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The world came crushing down on Sookie at breakneck speed.

This couldn't have happened! It was not real! It couldn't be…

She felt her breath catching while she tried to wrap her mind around what just happened. The image of her aunt sprawled on the dungeon's floor could not be processed by her brain.

" _I theía mou…" her whisper was barely audible even to the supernatural beings at her side.

Erikr hugged her with one arm close to his body drawing out his sword with his other hand.

"That was a huge mistake, fairy," he growled at Brendann.

Niall was hocked to his very core. First his mother, now his sister… the water fairies took them both from him.

And now they were after Sookie.

"Enough!" he roared jumping at Brendann with his swords in his hands. But somehow the swords were deflected by some kind of energy field before hitting his target.

Brendann took a step back, surprised at the sudden attack.

"Go ahead Niall, there is nothing you can do to make even the tiniest scratch on my skin," Brendann mocked recovering fast from his surprise.

"You are protected!" the sky prince's face was a mask of rage.

"This is the work of Gods. Real Gods…. Not the like of you niece tainted blood. Face it sky scum, you will all die today. The Fated saw it."

Sookie's head rose sharply "What did you said? The Fates?"

"Of course. You though that now that you a 'goddess'," he spat at he, "you were safe from them? No one is above the Fates, little mongrel. There is always a way… a loophole. You should have stayed back in you little backwater town and become a waitress, you are not good enough to call yourself fairy, not to mention a goddess."

She suddenly felt tiny and stupid again.

It was like she was a little girl again and her mother locked he in her room because she was not good enough to be apart of the family… of the world.
A monster. A freak.

Not human… not fairy…. not goddess… Just a little girl that no one wanted to be around.

Erikr's arm tightened around her, "Careful fairy, you have yet to defeat us."

Brendann mouth twisted in an ugly smirk, "That is only matter of time. But you can always pull back, you majesties," he addressed Erikr and Mavros."This has nothing to do with you."

"You come after my mate; you will be dealing with me," Erikr signaled the vampires who took fighting positions behind him.

"You are nothing but a pebble in our path, Brendann. Even with The Fates by your side… you are just a tool. And we will enjoy breaking you."

Effy came to stand by Sookie, "Show him what it means to be a Goddess, Sookie. Show him what you really are."

Sookie's mind snapped back to present.

"No!" she yelled.

She was not a little girl anymore. She was A Princess, A Goddess, A Warrior. She was loved by many. She was not alone anymore.

Her eyes began to glow as her power rose inside of her spreading from her very core through her whole body. Her fingertips tingled with the magic that lay dormant until now.

It was time to unleash the beast that she discovered inside her when she thought she lost Erikr forever. The beat that was hungry for blood.

Their blood.

She spread her ands gathering all the energy in her palms, shifting her hands to farm a small ball of blue fire that grew and grew until it became to bright to see anything before her and then she threw it at her enemies.

One by one the shields that were protecting the water fae collapsed allowing the blue fire to consume them one by one until only Brendann stood with a pool of blood and corps surrounding him.

"You took her from me! You, in your huge arrogance and selfishness took the most wonderful being in all the worlds. She did nothing to you or to your mother, but both of you wanted her dead… Why? Your mother found her too beautiful so she poisoned her and took her beauty along with her magic, she didn't thought that it was enough that she managed to banish Pythia from Faery, so she killed her mother too. Now you started a war because you wanted tore blood… When will it be enough for you?"

"The blue fire circled Brendann shield devouring it bit by bit.

"She never harmed another being! She never changed anything or used anything she saw to her advantage… Yet you couldn't let her live. What right you have to destroy something so pure, so good with your ugliness?"

The shield broke leaving Brendann unprotected in the face of his punisher.

"You will suffer for this! You will pay for everything you've done!"

The blue fire circled Brendann, slashing deep at his skin, his face, his arms, his legs.

He fell on his knees.

"I didn't know…. They told me you were weak… How can you do this…?" Brendann's eyes were wide with fear while he tried unsuccessfully to crawl away from the blue fire that was tormenting him.

"They are Gods so the lied. But I will promise you something: They will suffer too! The Fates and anyone who helped them…"

An inhuman howl emerge from Brendan's throat as the blue fire engulfed him and entered his mouth, his nose and his ears burning him inside out.

Niall put a hand on his niece's shoulder, "Don't kill him, my dear, you are too good to taint your hands with his blood."

Sookie's eyes turned to her great-grandfather's sad figure. He was hurting too.

She allowed the blue fire to dissipate and looked at the Brendann's deformed body.

"Now you look on the outside as ugly as you are on the inside. From now on you will have no magic, no powers, just immortality. Your home will be the Delos Island- an island of peace and harmony that you destroyed in your hatred. You will live there alone, away from everything and everyone. I will never allow you to die; you will have an eternity to contemplate at all the evil you've done in your life. I will come each year to hear what you think that can be done so all the fae people in Faery be happy and live together as one race as they used to. If you should fail to give me at least one good advice in each year, you will be punished. My uncle will become the King of all fae and he will bring peace once again in Faery. Now be gone!" she flickered her hand and he vanished.

