented academy student due to her near photographic memory and dedication. However, despite her intelligence, her physical conditioning is considered below average and her mindset is ill suited for a kunoichi in training. In addition, she possesses a short temper and can be easily riled up depending on the situation. She, like many of the girls in her class, has a crush on Uchiha Sasuke. Currently has the affections of one Uzumaki Naruto but has no intention of reciprocating them and finds him annoying.

"Ahh, man," Naruto whined at that last part. The blond really had no idea why Sakura and the rest of the girls found Sasuke so appealing. Sure he was a decent looking guy – something that he would ever admit it out loud though – but Naruto still didn't get why he got so much attention. Looking at him with his [Observe], Naruto was left shocked at what he saw.

Status Window

Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Job: Academy Student

Level: 11 Next Level: 2939/8800

HP: 650

CP: 725

STR: 19

VIT: 26

END: 29

DEX: 29

INT: 32

WIS: 23

CHA: 21

LUK: 10

DEF: 20

Description: Uchiha Sasuke comes from the famous Uchiha Clan, one of Konoha's founding clans and formerly one of the most powerful clans in the world. After the massacre of his family in one night, Sasuke became Konoha's last Uchiha. From that day on Sasuke's personality changed drastically, throwing himself into his training, and began closing himself off from others, becoming a lone wolf. Considered a prodigy by many like his brother before, Sasuke earning the title of Rookie of the Year is pretty much a given.

"Damn," Naruto felt sorry for Sasuke. Having a loving family and then having it taken away from you; Naruto didn't what was worse: growing up without a family, no memories of them, not knowing you were loved, or growing up with one only to lose all of them, going back home expecting to see them only to realize that they were gone and never coming back. It's still didn't give Sasuke the right to be a jerk, but Naruto understood him a little better.

"Ok, fine Sakura-chan and Sasuke-teme were always at the top of the class. Maybe it's just a coincidence," Naruto thought before looking at his other classmates.

Status Window

Name: Inuzuka Kiba

Job: Academy Student

Level: 8 Next Level: 4776/5400

HP: 550

CP: 575

STR: 20

VIT: 22

END: 23

DEX: 33

INT: 14

WIS: 9

CHA: 12

LUK: 17

DEF: 16

Description: Inuzuka Kiba comes from a clan that is renown for their use of ninken and unique fighting style in combat. Though young and hot-headed, and not the sharpest tool in the shed at times, Kiba is one of the best in Taijutsu, outmatched only by Sasuke, but is still one of the lower ranking students in academics.

Status Window

Name: Akamaru

Job: Ninken (Ninja Dog)

Level: 4 Next Level: 249/2100

HP: 175

CP: 150

STR: 3

VIT: 7

END: 6

DEX: 16

INT: 5

WIS: 5

CHA: 3

LUK: 14

DEF: 0

Description: A two year old ninja dog and Kiba's partner. Though young and appearing like a normal puppy Akamaru is quite intelligent for his age.

Status Window

Name: Yamanaka Ino

Job: Academy Student

Level: 8 Next Level: 3657/5400

HP: 275

CP: 400

STR: 6

VIT: 11

END: 16

DEX: 25

INT: 39

WIS: 27

CHA: 26

LUK: 13

DEF: 10

Description: Though not as intelligent as her rival, Sakura, Ino is still one of the top students at the academy. Ino is talented in her clan's teachings but due to her attitude and infatuation with Sasuke she isn't as far or as proficient as she should be. Ino is notorious for her gossip and fashion sense, very little happens in the academy that she doesn't know about.

Status Window

Name: Hyuga Hinata

Job: Academy Student

Level: 7 Next Level: 1490/4500

HP: 350

CP: 450

STR: 7

VIT: 14

END: 18

DEX: 25

INT: 37

WIS: 30

CHA: 11

LUK: 9

DEF: 10

Description: Hinata is a very kind but equally shy young girl who comes from not only one of Konoha's four noble clans but also one of the most powerful clans in the world. Despite being trained in the art of the Gentle Fist at a young age, a renown and deadly taijutsu, Hinata's skill is lacking for reasons currently unknown. While not one of the best students in terms of skill, Hinata is one of the more intelligent and hard working ones. While most of the girls in her class are infatuated with Sasuke, Hinata is attracted to someone else. Her love for cinnamon rolls is said to rival Uzumaki Naruto's love for ramen.

"You gotta be kidding me," Naruto – ignoring the pop up saying his Observe increased to level five – wanted to weep at the unfairness of it all. It was like someone slapping him in the face. As he continued to look, Naruto realized that virtually everyone in his entire class – excluding Kiba's pet – were three or four levels ahead of him. He was the lowest level student.

"Alright, that concludes today's history lesson. Head on out to the practice field and do your warm ups," Iruka announced much to everyone's excitement. Practice field training was easily one of the more popular of lessons at the academy.

Following a decent ten-minute warm up, Iruka told everyone to line up. "Alright, now before we begin physical training, I've decided to teach you a neat little trick. Today, I'm going to teach you all how to balance a leaf on your forehead."

The silence that soon followed was enough for many to hear a pin dropping two blocks over. Most of the students were left flabbergasted, many of their faces reflecting their emotions.

"You're kidding, right? What the hell kinda training is that?" Kiba asked with Akamaru agreeing with his master.

"Language!" Iruka chastised before taking a leaf, placing it on his forehead and to the surprise of everyone it didn't fall off. "Did I forget to mention that you'll be keeping it there with only your chakra?"

