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Chapter 2: Arms that Protect

Spencer woke up yet again drenched in a cold sweat, however this time she closed her mouth before she could scream and wake someone up. She sat in her bed, shivering though it had nothing to do with the cold, she couldn't believe he was really dead but there was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Grabbing he cell she quickly found the number.

"Oh god Spencer thank goodness your safe I've been so worried about you, its all over the news and I called you like eight times but you weren't picking up you phone…" Spencer sighed simply listening to the sound of his voice made her relax a bit but still breathing hard. "Spencer are you safe now?"

"I don't know, I'm terrified, lonely, and I keep having nightmares, Its like some cruel, masochistic part of my brain keeps replaying everything over and over in my head but it changes so I don't expect it and…" she stopped there not wanting to tell him what the last dream showed.

"Spence can you come open the door?" his question confused her for a moment until she heard a soft knock and then the door opening downstairs and her mother and Toby speaking to each other. She ran to the top of the stairs just as he was climbing up the last one. She ran into his arms which were wide open and ready for her.

"Your mom was down there questioning the use of a sleeping pill before I came, said I was a better alternative, I'm so sorry Spencer I should have been there for you then this never would have happened."

Safe in his arms Spencer felt whole but she couldn't let him beat himself up over this when there was nothing could have done. "Toby please…don't, this wasn't something you could have prevented and its better not to think of it at all ok" She stared him directly in the eyes to make sure he understood. He still looked wary but nodded his head anyways.

"Alright Spencer" he said with a small smile and somewhat teasing voice "time to get you into bed."

And I know what your all thinking and no that is not a sexual innuendo he is in fact going to help her into bed to sleep, lol I love you my readers hope you like- Xerox Goddess of the Sands