His fingers grip strong shoulders, nails biting into skin and leaving crescent shaped marks in their wake. Jarek's hands are on his waist, their grip unrelenting, bruising, bruises that days from now will be starting to fade, a stark reminder of what they're doing now.

The metal frame creaks in protest, knocking against the wall in a way that makes Caleb so, so glad that they're not doing this in his apartment, not where the neighbours can hear, not where they can be interrupted.

Sweat winds its way down his back, over his spine, down his temples. The space between them is hot, too hot, but he's not stopping for anything.

Lips lick and suck and bite a burning trail over Caleb's collar bone, up his neck, until they finally meet his mouth, claiming him in so many ways and he gives back as good as he gets.

His thighs are burning as he lifts himself up, over and over again, only to press back down desperately, Jarek's cock filling him up, making heat and lust and need curl at the base of his spine, all those things he tried so hard to avoid.

Sparks shoot up his spine and Caleb pulls a hand off of Jarek's shoulder to wrap around his cock, jacking himself, trying to get off, to come. He pants against Jarek's lips, feels Jarek's breath against his own, hot and sour from the morning and moans as the cock inside of him hits something perfect.

"Shit, kid." The words are hoarse, and Caleb's suddenly being rolled onto the bed, flat on his back and bent in half as Jarek grips his hips even tighter and pounds into his ass. All he can do is moan and shake and scramble to find a grip on the ruined sheets.

Caleb's burning up and he feels like if he can't come soon he never will. He wraps his fingers around his own cock, stroking hard and fast, matching each of Jarek's thrusts but its not enough- still not enough and Caleb wants to scream in frustration.

And then Jarek's sitting back, pulling Caleb with him until he settles on his lap again, cock sinking all the way in and he's coming like its been forced out of him, hard and fast and perfect.

Jarek sinks his teeth into Caleb's shoulder and fucks him hard, and he holds on weakly, over sensitized and pliant. His arms wrap around Caleb's waist pulling him closer still and he cries out as his cock rubs against Jarek's stomach, sending sparks shooting through him.

Jarek grunts and comes and Caleb's eyes roll back at the feeling.

The sheets stick to his back as he tries to catch his breath and the room is too hot, too stifling with the summer heat but he catches Jarek watching him, something soft in his expression and it doesn't matter as much anymore.