At the awe of the display, Iruka smirked. The act of doing this has been a long-standing tradition at the academy when the method was first introduced. Tell the students about a training exercise they thought was lame and then make it look cool and leave them dumbfounded. Jonin did it to their new team all the time.

"Now the concept is simple. What you do is focus your chakra to your forehead and onto the leaf to make it stick. Too little and the leaf will fall off, too much and the leaf will be blown away," Iruka explained as he began giving each of the students a leaf. "Now don't be surprised if some of you don't get this right away. It takes a while to get the hang of it. Begin."

One by one the students began the exercise while Iruka inwardly smirked at the cleverness of it all. It was true that this exercise was a way to teach students how to control their chakra more effectively. However, the true purpose of the exercise was actually to hone the individual's concentration and to keep their mind from becoming distracted. Many of the teachers told students that those who worked hard on this ability to concentrate can become excellent shinobi.

The last part was more or less a white lie really and more so of a motivator for students to give them confidence and strive for excellence. Though it sometimes backfired as some students had higher levels of chakra and couldn't accomplish it as fast as others.

Looking around Iruka wasn't surprised to see Ino, Sakura, and Hinata having little to no trouble with the technique. Both Ino and Hinata came from clans where chakra control was crucial, more so from the Hyuga Clan while Sakura had a natural talent for chakra control based off of her demonstrations of the basic academy three. Though Iruka suspected that her low levels of chakra also played a factor. They were still slightly higher than a regular civilian due to her father being a former Genin, but still low nonetheless.

Looking past them, Iruka saw that Shino and Sasuke, while not as good as the girls, were making some good progress. Sasuke was a prodigy so it came as no surprise. Shino he heard took to his clan's techniques like a fish took to water so like Sasuke the boy could be considered a prodigy in his own right. He was a less known one but a prodigy nonetheless.

When Iruka saw Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Naruto attempting it he was not surprised that they weren't faring that well compared to the others. Shikamaru he saw wasn't really trying and looked like he wanted to quit, Chouji he saw try for a bit before he adopted his friend's method, while Kiba looked constipated. Naruto, surprisingly, looked as though he was having the easiest time of the four. It wasn't great and crystal clear it would take him a while to master, but he was still better than the others, if only by a little. Iruka merely sighed at those four.

The four of them were easily the lower end tier students for good reasons. Shikamaru barely put any effort into anything except napping and cloud watching. Chouji was like Shikamaru only with more emphasis on food, while Naruto and Kiba were just dense. It was harsh but true. In terms of academics they were the lowest students and were only slightly above average in practical; Kiba more so due to his clan training. Between them most of the other students fared either well or not so well.

While Iruka continued to observe his students a certain blond prankster was snickering at the choice he made earlier, "Good thing I put those AP in my INT," Naruto wanted to cackle out loud.

While Naruto didn't take into account that they'd be learning a chakra control exercise today he was glad with his choice. His current perks made it so chakra control skills would be forty percent slower to learn than others. Even with his boost in INT Naruto knew that this still wasn't going to go as smoothly as he wanted. Skills like Chakra Control, Genjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu were all about finesse than brute force, which was something he lacked. To properly use and learn those types of skills he learned that his INT should be at least eighty percent equal of his current END. And Naruto's current INT was barely even sixty percent equal, which meant he would be struggling.

"Damn it!" Naruto cursed as the leaf fell off his head once more. Great as his perks were for END and VIT, they didn't do him any favors for this exercise. His chakra control sucked, as the leaf would either slip or be blown off his head.

|A special skill has been created through a special act!|

|By training to control your chakra you have learn the active ability [Leaf Concentration Practice Method] has been created!|

|Leaf Concentration Practice Method E-Rank: Lv 1. 14% to next Lv| Mastering Speed: D| The most basic form of chakra control methods, this skill allows the user to better control their chakra. Unlike other skills, chakra control skills only offer perks and boons upon completion. Uses 20 CP per minute.


Better Control

Main Quest: Level up the [Leaf Concentration Practice Method] by two by the end of the day.

Side Quest: Bring the Leaf Concentration Practice Method all the way up to level five or more by midnight.

Main Quest Completion: 350 EXP

Side Quest Completion: 150 EXP, +1 INT

Failure: 100 EXP

Accept? (Yes/No)

"Not gonna be easy but it's one step closer to levelling up," Naruto accepted the quest. The additional 500 EXP was a great welcome in his mind since it would be more than enough for him to level up. And it would help with his chakra control, which was another plus.

Naruto continued to complete the exercise for an hour long before Iruka told them to stop what they were doing. Naruto groaned as he only managed to bring it up to level two, it was definitely harder than it looked.

"Alright, everyone grab a kunai and shuriken set. You have twenty minutes to practice before the accuracy test starts," he announced while some of the students groaned.

"Crap!" Naruto realized that with all the grinding he had been doing during the weekend he completely forgot about the test. "Ok, come down. I levelled up my [Basic Shuriken and Kunai Techniques] to the max," he recalled.

God he loved Gamers Mind.

Opening up his Skill List Window, Naruto took a gander at the technique.

|Basic Shurikenjutsu and Kunaijutsu (Basic Shuriken Techniques and Kunai Techniques) D-Rank: Lv MAX| Skill Modifier: STR [E], DEX [D] A basic and essential skill that all ninja should know if they wish to call themselves true ninja. This skill allows the user to properly wield and throw both shuriken and kunai during and outside of combat. While most ninja master only the basic forms of these aspects some clans or ninja are known to utilize more advanced forms.

