A blonde woman was walking with a young blonde five year old girl named Lucy she was taking her to her guild to introduce Lucy to them, yes Layla Heartfilia is a mage and so is her husband Gary Heartfilia as a result Lucy too is a mage.

"Mama, where are we going?" Little Lucy said glancing back and forth wondering where her mother is taking her

"Lucy, I'm taking you to our guild Fairy Tail, I hope you like it because it is just filled with some kids like you to play with" Layla explained to her daughter who was now jumping up and down in joy and excitement

"Really Mama? You're taking me there? I'll have lot's of friends then!" Lucy grinned and hugged her mother tightly is happiness

"Yes Lucy dear, oh look here we are already!" Layla said in front of them stood a medium sized building with Fairy Tail's symbol on the middle

"Wow! It's huge! I wanna go inside now please, please, please!" Lucy pleaded to her mother tugging her mothers dress

"Okay let's go in now" Layla smiled then she opened the front door "Good morning minna!" she greeted and smiled at her guild mates

"Morning, Layla are you taking an S-class mission today?" Makarov asked as he jumped off the counter and walked towards Layla

"Oh no Master, actually I wanted the whole guild to meet someone, especially Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lissana, Mirajane, Cana, Levy and Elfman" when Layla said those names the children went in front of the crowd that gathered around Layla

"Who is it Layla-san?" Erza politely asked

"I wanted you to meet-"Layla cutted herself she couldn't find Lucy so she looked back and forth

"What are you searching for Layla-san?"Levy shyly asked Layla who was searching for something or someone but Layla went outside and shouted 'I found you!' The whole guild exchanged curios looks then Layla came back inside with something on her back

"Layla-san what's on your back?" Cana asked curiously looking at Layla's back

"Oh guys, meet my daughter Lucy!" Layla said as she placed Lucy down in front of the crowd who's mouths were was open wide

"Layla she's as beautiful as you are!" Macau exclaimed

"Layla she's like your miniature self and I bet she will become a very very beautiful lady like you Layla" Makarov said as he looked Lucy back to Layla then back to Lucy

"Hi I'm Gray an Ice mage nice to meet you Lucy" Gray introduced himself to Lucy

"Nice to meet you too!" Lucy shook his hand smiling sweetly at him then he suggested she should meet the other members but before that they placed her pink tattoo on her right hand

"Meet the rest, this is Erza an ex-equip mage, Lissana, Mirajane, Elfman the Take Over siblings, Levy a solid script mage and boy she loves books, Natsu a fire dragon slayer and Cana" Gray said as he introduced Lucy to the others

"A pleasure to meet you guys!" Lucy bowed down then when she raised her head she smiled a warm smile

"Your so kind hearted like your mom" Levy said as she and the others started to chat with her except for Elfman, Gray and Natsu then a young boy appeared he had an ginger colored hair, blue tinted glasses, his hair reminded everyone it was like a lion's hair

"Hey Loki where have you been?" Gray asked who just sat down next to Natsu

"I was wandering outside and who is the girl Erza and the others are talking to?" Loki asked curious about the blonde

"Oh she's Layla-san's daughter she's a member now and she's pretty like her mom" Natsu explained as Lucy walked over them

"Who's with you guys?" Lucy asked "You haven't told me that there is someone else to meet" she pouted which they thought was very cute of her

"I'm Loki an light mage" Loki introduced himself "You look so much like Layla-san" he added

"Nice to meet you too and thanks for the compliment" Lucy smiled at them

"Lucy dear, it's time to head back your father has been asking where we are and I guess we better go get there really quick!" Layla winked at Lucy on the last part which made Lucy jump in joy

" We are using that!" Lucy excitedly asked her mother who just nodded making the guild curious about what they are talking about suddenly a strong gust of wind disturbed the guild then it quickly disappeared with Layla and Lucy

"What kind of magic was that?"Loki asked as he arranged his glasses all of them don't know what kind of magic Layla has even Lucy but Makarov do senses it is a very strong kind of magic

"No one knows" Elfman just shrugged

"Yeah besides we get to play with Lucy tomorrow!" Natsu shouted with an excited voice

"I just found out Lucy also loves books so I'll lend her some tomorrow too!" Levy said as she an to Fairy Hills to get some books

"I'll treat her cake tomorrow but it can wait so let's head back" Erza said as she walked back to Fairy Hills herself to get some rest