Hey guys Yuki here, see Lyka kinda had an accident so when I knew she was living alone I decided to take care of her, and while I'm doing that she asked me to continue her story so... I did what she asked cause... I mean that's what friends are for right?

Natsu: You sure there's nothing else you think about her?

N-no! I mean why should I? I mean we're just friends and all and ugh... I don't know...

Mira: They're cute together just like Natsu and Lucy *squeals*

Me&Natsu: T-THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT! * both blushing*

Levy: Yeah Mira so cute!

I'm just doing this for Lyka and besides we're just friends

Mira and Levy: Just tell us one thing you like about them promise we won't tell them!


Natsu: Uh... dude I still don't wanna get killed... I like Lucy when she's sleeping she's just cute! *blushes*

Levy: Your turn Yuki!

Uh... like Natsu I like looking at Lyka while she sleeps she's just irresistibly cute *blushes*

Okay enough of that let's continue the story

"Whew! Finally we're back at Magnolia!" A blonde guy stretched

"Hey Laxus, our lil' sis is missing… again…."A dark blonde haired guy informed

Laxus sighed and asked "Oh man, Lance where have she gone this time?"

"I saw her walk near the lake we saw earlier" Lance replied

"She has got to stop sneaking out like that. Let's go pick her up" Laxus said as he walked along with Lance

Meanwhile at Fairy Tail everyone was having some fun like always while Makarov was drinking at the bar

"Hey Gramps, it's been years since I last saw Laxus and I wanna fight him!" A fourteen year old pink haired boy said

"Aye sir!" A blue flying cat followed

"Yeah it's true we haven't seen Laxus for a long time" Gray replied half-naked nothing much changed his habit was still the same, his raven black hair just grew a longer and messier, his necklace was still there, his dark blue eyes still the same

"Have you idiots forgotten the reason why Laxus and Lucy are gone?" Erza came up she had a Heart Kreuz armor, a blue skirt and her black boots, her hair went down to her waist, her dark brown eyes still the same as before

"Now that you mentioned Lucy, I wonder where my angel is…" Loke appeared out of nowhere, his ginger hair was a lot messier and it really made him look like a lion, his light blue tinted glasses still covered his dark blue eyes (his clothing is like when he was Lucy's spirit)

"I don't know where Laxus and Lucy are but I'm sure they're alright" Makarov replied drinking from his mug

"Hey Erza fight me!" Erza heard Mirajane shout, Mira's outfit still the same, attitude still the same and her hair just grew longer

"Wanna go skinny?" Erza asked glaring at her

"Any time, anywhere Shorty!" Mirajane replied as their duel began

"And Erza says we should stop fighting…." Both Natsu and Gray sweatdropped

"I miss my angel" Loke whined at the corner

"I feel weird" Natsu said as he and Gray sat on an unoccupied table they were rarely seen this quiet

"I hope Wendy and Charle were here" Happy said as he went to the corner with Loke

"It's so boring! I hope something exciting would happen" Natsu complained

-Back to the three siblings-

"Hey Luce we better head to the guild and tell Gramps we're back!" Laxus said as he ruffled the blonde's hair

"Fine where's Lance?" Lucy asked looking for her other brother

"I'm over here c'mon let's get going already!" Lance said in excitement

"Let's have a race then" Laxus said challenging his siblings

"Whoever gets to the guild first wins" Lucy said as she dusted her skirt and wore her cloak

"Ready, set, GO!" They chorused as the started their race, Laxus of course used his lightning, Lucy used the wind and she had made it cold while Lance did almost the same while they raced it looked like as if it was going to rain and continued their race to the guild

-Meanwhile at the guild-

"M-master d-do y-you know why the w-wind is so cold today?" Levy asked rubbing her arms shivering

"It looks like it's going to rain" Cana replied shivering as well then their three dragon slayers noses twitched

"This is not a rain…" Wendy said as she stood up along with Gajeel and Natsu "The air smells too different for it to rain"

"Strangers…" Gajeel growled glaring outside

"Weird strangers, they are powerful alright and they're heading…. Here" Natsu said glaring outside as well

"Master, are we going to attack those strangers?" Erza asked equipping a sword

"No, only if they mean harm then we'll attack them" Makarov replied

"If you say so" Erza said

A little while later someone broke down the door and ran in and stopped two more followed

"I win my dear brothers" A cloaked person said

"Ugh…" The two boys groaned

"Who are you?" Lisanna asked quietly the cloaked person turned around while the two guys laid still

"Lissy…" The cloaked person whispered only for her to hear

"Ugh… sis a little help here?" A guy lifted his head; he had dark blonde messy hair, warm chocolate eyes, and skin tone just like Lucy's

"C'mon get up Lance" The cloaked person reached a hand out to the blonde guy, Lance took it and stood up

