It rhymes, sorta, then doesn't at all, but either way, its a poem, so enjoy fuckers

One day in my old friend's home,

She showed me a magical thing.

A video, a song, an amazing voice,

And I couldn't help but sing:

'One final fight, for this tonight

With knives and pens we made our plight'

This one song showed me

I really could fight.

And from that day till now,

This one band makes me cry.

And smile and laugh and love and sing,

And wish for a future and refuse to die.

For all of the fans, you know what I mean-

Never again shall we hide by a screen.

To face the world, and those who would stop us,

To change the world and make it more worthwhile,

To live our lives with only a smile.

To put down the blades and guns and weapons,

(Except knives and pens for our perfect weapon)

To be all we are and let no one stop this.

No one will tell us who we are.

We cannot erase scars but we can stop forming new ones.

We will rise again. We will be. We will LIVE.

This is what I will do:

To continue being me, and stand my ground.

To never give in, never back down.

To love all my people,

Who can be who they are,

To show and wear proudly

Every battle scar.

To those five amazing men who know what I mean,

To Andy

To Jake

To CC, Jinxx,

To Ashley too,

As a devoted bridesmaid,


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