1. Part One A Favor

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Part One A Favor

Rupert Giles, Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg and Dawn Summers all listened to the briefing on the device called the Star Gate. None of them were happy with what they were hearing. Buffy Summers gave a resigned sigh as she looked around at her friends and family. They all nodded. She looked over at Rupert Giles and said. "Giles we need to do this."

"I know." Was his only reply. He seemed resigned and annoyed."We will take care of it Mr. Prime Minister. You have my word on it."

The Prime Minister looked at them all and knew he needed them to deal with this situation. The Americans had once again stepped into it and almost caused a disaster for the whole world. He knew that his nation needed to step in and make their voices heard.

However, even with the rather warm current relations the Americans were being difficult. The only possible light was that Senator Kinsey was attempting to take over and this was not something President Hayes was going to allow. The Americans had not been happy when his country and several others learned of the Star Gate.
They had been less then pleased when they had been forced to accept teams from various nations and share the technology they had acquired. However, they had bent when Commander Thor stepped in. His past intervention had kept Kinsey at bay. However, he was once again seeking to co-opt the program. As limited as their access was now Prime Minister Julian Mathews had no doubt it would be far less if Kinsey and his goons got control.

"So we are buying this thing then?" Faith asked. "What's the big deal? So, we go exploring?"

"The problem Miss Lehane is that your government has made a lot of enemies out in the galaxy for Earth. They acted as if they had sole authority and have endangered the planet with their reckless actions."

"So, we go kick ass and take names."Faith said. She cracked her knuckles. "These Goa'uld and Jaffa sound like they might be fun to spar with. It was getting a little boring here with all the minis around."

"Well we did wonder how the balance would right itself."Willow said with a sigh. "We could send teams out. Giles are we really going to do this? I mean our responsibility is to Gia. It's not like we can let some alien come blow her up."

"Will what about all the people the Goa'uld stole from Earth?"Xander said. "We need to help them. I mean if we don't who will? The Military? I think what the Prime Minister is saying is they messed up and we need to clean it up. I mean those people there may be slayers out there. Plus I just hate the idea of slaves."

"Xander's right. We have to go pull their asses out of trouble again. You would think that they learned after Sunnydale. Giles do we have the money to do this? I don't want to leave us short the girls deserve support?"

"Easily, Prime Minister is your offer of assistance still open?"

Julian smiled "Yes, if you need we can give you troops to help train your teams. We will also supply you with equipment and anything you need. All we ask is too maintain access to the gate. We would also like to share technology. I understand there have been many medical advances and we have yet to see them shared with the world."

"Then it is decided we will purchase this Star Gate. Who will be going with me to Colorado?"

Every Scooby's hand rose.

"Looks like it's going to be a family road trip." Dawn said with a grin. "A portal maker, that will be cool. I mean think how much fun it will be. We can have a portal and I won't have to donate."

The gang all laughed at this. The Prime Minister looked at them a little strangely but decided it was not worth worrying about."I'll arrange your flight. I know President Hayes ask the SWC to take over the Gate but her majesties government is grateful for your oversight. We trust you all to look out for the planet's best interests. Any assistance you need just ask."

"Well as much as I want to go...can I?"Faith asked. "Wanted person here? I want to make amends and all but, I would like not too go to jail. It's not a good place for me to be earning my way back."

"Faith is going."Buffy said. "You paid your debt in the caves. Giles did Wood get with Riley about her pardon?"

"Yes, I was going to bring that up after this meeting. Faith you have a clean record and it's sealed. The pardon was signed two days ago by the president. He knows he needs us to deal with this Kinsey character so he was more than willing to help out." Ripper shined through for a moment and he was clearly protective of his children. Faith he wanted to help especially as he felt he failed her in the past.

Faith seemed to relax at this. She trusted Giles to work on the details because he was the brains of the operation.

"I have something else for you all. I know that most of you are American but, we thought these might be of some use." Julian said. He handed them all diplomatic passports. "Slayers are all listed as citizens of the United Kingdom. We added Miss Summers as her sister is a slayer. Mr. Harris and Miss Rosenberg all got citizenship through distant family. It does not alter the fact that you are American merely adds a secondary citizenship."

"What family?" Willow asked she was curious.

"It comes through your mother's side. The family name is Archer. It is through your great grandmother."

"What about mine?" Xander asked curious as well. "I mean I never knew I had family here?"

"Mr. Harris it is also through your mother. Jessica Williams. Her father was an RAF Group captain during World War II. He was married to your grandmother who was an American nurse who treated his wounds after he was shot down. He immigrated to the US after the war to be with her. He never changed citizenship."

"Cool, I guess I had one or two decent relatives then." Xander said with a grin."Hey do I still have family here?"

"I don't know, we could find out."Julian said with a smile. He knew the youth wanted a decent family. His file said he had parents who were less then supportive."I do have these pictures for you." He handed them out to Willow and Xander.

Xander saw the picture and grinned. "Well I can definitely see the resemblance." He passed it to Buffy who grinned.

"What's funny B?" Faith asked. Buffy handed it to Faith who saw the picture and said. "Oh, yeah, he looks just like you. Only he has short hair."

"Hey!' Xander replied. "Long hair is in."

"Yes, well can we get on with this? I believe we have a meeting to attend."Giles interrupted.

The Prime Minister nodded and rose. "Your plane is waiting. Please use caution. I would love to trust the Americans, however their failure to reveal the Star Gate and the threats to our world concern us greatly. Her majesty wants you to know she will give you her full support."

"We are honored sir."Giles said.

"No it is we who are honored by your trust. We failed you all and it will not happen again. At least not as long as I am in office."Mathews said.

Buffy locked eyes with him."With respect sir you just took over. I think that like the SGC the Watchers kept you in the dark. That is not your fault. We will do what we can but, we are guardians of the planet not just any one country."

"Agreed, I am glad you see your duty that way Miss Summers. I would be concerned if you did not."

Buffy nodded and they headed out. It was going to be a long flight even on the fastest military transport available.