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As the events of the galaxy begin to take fold, some of the non-corporeal beings from the Higher Plane begin to wonder what would happen now the Atlantean descendants returned to and the Wraith will begin to unfold their plans. Since the Wraith had followed their enemies to the Milky Way, they shifted the balance of power since the Goa'uld Empire fell and wiped out the Borg Collective centuries ago, taking their position as one of the most feared predators of the galaxy. Expanding their Imperium throughout the hundreds of systems under their rule, but not easy with other rivals powerful as they are but kept a good distance from them but still pose a threat to the many civilizations in the Delta Quadrant.

The Q took a noting of this since the moment the original Tau'ri of Earth rediscovered their forgotten past after the fateful encounter of the Wraith. A relief for them to prevent the Wraith from alerting their counterparts of Earth's location, it would've been a disaster for Humanity before they could even reach the next step. But it would only be a matter of time

They are slow to understanding the nature of the Stargates but gave the Federation an advantage of exploration. Few advance beings took notice and tested their limits and other races when the Organians studied theirs and the Klingons' beliefs, foreseeing the two would turn from mortal enemies to become great allies.

However, there was one incident when one of the beings known as Apollo wanted them to worship him, either unaware of the threats that loom over Humanity or being arrogant to just being worshiped proved they have out grown them. Q would've scoffed at his attempts to make them his 'worshippers' as he or the other 'gods' as they saw themselves would've been no better then the Goa'uld who scared their reputation among the other worlds they enslaved for eons.

With the coming return of the Tau'ri descendants after over three centuries, they may be a chance to restore the balance of the galaxy and help their Earth cousins, Q had been supportive of their plans to make contact with their distant cousins before the Wraith make their plans for the invasion.

Within the Continuum, Q took a thinking pose while watching the events take fold and finds this most entertaining for him. Now the Atlantean Republic will find out about the Wraith they will surely send their ships to find and destroy the threat to the galaxy until they will find out how much of a difference these Wraith are to the ones they fought in the ancient war.

"I see you decided to observe the coming events, Apollo."

Appearing beside him was a tall and strong built man who look so human and yet a powerful entity that is considered a god to mortals by his divine powers. "I only wish to see the children grow and how they will learn. Now that these abominations are coming I fear for their future." Not taking his eyes upon Q and focusing on the conflict between the Wraith, the far outsiders and the Klingons. Spoken like a parent as he still considers them his children and all the Olympian Gods.

Q just scoffed at his statement. "Oh come off it, they aren't your children and you know it. You and those 'gods' think you know what was best for them to protect them from those like the Wraith and the Dominion. Ironically they would've feared the Borg had they not been eaten by those metal munchers from the Ida galaxy."

"But if only they know my reason, they are still young and not ready! Which was the reason for allowing them a new start and to worship me!"

"Oh do stop with the nonsense and face reality! Bunch of hogwash, you people came to Earth and started out as protectors and teachers until power clouded your judgement and started to believe you really were gods, made you no different then the Ori and the Goa'uld." Q had no fondness for them as well to the Ancients and saw some interesting things from Humanity and not liking someone to ruin the chances after all the tests he put them through, least he felt some debt to the Tau'ri for preventing the Ori or Anubis from becoming a universal threat. It made him wonder if they were any chance related to them.

"I only acted on the best of their interest, but I can see that they are not like their ancestors." Regretted to admit it as he only wanted to protect them from the horrors that existed within the galaxy, even so if he would bring force upon them to simply accept him as a god.

"Well, they fought against so-called gods when they found the Stargate and liberated many worlds from the tyranny of those Goa'ulds who used not only your names but many for power. With a branch of the Tau'ri thriving in the Pegasus galaxy, this will be an interesting turn of an event." Giving his thoughts on the Tau'ri, they came along way and had such potential centuries ago had it not been for the Third World War that pushed them back a few years and briefly forgot about the deeds and actions they've done for the galaxy, and would've been longer had they not unintentionally awakened the frozen Wraith that survived the crash.

"Perhaps you are right, Q, but I still fear for their well being as it is not just the Wraith they will meet but will have many challenges to face." The Olympian god fades away, leaving Q to think of the situation in the galaxy with many changes to come in the near future, remembering his time from the Enterprise of the trial and times of 'visits'. And thinking of another idea to test their growth by facing new players in the galaxy that the Federation never encountered before, or if they are ready to face an old enemy. But the problem was the Federation humans were being a little careless on their urge to explore the galaxy with no consequences since the last war, if only they learnt a thing from the Tau'ri in the Pegasus galaxy.

An idea formed from his mind and just the idea that would kill two birds with one stone, as a phrase the humans from Earth use. He already met the president of the Atlantean Republic and let him know of what to expect upon their journey to the Milky Way. Perhaps it was time his dear friend Picard should get a little sneak peak and experience the whole wider galaxy. "I believe its time to see how ready they are for the rest of the galaxy. To boldly go where no man as gone before." The plan he had may be costly, but should give them a little reminder.

Several hours earlier

Far in the outskirts of the Alpha Quadrant, aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard to explore new and uncharted space, seeking new worlds and civilizations as it was part of the Federation's urge to understand the nature of space and create bonds with other worlds since they created the first starship in nearly a century.

