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The story has roots in the episode "Icarus" but I've played around with the timeline line of the original canon story also there is an OC.

When Windows are Broken

Chapter 1

The friends had all gathered to celebrate their engagement at Watchtower. Christmas lights hung from the spiral staircase, and flowers adorned every inch of the place that reminded him of Chloe. He so wished she could see it the way it looked now; resplendent and glorious. But she was gone and he needed to come to terms with that. Shaking the desolate emptiness, he poured himself yet another glass as the bubbly flowed freely and Oliver made his short but heartfelt speech. He looked at Lois so happy. He had loved her and occasionally felt the sadness on his lips from their goodbye kiss. But Lois wasn't his to keep and he felt only happiness for his best friends.

The party drew to a close as the couple left, floating on cloud nine and not because of Clark's super powers. Carter and Courtney had just left too whilst Oliver and Tess stayed behind to restore the headquarters of the Justice League to exactly that…the sterile and computerized workplace. Who better than Oliver and Tess? The souls so tainted and their hearts so cold and alone. But Oliver and Tess had been down that road before and they weren't going there again. She noticed his shoulders slump as he focused on the white tulips that were bursting out from the floral arrangement. They were her favorite. He had inadvertently ordered them.

"Oliver…I can finish up," she said. She stood tall and firm, yet her eyes belied her true feelings. She was hurting too. There had been so much water under the proverbial bridge that a relationship between her and Oliver could never happen, despite her wishful thinking. Yes Chloe had become a friend of sorts, but she felt her heart breaking for her hero, the man who saved her years ago, the man who was trying so hard to right wrongs and bring justice to a world in such great need.

Oliver's eyes flickered as he noticed the flower in his hands then a solitary tear rushed down his cheek. He took a rapid intake of breath then hastily replaced the flower. "No, I'm almost done. I'll move these to the corner," said Oliver avoiding Tess.

She had quietly moved towards him and placed a gentle hand on his arm, "Leave them there. They catch the light so beautifully."

Oliver turned his head slightly, making furtive eye contact with Tess, "OK…so I'll get going." He turned and walked away.

"Oliver?" she called as he had already reached the glass stained doors.

He turned around, arching his eyebrow in acknowledgement. "Be careful. You're a wanted man now," said Tess; the words leaden with more than a warning but rather with a heartfelt plea.

He nodded his head and flashed his billionaire smile, "Yes mother…I'll ring when I get home." Then he turned and left. She couldn't get over how mesmerizing he was. With so many conflicting emotions vying for his soul, Oliver still had the penchant to smile and crack a joke so she wouldn't be worried about him.


He only had a short distance to go to get to his penthouse suite at LuthorCorp, a name he'd shortly change. People were bustling about, eager themselves to get home. The atmosphere was cold and the steam was starting to rise forming a blanket on the pavement. Suddenly a wanted poster with his face caught his eye. He grabbed it furiously and pulled it down when all of a sudden he heard screaming. He'd promised Tess he wouldn't do anything but go home. But he couldn't let an innocent be harmed; he wouldn't let scum get away. So he ran around the blind corner and saw a young woman struggling with a brute. He attacked with agility and skill. The woman ran. That distracted Oliver, which allowed the guy to run as well. Notwithstanding, he chased him down then they struggled and finally got him in a headlock. The guy started yelling, "Help! Help! He's attacking me."

Suddenly the bystanders attracted by the screaming found the source. They moved in and a man in his early fifties wearing a trench coat called out, "That's Oliver Queen, the guy on the poster, he's wanted. Let's get him!" Then a couple of peaceful bystanders turned into a hoard of angry and violent beasts.

"He's attacking that poor guy…" voices rang out.

What? What? he thought."This guy attacked a woman…I was trying to help," tried to explain Oliver shouting over the growing commotion, his face trying to hide the panic that was enveloping him. No one heard him. The crowd now only had one agenda, to attack Oliver Queen the vigilante. Oliver found himself still struggling with the assailant when a fierce punch impacted with his side, causing him to stumble forward releasing him. Aware of his good fortune, he ran leaving Oliver in the crowd's hands.

As Oliver tried to regain his footing, a fist slammed into his jaw careering him sideways. Then a pair of hands grabbed his jacket. He tried to focus on the face and retaliate when a brutal blow forced him to the ground. Then a barrage of kicks and punches followed until Oliver stopped moving and he stopped fighting back. He didn't want to hurt the very people he wanted to protect. The hits kept on coming. Oliver tried to hang on, hoping that his JLA friends would come to the rescue, but there was no respite. He let his mind wander. Images of happier times with Tess, with Lois and finally with Chloe; the woman who got him, who understood who he was and wasn't afraid of his dark side flooded his mind. Then there was no more.

A bloodied, bruised and beaten man lay still, inching towards death's door when Carter pushed his way through the crowd. His ferocious glare staring down every one of the cowards. They moved back giving Carter his space, too intimated to retaliate. What Carter saw next broke his heart and his spirit! He had come to like Oliver; he might so far as to say admire the dorky rogue. This sight was too overwhelming. The man on the ground looked nothing like his comrade. He fell to his knees and started calling out to Oliver, "Green bean, come on wake up." Nothing. His fingers went directly to his carotid artery. It was there a faint pulse but nothing else; no snarky remark, no witty comeback just silence.

The always stoic and laconic Carter felt overwhelming anger and panic until the hands of a friend descended on his shoulders. He jerked around and saw Courtney whose face was transfixed on Oliver's defeated form. "Courtney get us out now!" said Carter as the crowd started to regain its maniacal presence, "COURTNEY!" She already had her staff and in seconds they had disappeared and the crowd stood mesmerized, ripe and ready to be fodder for the press.


Back at the Kent Farm…

Lois and Clark had just arrived. Clark had just placed their gifts on the dining table as Lois moved over to the TV and turned it on, always insatiable for the latest news. She recognized the interviewer. She was the same cow that tried to crucify Oliver during his interview.

"Here at the foot of the LuthorCorp building, a group of conscientious civilians have had a hand in the capture of the outlaw Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Here is footage taken by a bystanders video phone of the whole event. As you can see…" reported the news hungry field reporter. All Lois could do was stare at the brutal attack and the hatred and menace emanating from their faces. Darkseid was present, no human could be so cruel, she thought. That's when she saw Oliver's body and her heart broke. Her hero, the world's hero so defeated.

Clark stood there in disbelief as well. Oliver had sacrificed so much for the very people who had turned against him. His friends, his best friend needed him now. He could he have let this happen. He let his guard down for a moment of selfish happiness, and tragedy struck. This was a lesson for Clark. His moments with Lois would always have to be shared with the world. He could no longer deny his responsibilities.

"Lois I need to go!" cried out Clark, trying to rein in his anger and rage.

"No wait…" Lois said holding out a hand and physically restraining Clark whilst more of the scene was unfolding.

Then they saw Carter and his despair and then Courtney. Then all of a sudden they were gone. She turned to Clark, "Find them!"