"Man, your one fast mage alright" Lance panted

"Hey Lance how about a hand?" Laxus asked their eyes widened

"LAXUS! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" They all chorused

"Laxus I know you've gotten strong so fight me!" Natsu shouted

"Yeah I have gotten strong but someone else is stronger than me and my brother Lance" Laxus admitted as he nudged him

"Yeah it's her" Lance said as he pointed to the cloaked person

"Wait before that, where is Lucy? And why did Lance become your brother?" Makarov asked

"You see we just bumped to him at the town called Fallarbor, we all got along just fine he had no relatives left so, Lucy and I decided to take him in" Laxus explained

"And where is Lucy?" Makarov continued to ask

"Well after eight years I hope you guys still know her…." Laxus replied

"JUST TELL US WHERE ALREADY!" The whole guild shouted and Laxus had to cover his ears

"Okay, okay" Laxus sighed and went up to the cloaked person beside Lance

"I'm going to take your cloak off sis" Lance then removed the cloak it revealed a girl, about fourteen years old, blonde vanilla scented hair, cold chocolate eyes, some of her features were cold but she has a half warm heart, her face was pretty and her body was gorgeous well that's what some of them think, she wore dark brown boots, a blue skirt, white top with blue trimmings, and a pink mark on her right hand

"And who's this girl?" Loke asked almost drooling

Natsu's nose twitched 'Vanilla…..that girl….' He thought as he closed his eyes and followed the scent 'This scent…. It's her scent…. There's no mistaking it…. After all those years I would never forget that wonderful scent…'

"Natsu! Over here!"

"Hey guys let's play hide and seek!"

"Don't worry Igneel will come back one day"

'It makes me calm, and somehow happy. It's definitely her…..' Natsu opened his eyes standing in front of the girl

"There's no mistaking it…. Lucy, I missed you a lot I thought you will only be gone for three years?" Natsu hugged her tightly a few tears fell from him eyes

"That girl…. Is Lucy?" Loke's mouth dropped open so did the others

"I'm sorry I never got to keep that promise but at least I'm back" Lucy said as she returned the hug Natsu then released her letting her know that he cried

"But-"Lucy hushed Natsu with her index finger he blushed as she whispered in his ear he blushed more

"Promise I'll never leave you guys again" Lucy whispered Natsu again released a few drops of tears

"Oh my, is 'the' Natsu Dragneel crying?" Lucy teased as she released him then she smirked

"Me? Hell no! I never cry!" Natsu replied as he wiped his face

"Oh really? What did you do earlier then?" Lucy continued Natsu playfully snapped

"I did not cry!" Natsu shot back

"Oh yes you did" Lucy said as she started walking away

"I would not challenge Natsu that way" Gray warned

"Lucy, Natsu is one strong opponent!" Loke worriedly said

"Take cover Lance this will get seriously harsh" Laxus commented as they went to take cover

"FIGHT ME LUCE! I'LL SHOW YOU, I DID NOT CRY!" Natsu said his flames emerging from his fists Lucy stopped walking

"One opinion that we can give to you clueless persons is to give them a lot of space" Laxus said as he continued taking cover soon enough everyone obeyed, interested on what Lucy will do

"I won't hold back Natsu I accept your challenge" Lucy simply replied

"DID SHE JUST SAY THAT?" They freaked out

"Iron fist of the fire dragon!" Natsu tried landing a punch on her only to be stopped by a gray furred wolf

"Where the heck did you came from?" Natsu asked the wolf it growled

"I created that wolf from ice, my ice magic is like Gray's ice make, but mine is a special kind" Lucy said as she dismissed her Ice wolf

"She's good" Gray admitted Lucy then made a lion

"Attack my lion" Lucy ordered Natsu tried to melt her lion

"Why won't this ice melt?" Natsu asked something then came into Erza's mind but she kept her mouth shut and studied her more

"Dark eruption!" Lucy had both her hands on the floor and attacked Natsu "I am also a dark mage"

"What? No fair!"Natsu whined "Fire Dragon's Roar!" he then attacked Lucy which he thought went successful when the smoke then cleared

"Well that was a good" Lucy smirked her head was hung low Natsu wasn't startled instead he was getting worried about his best friend, but he is just trying to discover what magic she uses

"That was a good meal Natsu" Lucy smirked she raised her head, her eyes were now snake style sapphire colored, sapphire colored flames erupted from her fists

"You mean you're a?" Natsu's eyes widened

" I am a four element old generation dragon slayer, I posses ice, fire, light and dark" Lucy explained her eyes were so sharp if looks and glares could kill they'd all be dead right now!

Well there you have it I know it kind of sucks I'm in a rush doing this one

Natsu: Lucy you're so unfair!

Lucy: ...

Lance: ...

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