She turned to her great-grandfather "You will make a great King, Poppy. I put a spell on the island so none can get find it or get on it and Brendann couldn't leave it."

"That was a very wise judgment, my little one. I am proud of you," Naill bent to kiss her forehead.

Everyone put their weapons away as Sookie turned to her beloved.

"I have to finish this Erikr. They will never leave us alone if I don't. Those little bitches crossed me for the last time!" she vowed.

"Lover, you can't fight The Fates!"

"Sure I can, just watch me!"

"Sookie! Stop putting yourself in danger. I would fight a thousand demons all by myself than have you in a dangers way for one second."

"Didn't you already done that?"


I took his face in my hands and looked him in the eyes.

"Trust me, Erikr. They have to be dealt with otherwise they will keep playing with our lives until one of us is dead. I am strong enough to fight them. You just have to have faith in me, Erikr. Har Tro."

"I do trust you, lover. But they are all Gods; they all have the same powers as you do…"

"No, they don't. God's powers come from their believers. And now the Greek Gods don't have many believers, while I have hundreds of thousands that believe in me and love me. I can destroy the entire Olympus and not even catch my breath."

"Lover, we will discourse your powers in detail when you come back from this little task of yours. I find myself… surprised to find out how powerful you became…"

"Thank you for understanding, Erikr. And I am the same as I was. Nothing changed. I didn't want more power, I never did. And just so you know, my power comes from love, so right now you are the strongest source of my powers. I am strong because I am with you."

He kissed her tenderly on the lips, "I am not a weak man that needs reassurance of his strength in the relationship, my love. I love you as you are and I wouldn't change anything about you. Ever."

"I love you too, Erikr."

"I will help your great-grandfather put things in order here while you go kick some Goddesses ass."

She teleported directly in the throne room in Olympus.

The Greek Gods were all there: Zeus- the king off Greek Gods- sitting on his golden throne with his daughters, The Fates standing t his right: Athena- the Goddess of Wisdom holding her sword in her hands and wearing her gold helmet, Ares the God of War wearing his black armor, ready for fight… Everyone. Even Apollo with a concerned look on his face and a hint of sadness.

He knew…. and he suffered.

"How nice to see you all here… were you waiting for me? Surely my dears … aunts?... The Fates announced my arrival. Haven't you, my dears?"

Clotho took a step back hiding behind her sister Atropos while Lachesis frowned in anger.

"Aren't you all sweet, to come all of you here to greet me. Good. That means I will not have to repeat myself."

"Don't you dare talking to us like this!" Zeus roared in rage. "We are gods by more millennia that you can count little fairy, you should crawl at our feet and beg for mercy!"

"Should I?" She took a step forward then another. "Why? Because you are so good? So fair? So full of understanding?"

"I have more powers than you can dream off, stupid girl! I could erase you off the face of earth!"

"So everything comes down to power, doesn't it?

"Of course. We are Gods, the power is what makes us stronger."

"Well then, bow before me, king of Gods, and maybe I will have mercy on you," she let her powers burst though her every pore with a powerful thunder that knocked every God present off his feet.

Only Zeus remained unmoved and only because he was sitting.

Sookie raised her magic, letting out all the anger, rage, sorrow and hurt that she felt and threw it at them while they struggled to get behind the big white marble columns that were supporting the ceiling.

The Fates screamed in horror of the wave of pain that crushed them, just as they crushed so many people in the past. Each pain they inflicted, each life they took, each injustice they did… they all come back t the tenfold.

The powerful Greek Gods whimpered under the weight of her powers.

Apollo remained unharmed by her powers and he sat still where he fell when she unleashed the magic. He had an understanding in his stare that made her think if he knew it would come to this…

If he would have told her …. There was no use to keep tormenting herself with what it could be.

The past cannot be changed, but the future… Well, the future was another matter all together.

"How is this for powers, oh great King?" she let her magic grab Zeus by the throat and lift him of his mockery throne.

Lachesis tried to use her powers to attack her, but there was no use. Sookie had locked all their powers when she entered the big palace.

"Where are all your famous powers now Zeus? Why don't you teach me a lesson, hmm? After all I'm just a stupid child, right?"

"What do you want?" he yelled.


"You can't take this from us! This is who we are… what we were born to be… You can't understand…"

"Oh, but I do, Zeus, I do… All this time you had the power to do good things but you just used it to cheat, to gain more power, more wealth… more everything. You never did anyone any good, just took advantage off your position to do whatever you want no matter who got hurt in the process. All of you did the same. What good are your powers if you are not using them right? How about you all go back to earth, in the human world and live like humans… for let's say a thousand years? So you can see what your selfishness did to the human race, so you can bask in your creation?"

"No! You can't do this!"

"Watch me!" and just like that she took their powers and send them to earth.

All but Apollo.

"I am the same as they are. I did so many things… evil things…"

"I know, but at least you regret it."

"How do you know that?"

"I'm a telepath, great-great-grandfather, have you forgotten?"

"You can read even Gods minds?"

"I can read anyone's mind except one… He was always an exception to my powers."

"Don't you find that disturbing?"