• Increases power of shuriken and kunai by 15% + (STR * .25) during combat

• Increases accuracy when thrown during combat by 35% + (DEX * .5)

• Increases accuracy when thrown outside of combat by 65% + (DEX * .5)

"Skill Modifier? What's that?" Naruto didn't recall seeing that tidbit of information on that skill before. He didn't have to wait long as his answer popped up seconds later.


Skills are crucial to any adventure, as without them life wouldn't be quite as easy. Skills can vary in terms of power and intended use; some are quite obvious while others you must rely on your imagination.

Skill/Item Modifier

Much like [Attributes], Skill/Item Modifiers play a critical role when it comes to helping an adventurer, this is especially so when it comes to the effectiveness and power of a skill or item used. However, not all skills or items, usually the lowest tier ones, have modifiers. In most cases, the higher the rank the likelier a modifier will be present. Some modifiers increase over time when said skill or item is upgraded or if another item upgrades it instead. And, in addition, some have more than one modifier. Modifiers are based on both a person's attributes and the ranking of the modifier. There are six skill modifier ranks in total: E to S.

S – Rank Modifier: Attribute * 3

A – Rank Modifier: Attribute * 2

B – Rank Modifier: Attribute * 1.5

C – Rank Modifier: Attribute * 1

D – Rank Modifier: Attribute * .50

E – Rank Modifier: Attribute * .25

"Talk about convenient," it certainly simplified things for him. Using the calculator of his ability, Naruto crunched the numbers and realized that with his current DEX amount, and the skill being at maximum, and the bonus that granted, it allowed him to hit targets with seventy-six percent accuracy. Not the greatest but not bad.


Ready, Aim, Fire!

Main Quest: Score at least 70% on the accuracy test.

Side Quest: Score 80% or higher on the accuracy test.

Second Side Quest: Score 90% or higher on the accuracy test.

Hidden Quest: ?

Main Quest Completion: 250 EXP

Side Quest Completion: 150 EXP, +100 Reputation [Iruka]

Second Side Quest Completion: 100 EXP, Acquire [Intermediate Shurikenjutsu and Kunaijutsu Skill Book]

Hidden Quest: ?, ?, ?

Failure: 100 EXP, -25 Reputation [Iruka]

(Quest is Mandatory)

"Naruto! Quite daydreaming and grab your set!" Iruka shouted at him.

Embarrassed Naruto quickly ran over to grab a set before a thought popped into his mind, "Observe."

Looking at the kunai and shuriken sets Naruto's suspicion was right when he saw quite a few with the [Poor Quality] rank. "Hey, Iruka-sensei, what's with these shuriken and kunai? They look off."

"Hmm? That can't be right," Iruka stated before testing them out himself. "You're right the balance and sharpness on some of these are off. The other group should have thrown them out. I'll have to inform the other students to be more careful when they organize them next time. Thanks, Naruto. In the meantime you can use my set."

|Hidden Quest Accomplished!|

For notifying Iruka about the poor kunai and shuriken, you gain an additional 75 Exp, 1 AP, and [?] upon completing the Main Quest!

"Hell yeah!" Naruto couldn't believe his luck that he managed accomplish the hidden objective without trying. Using Observe on his teacher's kunai set Naruto was pleasantly happy.

Chunin Issue Kunai and Shuriken Set – Uncommon Quality

Young or old, kunai and shuriken are a ninja's best friend. These kunai and shuriken are slightly a cut above in terms of weight and sharpness. So balanced are they that they allow one greater piercing, slashing and accuracy when used.

Attack Power: 17-22

Bonus Stats: + 15% Accuracy

Grinning like a fox at his incredible luck, Naruto set out to practice as much as he could before the test began. Already as he launched the kunai and shuriken did Naruto feel a difference. Instead of bouncing off like they usually would the kunai and shuriken stuck to the dummy and flew smoothly towards the target.

Adding his increased STR to the equation the tools were wedged in there pretty decently; his increased DEX also allowed him to hit the bull's-eye, or at least close to it, more frequently. As the blond continued to practice he didn't notice a set of narrowed eyes fixated on his form.

"How'd that demon notice the switch?" Mizuki made certain that the poor quality sets would be mixed amongst the ordinary ones and virtually indistinguishable to the untrained eye. It meant others wouldn't do as well either but so what if it meant it failing. Now the demon would most likely be getting a better grade in accuracy. The academy instructor would have to find some other way to hamper him.

"Hmm, what's that?" Naruto felt as though there . Looking around Naruto realized that could be anyone in particular.

|A special skill has been created through a special act!|

|Through the act of detecting hostile intentions towards you, you've gained the passive [Detect Bloodlust] skill!|

|Detect Bloodlust: Lv 1. 36% to Next Lv| Skill Modifier: WIS [D]. Mastering Speed: D| A skill that allows you to detect negative intent in the area around you. Current level does not allow you to pinpoint the exact location or who is causing it.

• Allows you to detect negative intent within 5 metres + (WIS * .5)

While Naruto appreciated the new skill the lack of accuracy it had ended up downplaying the whole thing. In the end, Naruto ignored it and focused on his practice. By the time the twenty minutes were up, Naruto was feeling very confident. As he watched the students go by one by one, Naruto wasn't surprised that Sasuke had once more gotten perfect with both portions of the test. Ever since the start of the academy Sasuke had been able of doing it. "Lucky teme," Naruto frowned.

