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Slayer's Gate

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Part 47

Cecilia Reagan leaned against her husband and cried. Learning her Aunt had passed away from cancer was devastating. She had loved Joyce and in many ways she was a second mother to her. It hurt her to know she was gone and angered her that her own mother had not stepped up and in when Joyce had passed away. Of course the estrangement of the family had begun when she "died" but even so her mother should have stepped up to help with Dawn when Aunt Joyce died. The fact that Hank turned out to be a fair weather father did not really surprise Cecilia. She never liked her so called uncle. He was just to …slick. She liked real men like her husband. Of course it could be argued that they were not technically married but she considered herself his wife and he called her that. She wore his ring on her finger and they had a family together. The whole running to the chapel thing was kind of hard to do when one was millions of light years from the nearest Catholic priest but the shaman of the settlement Loki had taken them too had witnessed their vows.

"I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Joyce. I cannot believe mom did not help more."

Buffy sighed. "Cecilia your mom offered but…Sunnydale was not safe and I could not at the time bear to be away from Dawn." There was no way Buffy was going into the whole Key situation. "Plus she was dating again and maybe getting remarried and …well our lives sucked I did not want to drag her into the mess."

Cecilia frowned at that annoyed her parents had split up. As if she was all that had kept them together. She sighed it was never simple or easy was it. Of course this was going to complicate things if they told her parents she was alive.

Joe hugged her and kissed her neck. He got it. He always got it. "We make it work Babe. Besides I so have to show you and the kids off to Danny. He won't believe I got so hot a woman unless you are there."

"Dork," Cecilia said as she punched his arm. However his teasing made her laugh and help dispel some of the grief."You still need to meet my dad though remember you never asked to date or marry me."

Joe blanched at that. One of the good things about being abducted was they had to bond quickly and that there was no meet the parents and family anxiety well until now well after the fact.

Buffy laughed at his fear. He was a good guy from what she could tell and she had a feeling her aunt and uncle would love him. The babies would be a bonus she was sure.


It was like coming home. Daniel's arms were home to Sha're. She had missed her husband of so much. While she was glad Loki's intervention had saved her life and her children's lives the cost had been her beloved. She had never hoped to see him again. In fact Loki had tried to pair her with others but only Daniel would calm her passion and own her soul. She clung to him not that they were together. His passionate kiss left her no doubt that he to had missed her. She clung to him her hands moving to pull his shirt off uncaring that there were others around. She wanted him now. Daniel however had just enough awareness to pick her up and carry her out of the room. Jack's cat calls were ignored as he carried his wife to his room on the base. He kicked the door in and carried Sha're in. She was gently laid on the bed and he stripped his eyes never leaving hers. She to tossed off her clothing they would talk later. She was going to have her man now.

Within moments they were joined as one neither one of them was wanting or needing foreplay. This was not about love or lust or any emotion other then connecting in the most human basic way. Lust flared but it was love and need that drove the couple to become one. They strove to reach their peak in record time. It was going all about letting the other know they were alive well and that they wanted them.

It would be hours before they stopped making love and it would be morning before Daniel would learn that he beat his friends in the childrens department by several years. Well all except the general and Teal'c but both were older….


"This guy is a ghost boss." DiNozzo said annoyed.

"I have to agree I can't find a trace of him." McGee said looking perplexed. He looked over at Broots who was also typing away.

"Miss Parker there is no record in the Centere for this operative. Unless he was out of another location or off the book….he is not one of ours."

"His profile does not fit a centere operative either."Sidney said.

"He is a stone cold killer." Ziva said as if that was a prerequisite for being a Centere agent. To be fair it had been at one point but there was usually a patter to be found or a bread crumb to one department or another. Jared could not find any leads either.

"Yes, but even killers in the Centere do so for a reason this makes no sense." Miss Parker said. "I mean yes it seems to be to set up the Admiral but once it was investigated…I don't think anyone would believe either of these officers were corrupt."

"Yes I can see that. I mean the Admiral was to high profile and to skilled to make such a mistake." Sara said "He was happily married a strong family man."

"So who benefits from framing him?" Gibbs asked.

"Maybe a rival, but seriously there are easier ways to end careers," Rabb said. "I mean just showing an affair or something would have worked without risking jail time."

"So we keep digging. Miss Parker could the centere have wanted them dead to further some plot or plan?"

Miss Parker looked away but she knew of no reason for the centere to kill these officers. "We not found evidence of that." The yet was unspoken but Jared began to run simulations in his head he had to find the connection and the reason or they would be flying blind.



Slayer's Gate

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and offered encouragement with this work. It is greatly appreciated. I promise to answer all reviews eventually. However lately my writing time is extremely limited so please be patient with me, I value all input and am extremely gratified that so many have taken the time to help me with feedback.