"Actually, I find it very much exciting. This way we will be able to have a normal relationship. Just a man and a woman. No tricks."

"You are truly amazing my dear. So wise and powerful yet somehow innocent. What will you do with me?"

"What would you like me to do?"

"I think that it would be fair to share the other's fate since I am responsible for the same sins."

"Yes, that would be fair… But not like the others. You have a family… my family, maybe it's time for you to know them," she took his hand and teleported them both to Bon Temps.

Erikr finished organizing Niall's army while The Prince and the leaders of all the other three fae nations held a council to decide the future ruling of the fairies.

There was no question that Niall will become king. Even if Sookie had not proclaimed it as a Goddess, he was still the only remaining Prince. And he was not that bad for a fairy, not to mention that he will be his future great-grandfather –in-law.

The Doors opened and all the fairy warriors around what used to be Brendann's beautiful citadel faced their leaders in waiting.

"Ashmahan throughmadis Akran Niall!" the earth fairy leader proclaimed.

All the warriors kneeled as one "Ashmahan throughmadis Akran Niall."

Erikr bowed his head to the new king.

"I will help you with everything you will need, king Niall."

"Northman… You and Sookie," Niall approach Erikr. "I give you my blessing and I am honored to have you as part of my family. I hope you and my niece will have a happy life together and make me many nieces and nephews…"

"Niall… I am vampire, have you forgotten? I cannot have children," Erikr eyes were shadowed by the realization that he will not be able to give Sookie a family should she wish one.

And knowing Sookie he was certain she would wish a family…

"Have no worries, Northman, my niece is a goddess, her entire being is full of magic. You being a vampire would change nothing. And besides, you have some powerful protectors, I'm sure they found a way to keep your ability to make children intact for Sookie considering all the trouble they went through to put you two together."

"What are you speaking off?"

"My sister…" Niall's voice broke. "She told me when I asked her to take Sookie to her island and teach her. She said that Sookie's very soul was tied up to a man that lived a thousand years ago by the Gods themselves. And by that I don't mean the pathetic Greek scum. Goddess Freya herself manifested herself to Pythia in a vision telling her that Sookie will be born of her lineage and that my sister should guide her until the time come for her to meet her soul-mate. Freya told my sister that you were her best warrior and you were meant for great things, one of which was to unite all the supernatural beings under one leadership. Your leadership. She wanted to make sure you have a woman worth of you so she linked you and Sookie together to be able to see each other in your dreams. I hadn't know at the time my sister told me this that that man was you, she never said any name, but I understood from the way you and Sookie look at one another. Take good care of her Freya's warrior."

"Freya… I never knew…"

"Have you met her?"

"No, I was a warrior, not a priest. I pried to her of course, all the warriors do, I gave sacrifice in her name, but I never had time to chat with the Gods…"
Niall smiled kindly, "You must have been a great warrior to have the honor to be mated by the Gods themselves."

""I don't know how great I was, or why did Freya went to so much trouble for me, a simple warrior among many, but what I do know is that Sookie is Mine. She always was and she always will be. And I am hers just the same."


The britlingens and the Weres left Faery each going to their own world to get on with their life not knowing that from that night their life changed. The vampires were helped by some britlingens to teleport back to human world where the night just began and the demons let the sun rise over the blood washed lands of Faery.

The down came gradually changing the colors of the sky from black to red, to orange and finally blue.

Everything looked better.

Mothers greeted their sons with open arms, fathers held their children with eyes blurred with emotion, wives embrace their husbands relieved that the nightmare was over.

A new day began in Faery and with it a new age of peace.


Erikr entered his mansion with his brother Vilonn at his side, Moon following them and Tro paddling on their footsteps. Garron flew to find himself a cave nearby until Erikr would be able to arrange for something more suitable for him. The rest of the vampires that came with them went back to their homes and their lives.

All settled as the night passed and everyone went back to their routine.

Erikr felt the shift in the air the moment Sookie arrived back home and his hand took a stronger hold of the phone at his ear.

He heard the tiny piece off technology crack in his hand so he made himself relax.

"I am sorry, Proteus, Something needs my attention. I will inform my mate of the Council's proposal and we will let you know of what she decides."

He snapped the phone shut as he covered the distance to his bedroom, now their bedroom, with big determined steps.

She was wearing a long red dress and a crown of flowers, exactly how she did on their last dream.

Her beautiful golden hair fell on her back past her bottom curling a little at the ends, her blue eyes were full of love and promises, her body an invitation to sin: her breast overflowing the low cut decolletage, her tiny waist hugged by the silk in a way that he wanted to rip the thin material to shreds, her hips round and ripe…

She was perfection.


In a blink of an eye he had her in his arms holding her tight, caressing her hair.

"My love, the Council asks you to become the Oracle… They are waiting for your decision to…"

"The council can wait," she wrapped her hands around his neck thrusting her hips forward to rub against his already hard length.

Her lips trailed butterfly kisses along his jaw, and then took his moth in a soul wrecking kiss.

"I love you My Sookie."

"I love you My Erikr."

The End.

Ashmahan throughmadis Akran Niall!- Long live King Niall!

I theía mou- my aunt

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