"Uzumaki Naruto! You're up," Iruka announced. "First is the Kunai Accuracy Test, you have five shots. Make them count."

Looking at the targets Naruto smirked before taking aim and then shooting the kunai at them one by one. To the surprise of others, Naruto struck home on all five.

"A perfect five. Well done, Naruto. You've been practicing, I see," Iruka congratulated. "Now for the Shuriken Accuracy Test. This time you have ten shots."

At this Naruto began to worry a bit. The shuriken test was harder due to the fact it was not only had a smaller hit zone but also because the shuriken curved unlike the kunai which could only travel linearly. Shaking it off Naruto took his place, breathed in and out, took aim, and fired the metal stars one by one. The first four hit home, the fifth unfortunately missed and the eighth nearly did the same thing, but luckily the others struck home once more.

"Well, congratulations, Naruto, you passed with ninety-three percent accuracy," Naruto jumped for joy, screaming at the top of his lungs while many looked on perplexed.

While it wasn't uncommon to see anyone other than Sasuke get a perfect on the kunai portion, it was the easiest one, but the fact that Naruto, the bottom student, managed to do nearly the same surprised them. If one included the fact that Naruto just managed to pass the Accuracy Test with a ninety-three percent the whole thing was baffling. Some wanted to say he cheated, some did, but others realized how was it possible to cheat at this. Eventually the majority of them thought the incident as nothing more than a stroke of random luck.


Ready, Aim, Fire!

Main Quest: Score at least 70% on the accuracy test. (Accomplished)

Side Quest: Score 80% or higher on the accuracy test. (Accomplished)

Second Side Quest: Score 90% or higher on the accuracy test. (Accomplished)

Hidden Quest: Discover the poor grade kunai and shuriken. (Accomplished)

Total Rewards Earned:

+575 Exp (575*10%) = 632.5 Exp, +100 Reputation [Iruka], [Intermediate Shurikenjutsu and Kunaijutsu Skill Book], Chunin Issue Kunai and Shuriken Set, +1 AP

|Congratulations! Your level has increased by one!|

Status Window

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Job: Academy Student

Level: 6 Next Level: 207.5/3600

HP: 1925 ~ 2275

CP: 3275 ~ 3900

STR: 14? ~ 14

VIT: 57? ~ 67

END: 81? ~ 96

DEX: 22? ~ 23

INT: 30 ~ 30

WIS: 10 ~ 10

CHA: 6

LUK: ? ~ ?

DEF: 15 ~ 15

Attribute Points: 4


|You have now learned the [Instant Dungeon Creation] and [Instant Dungeon Escape] skills!|

|Instant Dungeon Creation: Lv 1. 0% to Next Lv| Mastering Speed: E| Allows you to create and enter and add effects to illusion barrier based dungeons as well as affect other dungeons. At your current level you're limited to only entering and exiting an Instant Dungeon at any time but can do so almost anywhere.

If possible Naruto's grin got even wider. It was one thing being able to enter a dungeon – his prior level was already high enough – but creating one was another matter altogether. Nothing was gonna bring him down from this high.

"Ok, everyone now it's time for the written portion of the test. Remember this is worth fifty percent, while the physical portion is the remaining percentage," Iruka announced.

Well, that would do it. And it got many to thunderously shout, "WHAT!" at the man.

"Just kidding," Iruka laughed as he saw the look on their faces. That one never got old in his mind.

"Not funny, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto fumed and vowed to get him back later. Though when a quest alert popped up and informed him such a quest would lower his reputation with the instructor Naruto decided not to do it and declined.

"All right, everyone that's it for this week have a nice weekend," many of them cheered and whooped as they left the academy.

"Here's your set back, Iruka-sensei," Naruto held the pouch.

Iruka however merely smiled, "Keep it. Consider it a reward for your hard work. It looks like you've been working hard. I have spares anyway. Just try to be careful with them alright."

Naruto merely grinned before equipping the set. As he was about to head towards his favourite ramen stand Naruto remembered that his Observe ability had gone up and decided to test it out. He instantly regretted the action moments later. From there the Status Window of Iruka stretched on and on to the point it began to show the man's best skills and other information that Naruto didn't wish to know.

"Ok, that a lot of info. Let's see if I can compress it somehow. Ah, here we go," Naruto said as he looked at the box before. While he liked his "Observe" ability the amount of information shown was too much for him. Luckily there was a check box for each category that was shown. "Ok, only show equipment and skills when asked," he checked off before looking it over again. "Much better."

Status Window

Name: Umino Iruka

Job: Chunin Ninja

Level: 29 Next Level: 14347/36,300

HP: 2200

CP: 1525

STR: 55

VIT: 83

END: 61

DEX: 66

INT: 104

WIS: 99

CHA: 79

LUK: 30

Defence: 55



Special Perks:





Academy Chunin Teacher: +1 INT, CHA & WIS Per Lv, +20% EXP & Effectiveness towards Mentoring Skill, +20% EXP gains towards quests and enemies slain (only for character level up), Gain 20 AP a year you hold this title

Journeyman Ninja Sensor: +3 WIS & +2 INT per Lv, +65% EXP & Effectiveness towards Detect Presence Skill, Detect Bloodlust Skill, and Tracking Skill

Naruto had to admit that Iruka-sensei was stronger than he originally thought and the Sensor specialization he had explained a lot, especially from what Anko told him. Shrugging it off for now, Naruto focused his attention elsewhere and decided to take the opportunity to go to Ichiraku Ramen to see Teuchi-oyaji and Ayame. It had been a while since he managed to get some ramen from the stand and today was a special occasion.

