Over 10,000 years go, the Pegasus Galaxy was in a state of conflict between two advance interstellar Speciess; one were the Lanteans, also known as the 'Ancestors' or commonly the 'Ancients'. The other were the Wraith, vampiric, hive-mind species that evolved from an insectoid species later known as the Irutus after assimilating Human-DNA into their physiology. The Wraith posed a greater threat to the Lanteans to gain power over the galaxy and waged an interstellar war with their enemies.

The Wraith successfully pushed them further over strength and numbers, forcing them to hide their remaining city ships, including Atlantis from the Wraith's hands. A splinter fleet strongly suggested on followeing them to the location of their refuge and eliminate them for good, using ZPMs they stole during the war to make their ships more powerful and able to travel through Dark Space, a void between galaxies.

They successfully pin point the location, the Milky Way of where the Lanteans visited but with the destination it would take long periods of time to reach the galaxy, so the Wraith had to use alot of energy from the ZPMs through the journey.

After finally reaching the Milky Way Galaxy the Wraith were forced to search for any nearby habitable planet in order to go into hibernation after depleted nearly all their energy. The location they exited hyperspace was the near edge of the Delta Quadrant, far on the other side of the galaxy from where the Ancients retreated to Earth.

Over many thousands of years the Wraith have awakened from their deep slumber, after feeding on the last of their 'food' supply the Wraith launched search parties for any planets that surpport Human life. To their discovery that not only Humans inhabit many worlds but many alien races they never imagined, nearly all were humanoid. To their annoyance as most have aready developing interstellar ships and would pose a threat to the Hive, so they decided to invade those that still primitve and easy to cull large numbers of their new feeding grounds.

Over the years they had begun establishing outposts and new hives to expand their territory. With the newly developed bio-organic technologies and vast war ships, they immediatly attacked the outer colonies of the nearby borders of the alien governments. Many civilizations fell under their might; for those who were deemed unable to feed, such as non-humanoids which are rare in the quadrant would be forced to strengthen their borders or abandon their worlds to avoid being conquered. However the Wraith agreed to leave some of them alone so long as they do the same only if they trade for any valuable resources they require.

It was then they established the Wraith Imperium as one of the major powers of the quadrant, their rebutation srpead like fire throughout hundreds of systems on their side of the galaxy. Upon finding a few Stargates, allowing them to send scouts to many worlds beyond the known regions. They discovered many systems in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrant were controlled by the Goa'ul; a race of parasites that take on humanoid hosts and act as 'gods' to many primitive Human civilizations.

The Imperium reluctantly left them be to prevent their enemies from gaining the chance to attack when their numbers were thin accross the galaxy. One day one of their scouts returned before encountered a large number of machines known as the Borg; a race of cyber-organic machines bent on assimilating many sentient races, including the Wraith and most of all their feeding grounds.

The Wraith Imperium started developing new experiments, learning how the Borg assimilate their victoms using their nanites and build more hive ships to counter the Borg and made themselves immune to their nanites. In the midst of war another entity joined and gave no mercy to the Borg, Replictors, machines that entered the Milky Way galaxy spread to all known regions using stargates and infected vessels. Most of them turned their attentions to the Borg, devouring every technology and replicating in vast numbers than the Drones could count and reduced their collective to a handful of systems when all of a sudden the Replicators were wiped out by a sudden anomaly.

With the Borg weaken many races took the uppoertunity to strike at them, mainly the Wraith to take most of their technology and reverse engineer them to organic compounds. The Empress who now leads the Imperium created many new castes, including the newly evolved Irutus bugs to serve their roles in the empire; Commanders, Warriors, Irutus drones and other such creatures they created. One such caste were used to infiltrate many civilizations and their societies, mostly Humans and those with similiar physical appearances.

They would keep a close watch on the other powers in the galaxy, mainly the Dominion in the Gamma Quadran, the Asgard and other such powerful races and the Klingon Empire in the Beta Quadrant. While they reign over the Delta Quadrant than the other intersellar powers they were completely unaware of the war in their home galaxy, defeated by a race of Humans called the Tau'ri who originated from the planet they had searched for many years to eliminate the Lanteans, Earth.

While on Earth the stargate program continued on exploring most parts of the galaxy and send many colony outposts such as the Alpha and Beta sites. The Atlantis Expedition made contact with an alien species called 'Ghosts', an offshoot species of the Wraith that abandoned their needs to feed on humans and were believed to have been wiped out by the Wraith centuries ago. Unlike their cousins, Although the Ghosts were humanoid they were more insectoid than their counterparts and formed a peaceful relations with few humans. With their advance knowledge and with Todd and some of his followers they created a syndrome to remodify all the remaining Wraiths' biolgy in the Pegasus galaxy into their kind during their hibernations.

In the year 2026 hostile actions between the Eastern Coalition and the United States broke out and declared World War III. COnflicts soon escaleted into a nuclear holcaust, engulfed much of the planet. The remaining Stargate Command had no choice but to burry the base along with the Stargate and exiled themselves, allowed to take their families with them to safer places with their allies: Galarans, Tollans and the Spirits whogave them sanctuary until they would return to their home planet.

However after the Ori invasion most races such as the Furlings and the Nox decided bury their gates while the Jaffa Nations went into isolation but maintain contact with many Human worlds to restore the damages the Goa'uld did when they enslaved many. The Tok'ra followed the Tau'ri to the Pegasus along with the symbiotes that remained in stasis until a host is found for them, only a few remained behind to watch over most worlds for future notice. Many humans became willing hosts for the Goa'uld after forming alliances with the Tok'ra, mainy the Tau'ri while others were unsure since little was known about them over the first few days.

The people of Atlantis soon created their own civilization with the Athosians, the Ghosts and the restored Asgard. The coalition of Planets was dissolved renamed their new alliance as the Atlantean Repbulic. With all communications with Earth severed the Tau'ri believed the civiizations on Earth had died and were forced to adjust to their homeworld, New Lantea which was designated M35-117 by the first generation before them. Years go on, the Tau'ri were sometimes reffered as Atlanteans by some races.

They had discovered other lost outposts and City-ships long thought to be destroyed after the Wraith-Lantean War, the Republic was revolutionised after discovering crystaline/nanite technology that could allow buildings, machines and ships to rebuild themselves. Hard light energy was created by the Asgard to power weapons, ships and fighters to increase their maneuverabilities, most of the early generations from Earth gained the ideas from some of the popular science fiction movies in the early 21st century.

A century after the exodus they discovered a Destiny-Class Ancient ships that can seed Stargates on every habitale planet they come acrosses. This allowed them to expand the Stargate network onto other galaxies the Destiny crew travelled, the crew were told what happened and later adjust to thier life lives in the other galaxies the Republic spread to.

Over the many generations the Tau'ri cultures and clothing from Earth evolved into more asian with European mix. The histories and knowledge of their ancestral home planet remained with them by the first colonists to keep the legacies of their ancestors alive through them. Strongely believe that one day they would return to Earth.

So this is the new version of the Wraith Imperium. Here the Atlantean technology and fighters in this fanfic woud be similiar to the Forerunner and Tron Legacy-type, lets just say it blew my mind of how the future would be like as technology continues to evolve. They would surpass the federation itself as will our people perhaps depends on the future. I hope you like it it will be awhile to do this when working on the others.