Shego swept Kim into a tight embrace, dipping her head and kissing her captive without gentleness. They stumbled backwards towards the toppled pile of crates, fingers seeking and finding bare skin. Their mouths moved harshly against each other, fighting for dominance, but eventually, Kim let Shego have her way. The redhead gasped as Shego nipped at her lower lip, capturing it between her teeth and tugging, bracing Kim against one of the overturned boxes.

Placing a hand behind her for balance, Kim barely had time to clutch at a corner of the crate before an insistent hand cupped between her legs, grazing through her wetness. Her pelvis jerked forward wantonly, seeking a firmer touch. She tried and failed to keep quiet, biting down on the inside of her cheek until her eyes stung, but Shego knew just how to touch her, just how to coax soft sounds of pleasure from between her lips.

The villainess pressed herself against the thin, tightly coiled body in front of her, letting a sigh of her own escape as bellies and breasts slid together. There was nothing quite like turning the tables and dominating the woman that so frequently bested her... even if Shego did limit the use of her powers during most of their fights. But that didn't mean she had to ignore them now.

Half-closing her eyes, Shego felt her hand begin to buzz with energy, glowing with a pale green light as she stroked Kim's inner thigh, teasing by avoiding the place where her lover desperately wanted to be touched.

Kim gasped when she felt two insistent fingers swirling against her entrance, and she deliberately looked away so that she wouldn't have to see Shego's face. The moment was too raw, too intimate. She didn't want to pretend she was with anyone else – couldn't pretend, especially with the pleasant, familiar charge of Shego's hand – but she couldn't give her adversary the final victory so easily. She wouldn't look, not until Shego forced her.

Shego laughed into the pale throat that she was covering with kisses and firm bites. "So stubborn," she said, feeling Kim's body stiffen against hers. She wasn't disappointed. Kim's subtle resistance was merely a challenge. She continued dragging her fingers back and forth, back and forth, tracing circular patterns that made the muscles in Kim's thighs twitch. The redhead felt an answering twitch deep inside of her, but tried not to seem too needy. "And so wet..."

Frustrated by Shego's cocky attitude, Kim hooked her knee around her enemy's waist and crushed their hips together, seeking the penetration that Shego refused to give. "Take me. Now."

Normally, Shego would have been more than pleased with those words, but they were a harsh command, not the plea that she wanted. "Ask nicely, Princess."

There was a pause, a silent battle of wills. Finally, Kim submitted. This was one fight she was secretly happy to lose. "Please..."

Her breath hitched as the two fingers that had been tormenting her suddenly curled upwards, thrusting inside hard and deep. She relished the stretch, the harsh burn, the electricity that only came with Shego's touch. The box thumped when Shego established a rhythm, scraping against the floor of the warehouse as Kim's hips were driven against it over and over again. Dark lips latched onto her collarbone, sucking greedily while Kim's left hand, the one that wasn't bracing them against the crate, clutched at Shego's shoulder. She made sure to let her nails bite into her lover's green-tinted skin, wanting to share some of the pain, some of the pleasure.

Even though she was the one trying to make Kim Possible unravel, Shego couldn't help losing herself a little in the moment. All of the sensations filtering in made her head spin. The quivering heat around her fingers, the slickness, the softness, it was a side of Kim that no one else had the privilege of seeing. When the younger woman's hips began rolling in counterpoint to her heavy thrusts, Shego pressed their bodies even closer, wanting to limit Kim's movement and take complete control of the tempo.

The redhead didn't object to being pinned. Instead, the leg that was wrapped around Shego's waist locked them in place. Kim knew that she wouldn't be able to handle the rough pace of Shego's thrusts for very long, and so she arched her back, taking her fingers deeper inside.

"Getting close," she panted, not sure if she was straining towards orgasm or trying to stave off her climax. She knew that her body would be screaming in the morning from Shego's rough treatment, but right now, it felt so incredibly good. Her cargo pants would cover the bruises on the backs of her thighs.

Even though the sight before her was absolutely breathtaking – watching her own fingers slipping hungrily in and out of Kim Possible, their breasts crushed together, the pale flesh of Kim's neck marred by a string of red love bites – Shego felt that there was something lacking. A piece of the puzzle was missing. "Look at me."

"I hate you."

Shego wasn't offended. It had almost become a phrase of affection in the past few months. "Look at me."

Kim turned towards Shego as her orgasm broke over both of them in a series of shivers and clutching, pulsing waves. Their eyes locked. Shego looked down at her captive with a predatory smirk as Kim's mouth fell open in a scream that only partially resembled her name. The heroine's hips shook, and then her entire body slumped towards the floor, sliding against Shego's and making both of them moan at the sensation.

Shego adjusted her grip, making sure not to let her dazed lover fall. She placed a kiss in the center of Kim's forehead, trailing down cheek, and finally stopping at her lips, nibbling at them almost affectionately.

When the kiss ended, Kim let out a choked moan, cutting it off as quickly as she could by biting down on her fist as her lover began to pull away. She instinctively locked her knee around Shego's waist, digging her heel into the small of Shego's back to hold her in place, knowing that if she didn't prevent the villainess from leaving, she would disappear in a matter of seconds. "No," Kim said sternly, using a tone of voice that let Shego know she wasn't going anywhere. It was all right, Shego thought as she rested her forehead against the young hero's. She couldn't think of any better places to be than inside of a very satisfied, but not yet sated, Kim Possible.