"Oi, Teuchi-ossan! One extra large bowl of pork ramen!" Naruto announced upon arrival.

"Extra large, huh? What's the special occasion?" the man asked as he and Ayame began preparing the dish.

"It's not a prank is?" Ayame eyed him and Naruto started becoming nervous. Few people scared him and an angry Ayame was one of them. And even then he'd rather face her while angry than when she was disappointed.

"What? No! I passed my accuracy test today with a ninety. Here look, Iruka-sensei gave this as a gift."

"Wow, a ninety… Alright who are you and what have you done with the real, Uzumaki Naruto?" Teuchi asked.


"Just kidding, kiddo," Teuchi chuckled as he and Ayame continued making the dish, "Here you go. This one's on the house."

"Yatta!" Naruto couldn't believe his luck today. Muttering a quick prayer, Naruto began devouring the ramen bowl with gusto.

"Yep. That's Naruto," if there was any doubt of him being their best customer it was gone now.

Looking at his ramen, and savouring the amazing taste, too, Naruto decided to test out a theory, "Ohbsvre."

"No talking with your mouth full," Ayame threatened him with a ladle.


"What did I just say?!" she conked him.

"Ow!" he groaned before focusing on the ramen.

Extra Large Ichiraku Ramen – Pork

Restores 550 HP and 100CP.

Status Effects: Well-Fed, Unhealthy

Description: Famous Ichiraku ramen made by ramen chef Teuchi. Though a delicious meal and healthier than most ramen it's still not healthy due to the high amount of sodium, carbohydrates, and a great lack of other essential nutrients, not recommended to eat multiple portions.

Using Observe on the Unhealthy status effect Naruto wished he hadn't afterwards.


Gained from foods that lack the essential nutrients needed in order to live properly and support a healthy growth. Occasionally acceptable to eat but when eaten repeatedly and in great quantities over a long period of time without eaten other essential foods, it has a chance of giving the [Malnourished] debuff.

"And like that my good mood is gone," Naruto solemnly thought; it explained the Malnourished debuff he had. Ignorance was bliss many had said and right now Naruto wished he hadn't done what he did. It didn't ruin ramen for him. Hell would freeze over before that ever happened. However, it did make him realize that if he was ever going to get rid of that status effect he'd have to start eating better.

"Great. Now I have to start eating veggies," he grimaced. Vegetables were easily his most disliked food group. It was basically like eating hay, "But if I wanna get stronger, I have to eat less ramen. Well, this freakin sucks!"

However, this presented him with another challenge, "Who can I get to teach me?"

As it was his Cooking skill was basic and only allowed him to make simple stuff. Cooking an egg and boiling rice were no problem because that was like the basic of the basics. Other stuff he would need help to make. He also didn't have that much money and only got a biweekly stipend of two thousand ryo for groceries and sometimes clothes and gear. Luckily Konoha's Orphan Support Act paid for his rent until he became a Genin.

Looking at both Teuchi and Ayame, Naruto used Observe on them to see if either one could teach him.

Status Window

Name: Ichiraku Ayame

Job: Cook

Level: 14 Next Level: 2489/12,300

HP: 425

CP: 200

STR: 8

VIT: 17

END: 8

DEX: 10

INT: 42

WIS: 29

CHA: 38

LUK: 10

Defense: 5



Special Perks:





Sous Chef: +50% EXP, Speed & Effectiveness towards Cooking Skill

"Ok, Ayame-neechan is a maybe. Now let's see… what the!"

Status Window

Name: Ichiraku Teuchi

Job: Head Cook

Level: ?

HP: ?

CP: ?

STR: ?

VIT: ?

END: ?

DEX: ?

INT: ?

WIS: ?

CHA: ?

LUK: ?

Defense: ?



Special Perks:






"Naruto-kun, you ok?" Ayame asked as she saw his dazed looked.

"Huh? Oh, fine, Ayame-neechan," Naruto smiled.

"Naruto, I know you long enough to know when you're lying," Ayame said knowingly.

"…Crap," Naruto knew he was busted. It was something Ayame instinctively knew about him.

"Spill," she commanded.

"I … I wanna know how to make things," it wasn't a total lie really but Naruto wasn't ready to tell anyone about his ability yet. The fact that he couldn't see Teuchi's stats and perks meant there was more to him than just being a ramen chef.

"… That's it? Why didn't you say so before?" she asked.

"Embarrassed," he mumbled. "Will you teach me?"

Sadly Ayame shook her head, "Sorry, Naruto-kun. Dad and I have our hands full managing the shop. We don't have the time. Sorry," she sincerely apologized. Naruto was disappointed. Understanding and nodded all the same, but disappointed still.

"Looks like I gotta find someone else," much easier said than done.

"However… wait right here," Ayame left momentarily before coming back three minutes later with a book, a bag, and a rolled up bag. "Here. It's not much but it'll help you get started. This cooking book is what dad gave me when I began learning how to cook some of the more advance of the basic dishes. I've even stuffed the bag with a few ingredients and my old knife set to help you get started. The knives are old but well kept and I added a whetstone and book on how to maintain em."

"Really! Thanks, neechan!" Naruto hugged the adolescent brunette.

After a few more bowls, he could have eaten more but Ayame cut him off, and 890 ryo less; Naruto left his favorite ramen stand and headed on home. He did have a quest to accomplish before the day was over.