Part 48

To say that things had gone sideways was perhaps the understatement of the year. He sat back and drank a bottle of water while Faith rocked D.J. He still could not believe what Loki had done. A part of him was mad as hell. He had never really thought about the whole idea of a white picket fence and settling down. Nope that was so not for him. His own home life left him scared and afraid. After the fiasco in Sunnydale with Anya Xander Harris had resigned himself to being alone and to perhaps one day be an uncle to Willow's children. Yep that had been the plan. Xander was really he thought a simple man. Give him some tools and he could build anything, give him a gun, stake or flamethrower and he take on the demons of hell to back his girls with a shrug and smart ass remark. He could by necessity shop with the best of them for food and make a dime scream for mercy with how far he could and would stretch it to supply his family with their needs. However make him a father….well that broke him out in a cold sweat. Not that he would run away or deny his children his support nor would he leave Faith alone to handle the twins. That was not who he was. But…the idea of being responsible for Jessie and D.J. scare him to his very soul. He knew that the reason was carved into his soul. Anthony Harris had never been a good father or dad. Xander shuttered as he recalled his childhood. It was a nightmare or had been until that day in school when he had meet first Willow then Jessie. If he was honest with himself and he was out of necessity those two had been the only reason he had not run away and become Demon chow long before Buffy became the slayer and wandered into and altered all their lives. They were his family and his rock to lean on. Losing Jessie had torn out a part of his soul. He watched the man who was his friend but not. Damn this is hard. He watched Faith with his daughter and his heart melted. If he had any doubts about himself being a good father he had none about Faith. Even if her early life made his look like the Cleavers she was exceptional. She had grown into the fine slayer and woman he knew she could be. Ok he was biased and he would admit he was head over heels in love with her and likely had been for years. He sipped his water ran set it down ran his hands through his hair to try to think. Alexander Harris was going to use his brain this time. He was going to make this work. Yes he had boldly proclaimed he would stand by Faith. Yes he was going to be the best father or so he said but it would require thought and care. It was to damned important to fail at. Damn it I am scared out of my mind.

Jessie watched as his friend shook with worry. He walked over and slapped him on the back to get his attention. "You will do great Xander. I have seen you with the others you still care and that is all that is important in being in any relationship. I mean you still seemed to be mourning me which was stupid as I was gone a while."

Xander swung around and glared. "It ripped my heart out to stake you. Worse when I later learned a vampire could have a soul."

"So you have condemned me to being a virgin for all time? Way to keep the bro code" Jessie quipped seeing Xander freeze he began to laugh. "Look I know it hurt but it is over and I'm back. I feel for the other Jessie because he was me or I was him or whatever but it's done and maybe he is at peace now. I don't know but being a vampire would suck. I love the sun way too much for that crap. Hell California boy here remember. You did the right thing. Now stop brooding over it. You have more pleasant things to think about. Like that wonderfully hot girl there and your kids, Loki may have broke the rules but you hit the jackpot because he did. So cut the little grey demon some slack."

Xander's eyes narrowed at that last crack.

"He is alien Xan, but he is the darker side of that race no denying it. Even if he has the best intentions in the end he needs a firm hand and your council may be it. Loki is a mad scientist type but he has done good and bad and he has intended to save lives. His clones were all about not causing harm to the people's families and friends. His only real crime was not getting clones were people too. Then again when you clone yourself like a bunch of toss away flyers its easy to see why he did not get it. Asgard see clones as vessels for the mind not as individuals so their thinking messed up a bit. They all have that failing but they are decent people for all that. Loki saved a lot too."

"There that I suppose. What do I know about being a dad Jessie?"

Jessie sighed and hugged Xander. His friend clung to him as tears of relief and fear flowed. "You know what not to do. So what if there never a white fence and a shiny white house. You never wanted that anyway. You remember when you drew out your ideal house for class?"

Xander laughed they had been in second grade. He grinned he just hoped Jessie never told Andrew or he would never live it down. He had drawn the palace at Alderon from Star Wars. Why because he had thought the king and queen were the best ever taking in Leia and loving her like their own. He sighed "Point I suppose but I will make Faith my princess and D.J. too."

"See you do know how to be a dad, toss in playing with my nephew and it will be good."

Xander brow rose at that statement.

"What he is mine, we are brothers still right? A now fearful Jessie asked.

"Yeah, hell yeah we are." Xander said this time hugging Jessie.

Just then Faith looked up. She grinned wickedly. "So Xan you sure you want you and me? I mean you hugging Jessie is hot can I watch you two make out?"

Xander stuttered at that and glared at his now laughing brother in all but blood as he strode over to Faith pulled her to her feet and kissed her with passion. While Xander had missed and loved Jessie and he had no issues with same sex relationships how could he with Willow as one of his best friends. He was so not into that. He was a man who loved women. He kissed his soon to be wife leaving her no doubt whatsoever that if he had his way D.J. and Jessie would soon have siblings made the old fashioned way. He decided then and there that he would pay Faith back for teasing him. He hoped that whatever Heaven Anya was in she would look down and smile at him because Xander Harris was going to give his mate so many orgasms she'd never doubt his desire and need for her again. Brotherly bonding aside that is.

