Hey everyone, this is the first story I've ever posted, so try to be nice. It's an old short story (inspired by the 'heavenly guardian' comment and my love for myths and legends) that I found in my binder and decided to edit a bit, so if you find any mistakes please tell me so I can fix them. R&R
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A Forgotten Tale

"Long ago, four dragons that embodied the elements of Fire, Wind, Earth, and Ice and their human partners worked together to keep balance in the world. However, peace and prosperity cannot last forever.

"One day, the dragon of Winds partner was found dead. No one could find the murderer and the dragon was inconsolable. It refused to choose a new partner.

"Only days later, though, an unknown man came forth and accused the dragon of Ice and Its own partner of the crime. The dragon of Wind, in its grief-stricken state, came to believe the man and turned on its old friend. Chaos reigned as tsunamis, ice storms, tornadoes, and powerful winds all struck the land.

"The dragon of Fire was concerned for the dragon of Ice and enraged by the accusation; and so Fire joined Ice and Wind's battle. The dragon of Earth, the eldest, wisest and gentlest of the four, attempted to quell the fighting; however, it was too late.

"The battle had become too destructive and the humans chose to take action. The Emperor gathered the most powerful monks, priests, and priestesses in the land to seal the dragons in the bodies of four small children. The children were then taken far away from each other and hidden across Japan.

"With no knowledge of the dragons' spirits locked within them, these children became the first Guardians.

"Over time the children grew up. They married, had children of their own and became old. When the Guardians died, they took the dragons with them; and when they were reborn, so too were the dragons. An endless cycle.

"As the years passed and decades became centuries, the tale of the dragons became just that: a story. Distorted by time as details faded from memory; a story that changes with every new telling.

"But, thanks to those who still love the old tales and hold them dear, the legend lives on."


"Is the story true, Granny?" a small brunette girl asked as the old woman finished her tale, "Did the dragons really exist?"

"Of course not, Momo-nee," a boy with pale silver hair argued from his place beside her, "It's just a story! Right, Granny?"

"But Shiro-chan, Granny just said it turned into a story over time!" the girl, Momo, protested.

"That's part of the story! And don't call me Shiro-chan, it's To-shi-ro!"

"Momo, Toshiro," Both children stopped and looked to their grandmother expectantly, "No one can be sure whether or not the story is true, that's part of what makes it a legend. Do you understand?" They nodded. "Good. Now, it's getting late, and good children should be in bed, don't you agree?"

"Hai, Granny." Both of them stood and hugged their grandmother before walking inside to their waiting futons.

"Good night, Granny." Toshiro said to the woman before gently closing the door.

"Good night, Toshiro."

When the boy fell asleep he dreamt, as he does many nights, of a plain of ice. He did not see the great dragon that lay deep within his soul, nor did he hear the echoing cry of an ancient voice calling out to him. Not yet. And so the dragon of Ice continued to wait.


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