(Naruto's Apartment Next Day: 8:47AM)

|You have slept in a bed. Your HP and CP have full recovered.|

"Ugh," a half awake Naruto groaned as he stirred in his bed. Naruto would honestly say he was shocked that it had only taken him a night's rest for him to regain all his HP and CP. In fact Naruto realized that he usually still felt slightly sore or tired the very next day but now he didn't feel it, especially after what he managed to accomplish last night.

It had taken him quite some time, difficulty, and mental strain, but he finally managed to get his Leaf Concentration Practice Method all the way to level 5. He almost didn't during the last hour and needed to eat almost all his ramen stash to restore his CP. In the end it was worth it too as he gained an additional three INT for practicing chakra control.

Muttered something unintelligible, Naruto proceeded to go to the bathroom and take a shower. Ten minutes later he came out and put on some clothes before he proceeded to the kitchen to make breakfast. "Oh, right. My ramen's almost gone."

Spotting the book Ayame had left him Naruto decided that now was as good a time as any to start learning. As he picked up the book something occurred that he didn't expect.

|Would you like to learn the [Basic Breakfast Cooking Recipes]?|


Thinking nothing of it, even if it was slightly weird, Naruto pressed on the "YES" and watched as the book flashed and disintegrated into a multitude of light particles. Suddenly, Naruto felt a rush flow through his head before several windows popped up in front of him. While he ignored most of them, one came up that intrigued him the most.

Skill Books and Scrolls

Much like some skills can be learned by being taught by instructors and teachers, other skills can also be learned through scrolls or books such as recipes, or forgotten techniques. Whenever you learn from a book or scroll the item in question is destroyed in the process. Make certain that you make a copy of its contents first if possible as it may be irreplaceable.

Note: Scrolls and books based on theory cannot be learned. Some contents from scrolls or books can only be learned when you meet the proper requirements such as stats, lineage, gender, etc.

"Huh, guess that means I'll have to be careful on what I learn," Naruto didn't need to worry or focus too much on it at the moment though as he was still on the Basic Academy Taijutsu.

As Naruto was about to get start on his latest quest he recalled the other book Ayame had left him and like before the book evaporated into particles of light.

You learned the [Equipment/Gear Handling] skill!|

|Equipment/Gear Handling: Lv 1. 0% to Next Lv| Mastering Speed: C| Allows you to properly maintain and repair your gear and equipment. The effectiveness of the skill is enhanced through the use of certain items such as whetstones. Current level does not allow you to repair [Broken] or [Damaged] equipment and gear. Current level only allows you to maintain and repair [Poor] and [Common] rank equipment.

• Restores 3 points of durability to equipment and gear.

• Each repair increases durability depreciation rate by 10% [Cannot be changed for most equipment and gear]

• Each repair decreases maximum durability by 10% of its original value [Cannot be changed for most equipment and gear]

Naruto had to admit it wasn't the greatest skill in his repertoire at the moment. As overpowered as this skill was appearing to be it was clear some elements still operated within the bounds of reality.

But the ninja in training cast that aside for now and finished his breakfast, which while not as tasty as ramen wasn't half bad really. Looking at his newfound skills Naruto took some time to go over them.


Dungeons are places filled with foes, treasure and other resources needed to improve the life of any adventurer. By defeating enemies one gains experience that allows them to level up and acquire items that can potentially make life easier for them down the line. Conquering a dungeon, which is done by defeating every foe in it, is the ultimate goal due to its benefits. Currently there are three types of dungeons: [Natural], [Event] and [Instant Creation]. Dungeons can only be accessed after reaching level five

Natural Dungeons

Natural dungeons are dungeons that have naturally occurred in nature due to powerful chakra lingering and affecting the area. They can only be accessed by physically going to them and some can only be accessed at a certain level and/or if you possess a specific skill or group. Once entered a person cannot leave until it is conquered without facing varying consequences. Conquering them allows you to re-enter them at a higher difficulty to earn more EXP and increases the chance of encountering [Rare Spawns], but item and money drops along with penalties for exiting without defeating the boss generally stay the same. Conquering a Natural dungeon requires one to wait a full twenty-four hours before re-entering said dungeon regardless of IDC Skill level. After being conquered several times a Natural dungeon can have its time-flow manipulated. The time flow of Natural Dungeons, however, can be manipulated even if it was never conquered if one's IDC Skill is high enough.

Event Dungeons

Event dungeons are created due to situational circumstances that occur outside your control and are usually accompanied by a mandatory quest. Unlike its Natural and Creation counterparts, Event dungeons cannot have their time flow manipulated no matter how high your IDC level, are only active for a select amount of time, and can have a myriad of different types of foes and items instead of a single kind. As they are generally a one-time occurrence, upon completion of an Event dungeon's quest said dungeon will disappear forever.

Creation Dungeons

Creation dungeons are the most flexible and largest of all the three dungeon types, as they can be used and accessed practically anytime and anywhere by the creator. However, once conquered one for the first time, and after increasing the [Instant Dungeon Creation Skill] to a certain level, the dungeon can be manipulated to add more foes, stronger ones, combine existing dungeons, and affect its time flow. Unlike Event and Natural dungeons, adventurers can enter and exit a Creation dungeon at anytime without fear of consequences. However, due to its extremely large size and the amount of foes, conquering them is a slow process, especially for first timers. While there is no time limit for entering and exiting a creation, regardless of IDC Skill level, once a foe has been defeated, it will take approximately a full day for them to respawn.