Jon felt Dawn's arms around him. She hugged him as he had watched Jack with Sara and Charlie. He could see Donavan was about as comfortable with this scene as he was. He had to admit h e was glad someone else had that feeling even if it was petty. He felt Dawn tug his hand. "Come on you lug they are your family too. Jack will just need to get over it. Charlie is as much your son as he is Sara and Jack's. So come on lets go say hi."

Jon was dragged over and he met his son who technically was older then himself. Sara stared for a moment then sighed and hugged him much as she had Jack. "Thank you for bringing him home."

"Your welcome Sara. This is Dawn. We ah…we have a little boy together."

"Oh, that is nice. So Charlie will have several new siblings. I have to say I am glad. We never intended him to be an only child did we?"

"No, no we didn't I am sorry about that Sara…time it got away from me, I mean from Jack….ah…."

She laughed at him. "Yes but it was my fault too, but now we can be friends and family, I did love you Jack…Jon, I handled losing Charlie poorly I blamed you and it was not your fault. I know now you never would have been so careless."

Jon hugged Sara with Dawn smiling the healing could start and they could maybe be a family of sorts. It would be complicated but Dawn was a Scooby and complicated was their family life by definition.


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Slayer's Gate

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and offered encouragement with this work. It is greatly appreciated. I promise to answer all reviews eventually. However lately my writing time is extremely limited so please be patient with me, I value all input and am extremely gratified that so many have taken the time to help me with feedback.


Part 49

George Hammond had a massive headache. He had not liked the idea of perhaps selling the Star Gate even to an allied power or even different agents of the American Government. He knew all too well what could go wrong when people jumped into things and ran out into the universe half cocked. His own star team had more than a few times ran into trouble. Who was he kidding trouble and SG-1 went hand in hand. Fortunately for his sanity the other teams rarely ran into that kind of life or death struggle not that they did not run into issues they just did not usually almost end the world. He sighed as he sipped the warm soda meant to settle his stomach. Even now he was having trouble processing the idea that Robert Kinsey was a host of a Goauld and that they had let him go. He knew capturing the man had to be a priority but given his position in the nation it had to be done discreetly. Was it wrong for him to wish that Jack O'Neill had not shot the man a year ago. He sighed and wrote rejected on another plan to capture the man. It had to be done with care. Going in with lights flashing would never do besides Kinsey had Wolfram and Hart on the payroll and given what he knew about that firm…care had to be taken.


The Trust was moving they had access to the late Admiral's codes and used them with speed. Much information was gathered before he was found dead. At least they were able to move military assets to places that they could be acquired. Weapons were always useful and not only for defenses they could provide a nice cash flow if needed. It was too bad NCIS moved so quickly to shut down access but they did stand to gain some equipment and funds anything would help. Automatic weapons would even the odds against the slayers a bit.

"We gotten the Naquada that the Admiral had secreted away."

"Good do we have the research on the bomb Captain Carter was to have designed?"

"Yes but the SGC still has the device. We could not access that." The minion said "We did however secure some cases to secure and conceal it."

"Well then that is good." Homer Jones said with a grin. "Call Mathers inform him we can begin building a bomb we just need that pretender he has to do so."

"Yes sir." The minion said as he ran out not wanting to get on his bosses bad side. He wondered why he left the employment of Mr. Raynes that guy at least was predictable. Oh well at least he had a live boss now plus with the clean up Miss Parker had done and the "retirements" she arranged even working for this insane demon was better at least he was alive…well sort of. Being a vampire did have its uses. He reminded himself he needed a bag of blood soon. Not that he liked it but grabbing and intern was looked down on so bagged blood was on the menu at least until he got off work.


Senate hearings were on going in secret as the public could not know of the Star Gate or the Council. Janis Rading hated the secrecy but as a part demon she was glad the new council was more open minded. It was not like she wanted to be part demon and she never hurt anyone. Ok so she liked sex but that rarely hurt anyone and her taking the horny senators to her bed meant the innocent interns got a break. Oh well time to go back to work being a succabus was a never ending job but someone had to get those morons off so work of the nation could get done. She was just glad she was now a sitting senator herself it gave her far more wiggle room and far more choices. At least this years incoming class was younger and better looking. The art of the deal via the bedroom would ensure funding for her two favorite groups not that the slayer appreciate it just because she had hit on her lover. Oh well how was she to have known that?


The agents of the Centere on the move. Miss Parker wanted answers and they find them. Fortunately Broots was their immediate superior but even so no one wanted the Dragon lady mad. So they worked fast to try to find the mysterious boyfriend.

Marco Rubens grinned as he finally got a hit. "I got you, you sneaky bastard." He quickly texted Broots let him tell Miss Parker the news and he sent the picture they have the bastard by nightfall with luck. He hated that this guy killed some sailors. His own brother was in the Navy and Marco look out for him by making sure no one killed more Navy people. Yep it was his duty as a big brother. Sp the text with the Baal clones picture was sent to Broots who would soon send it on to the others. Yes sometimes you did get lucky.