"Better get my stuff ready," Naruto muttered and gathered up what he'd need.

The whole process of getting all of the things he needed took Naruto a little over an hour before he was ready. During that timeframe Naruto had equipped his new Chunin Issue Kunai and Shuriken Set and sharpened them, and also prepared a few more dishes to restore his HP and CP whenever he got the chance. Nodding, Naruto knew it was now or never. Getting out of his apartment, the blonde went into an alley and called out, "Instant Dungeon Creation!"

The experience was one Naruto would never forget as the world around him flashed a bright white color and the next he saw red. Scarlet red.

Thinking about it, Naruto had to say it was the most accurate description he could come up with. Gone was the blue sky with wisps of white clouds and gone were the clean and well kept buildings. In their place was a dark and dreary place with a black and red sky, cracked buildings that looked like they were falling apart, some of which were ablaze. It was as if Konoha had gone at war and lost and was badly damaged as a result

"Ok, was not expecting this," Naruto had to admit this was a little unsettling. The whole place reminded him of a few of the undead levels he played in video games; the one with ghost and zombies. At that he shuddered.

Zombies Naruto could deal with no problem, ghosts on the other hand Naruto would freely admit he was scared shitless about them. Not only were they incorporeal, which meant trying to harm them was almost impossible, but they followed you everywhere.

"Please don't let there be ghosts," Naruto hoped his luck would hold out as he carefully made his way through the alley.

"Mweooaoarr!" was all Naruto managed to hear as he rounded a corner, the sudden sound of a trashcan being knocked over by the black cat that ran off who knows where scared the living daylights out him. "Stupid cat! You better hope I don't find and learn a recipe with you as an ingredient!"

As he was about to continue on, Naruto spotted something of potential use, "Observe!"

Discarded Pipe – Common Quality

Blunt Weapon

Item Modifier Rank: STR [E]

Durability 34/40

A discarded pipe commonly used for plumbing or other forms of waterworks. Though there's nothing extraordinary about this item it's surprisingly durable and can be used a weapon. Has decent length and is fairly balanced.

Attack Power: 13–17 + (14STR * .25) = 16.5 –20.5

Usage Requirement: 10 STR

"Well, it's not a sword but it's better than nothing. Welcome to the team… I'm so glad nobody saw me talking to a pipe," he muttered and grabbed the unorthodox weapon. Then again, Naruto had never been a conservative of fighters. If it worked it was good enough for him.



"Ughhharrggh," the voice continued to groan.

Turning on the spot, Naruto saw the dungeon's first enemy, "Oh, thank you, Kami, for giving me a zombie dungeon," better them than ghosts.

Getting a better look at it the animated corpse with his Observe he had to admit he wasn't all that impressed.

Civilian Zombie – Lv 3

HP: 125

CP: 0

STR: 21

VIT: 5

DEX: 3

END: 14

INT: 0

WIS: 0

CHA: 3

LUK: 0 (You're dead. Your luck sucks.)

Defense: 7



Special Perks:



Undead Being: [Ignore Pain], Immune to poisons, mental attacks, and negative psychological afflictions, +30% tolerance towards bladed weapons and Taijutsu


Walking Corpse: LUK, INT, WIS are non-existent, CP is always zero regardless of END, -30% tolerance towards blunt weapons, fire weapons, and fire skills

? : ?

Description: A regular zombie with nothing extraordinary about it but it can be troublesome if you encounter them in large groups. Some say that they are restless spirits inhabitant corpses; others say they are the bi-product of an experiment gone wrong.

Exp Earned: 55 + [10%] = 60.5 EXP

Drops: ?, ?, ?

"Good thing I found this little beauty then," Naruto held his 'weapon' more confidently now. Jumping at the zombie with the pipe held high, Naruto swung it down with all his might onto the creature's head and managed knocked it down.


|For performing an intelligent action your INT has increased by 1!|

"Well, duh," it didn't take a genius to know the head was an obvious weak point. But he didn't focus on that and continued to strike at the undead creature with all he had. It only took him two more hits before it finally evaporated into a series of blue particles.

|A special skill has been created through a special act!|

|By relentless beating enemy with a blunt object you've gained the passive [Basic Blunt Weapon Mastery] skill!|

|Basic Blunt Weapons Mastery. Lv 1. 48% to Next Lv| Skill Modifier: STR [D] Mastering Speed: B| A skill that allows you to use and learn basic bludgeon related techniques and fighting style as well as use certain bludgeon weapons. Upgrading the skill's rank will allow you to learn more advanced techniques and fighting styles.

• Passively increases the power of blunt weapons by 11%

• Passively increases the striking speed of blunt weapons by 1%

• Passively increases the critical hit rate of blunt weapons by 1%

"Oh, this just got easier," Naruto commented before he saw another zombie making its way towards him. Striking at it with his pipe once it got close, Naruto had to duck

a strike that would have taken a decent amount of health off him. The young blond soon followed up with a strike at its knees, making a resounded crunch that made it fall down like a sack of potatoes. From there Naruto bashed its head in before it finally disappeared.

"Alright, who's … next?" Naruto was left agape at the sight before him. For where the zombie once stood was now a small wad of cash, 130 ryo to be exact.

"This can't be real… can it?" he wondered before taking out a small bill from Gama-chan and compared to two bill notes. To his amazement they were the same with the exception of the zombie dropped one looking newer, almost as if it was recently printed.

"Guess that takes cares of my cash problem. Wonder what else I'll get from these guys?" he grinned at the prospect.

Naruto proceeded to kill five more zombies, gaining more money in the process – as well as an item called [Zombie Rib] for some reason – as he made his way out of the alley before he spotted an ignorant undead. Deciding to take advantage of its lack of noticing him, Naruto stayed to the shadows and brought himself up to a vantage point. Taking a small piece of broken brick, Naruto tossed it a few feet away from the zombie in the opposite direction.

Fortunately the tactic worked and the undead being headed in the direction of the sound. Leaping at it Naruto struck it on the head much like he did the last one knocking it down and sending it sprawling away. Before he could finish it off the zombie disintegrated into nothing.

|A special skill has been created through a special act!|

|By taking advantage of an unsuspecting enemy and striking while they are off-guard, you've gained the active Kagekoku (Shadow Strike) skill!|

Kagekoku (Shadow Strike) D-Rank: Lv 1. 22% to Next Lv| Skill Modifier: DEX [D], STR [D]. A skill where the user strikes at an unsuspecting enemy with no time for them to defend. Must be hidden to use.

• Increases the power of weapons by 51% * + (STR * .50)

• Increases critical hit rate of weapons by 11% + (DEX * .50)

• Using blunt weapons increases chance of causing the [Concussion] status effect by 11% + (STR * .50)

• Using bladed weapons increases chance of causing the [Bleeding] status by 11% + (DEX * .50)

"I love this Gamer ability," Naruto grinned before he felt himself being hit in the back and sent tumbling down the street. "Ow," Naruto groaned as he got up. "Alright, whose the dead undead asshole!?"

Spotting a few zombies in front of him, Naruto charged at them and swung his pipe at the closest one, knocking it aside, before using his momentum to strike at the other one and sending it sprawling into another other zombie. As he moved in to cave in their skulls, Naruto felt pain in his leg and saw a downed zombie had bitten him, "Oww! Let go!" Naruto struck its back before he felt pain in his arm, "You've gotta be shitting me!" he cursed as another zombie bit into him.

Striking at the one biting his leg Naruto was happy to see it evaporated before he focused his attention on the one biting him. Using his pipe, Naruto swung at its leg, hoping the strike would force it to let go.

It didn't.

"God damn!" Naruto was beginning to worry as he had already lost almost 200 HP. The sneak attack from both zombies, their surprising strength, and his lack of proper armor didn't help him either. He needed to get out of his current situation and quick as he saw the other two zombies getting up and making their way towards him.

Smashing his pipe into the creature's head, Naruto managed to wriggle free from its teeth before it grabbed him by the arm. The suddenness of it all making him drop his weapon. Already he could feel the undead being's greater strength drag him back and Naruto knew that without his weapon he'd be toast. Grabbing on a wooden frame Naruto cursed as the rotten wood splintered off from the burning building. Thinking it was better than nothing, he jabbed the burning piece of wood into the zombie's eye and watched as it became wreathed with flames and flayed in agony.

|Congratulations! Through a special act you've discovered and unlocked the hidden weakness of zombies! [Burning Agony]!|

"What the?" Naruto could only watch as the zombie began wildly flailing and barrelling into the other zombies in the process; its actions setting them alight as well.

|Burning Agony|

Regardless of victim's perks all fire skills/weapons have a 75% chance of causing [Hysteria] status effect unto holder when suffering from [Burning] status effect, [Burning] status effect last 15 seconds longer and gains additional 3% HP loss per 3 seconds, Chances of landing Critical Hits increased by 30%, DEF decreases by 15

"Wow. Sucks being these guys," Naruto would have pitied them had they not tried eating him. Looking at the the still burning corpses Naruto watched as two of them disintegrate into nothingness, while another one's head went flying from its shoulders as he swung his pipe.

"Oh, damn. That was too fucking close," Naruto cursed. Collecting a little over 600 ryo from the zombies, Naruto suddenly heard a groaning sound from behind. Swiftly turning around, he spotted a not so welcoming sight.

Staring in front of him was a horde of undead, some of which were a level higher and carried weapons such as pipes, wooden clubs, even axes. "Oh, shit balls."

Omake: Alternate Accuracy Test Ending

"Well congratulations, Naruto, you passed with over 90% accuracy," Naruto jumped for joy, screaming at the top of his lungs while many looked on perplexed.

"Ok, everyone, now it's time for the written portion of the test. Remember, this is worth 50% while the accuracy portion is the remaining percentage."


Needless to say Naruto got a big fat zero on his test, falling the whole test with a 40%. His reputation with Iruka went down by a hundred as a result.


On the plus side it was still the highest mark he had in his school year… actually in all his school years at the academy.


Make me you little… Hey! Quit throwing those kunai at me. Don't make me get Anko on your ass!

"She doesn't scare me," Naruto boasted.

(Author writes something in the story) Oh, good she's right behind you, and she heard everything. Enjoy.

"Eh?" was Naruto's only intelligent response before he felt a hand tighten around his shoulder.

"So… you're not scared of me, huh? We'll have to fix that, gaki," Anko grinned sadistically.

"Eep!" Naruto squealed as he was being dragged away, much to the confusion of the students while getting the sympathy of those who knew Anko.

(One torture session later)

So you were saying.

"… I'll be good," a shaken up Naruto spoke.

Damn straight. Bitch.

Sorry this took longer than expected. I just got a new job four hours away from family, sad I know, but pays very well. It's my first time working shifts so my new life routine has been quite an adjustment these last three weeks. Here ya go.