Ten Forward run by the female bartender named Guinan was having a conversation with one of the regular costumers, having a peaceful moment when… something from the back of her mind made the woman turn her attention to something else. IT made her feel uneasy to what it was so she reached for the communications channel to contact the bridge. "Bridge, this is Ten Forward."

"Guinan? I don't remember you calling the bridge before." Hearing Commander Riker from the bridge.

She asked. "Is everything alright?"

"How d'you mean?"

Feeling like something was wrong and needed to find out. "Is there anything unusual happened?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary. Why?"

Softly shook her head. "I'm not sure, just a feeling. Had it a couple of times before, probably nothing. Forget I called, Ten Forward out." Disconnects the comm channel and resumes her work, but deep down she knew it felt familiar but unable to recall what it was that made her uneasy. Something that made her feel like it happened so long ago, and she hoped to never again feel or remember.


She hadn't felt afraid before, not since the day… her people were invaded and slaughtered, forcing the survivors to scatter across the galaxy by a powerful enemy, though, they had manage to survive without being discovered by the Goa'uld of the time, but only by luck until then. Jean-Luc's sudden disappearance could not be a coincidence, this could be something done by an all too familiar presence. One she hopes isn't up to any trouble for the ship, or even the Federation.

Ronan could not believe what his eyes were seeing and neither could his teammates, except for K'Toa as his species never met them. Stepping out of the Stargate were the Wraith, a species that were considered the most feared and merciless throughout the Pegasus Galaxy, invading many inhabited planets, feeding upon humans like life stock and no remorse for their actions, only to make certain the numbers were suitable every feeding cycle to prevent them from advancing to a point they pose a threat.

Until the day they were finally defeated by travellers, one of those was his ancestor who fought in the war to free the humans from the long eons of tyranny and fear of the Wraith with the help of the Tau'ri.

Nowadays there were none left as many became the Ghosts and the galaxy was finally at peace, no one shed a tear for their suppose extinction

All of them were thinking the same thing in their heads. So what were they doing in this galaxy and how did they get here? Or how long they've been in this galaxy. As far as Stargate Command had known, was certain there was only ONE hive ship that had a major upgrade from a ZPM they acquired to make their journey between galaxies easier, could these be survivors from the last battle? So many questions that needed to be answered and one thing is certain, it means trouble for the Milky Way. The aliens calling themselves Klingons may not be aware of the threat they pose.

Noah had to send a message to the Republic of the Wraith. "Set weapons to kill, but do not fire until I say so. If they're here, it means trouble for us." As much as any of them want to shoot the Wraith for the things they've done, but couldn't risk exposing themselves yet.

"You know who they are, human?" One of the Klingons, Jathaq spoke out, like them they took cover and curious about the aliens that came through the stargate. These humans seem to know them well by their tone of hostility to the new arrivals.

"Oh we know them alright, but the strange thing is we thought they were wiped out long time ago. And not around here." Checking his ammunition and setting the weapons for kill.

"All you have to know is they are a greater threat then you think. If you want to know about them, best not to charge in recklessly and not give them a chance to get back through the gate." Ronan didn't want to risk his team and hoping the aliens don't do anything stupid, hardly know anything about them but surely couldn't be stupid to expose themselves to an enemy. They pulled out their weapons, set them from stun to kill when ready to fire and make certain their old foes don't return should they proceed to fight the Wraith and prevent any more of them from coming through.

A squad of Wraith soldiers stepped through the stargate and observed their surroundings after stepping through the gate, clearly habitable with a breathable atmosphere and an alien forest all around them. They were assigned by their commanders of the Imperium to set up a military outpost on an uninhabited world within Beta Quadrant for future expansion for their soldiers to pass through enemy borders. According to what they have been informed by their spies, the factions on the other side have been slowly growing powerful and this alliance of various species known as the United Federation of Planets could perhaps pose a threat to the Wraith Imperium.

They hade been scouting for several planets for reconnaissance to keep a close watch of their rivals in both Alpha and Beta quadrants, the same for the Dominion but so far as their concern they don't have the technology for Hyperspace so the Imperium has the main advantage over for the time being.

The leader of the team for the mission ordered his soldiers to spread out and search for any signs of any inhabitants in the area, for all he knows this place could've been found by anyone. For him, hoping there would be a race suitable for feed as they are eager for new feeding grounds, and if the reports about the area within this part of the galaxy is true it would be rich with humans for the Wraith to prey.

Walked down the stoned platform and now on an alien soil, he observe the surrounding area as the gate closed behind them, scouring the perimeter around the gate for anything of interest to the Imperium. The leading member turned to one of his subordinates. "Contact the ship to prepare the next wave."

The soldier nodded and approached the DHD to reconnect the gates, but before they could return through the stargate to report back, but what happened next was the Wraith shot in the back by a thin beam of energy, cried in pain before falling to the ground and succumb to his wound. Taken by surprise by an ambush laid by an unknown party, taken cover using the debris and stoned structures and return the favour of firing their weapons at the direction the beam came from. Firing multiple blue plasma bolts at their targets who were carefully hidden within the environments until one of them popped out and took a shot of one of the Wraith in the shoulder.

"Klingons!" One of the Commanders cried out. Instantly recognising the creatures for their long unkempt hair, the weapons and protruding ridges on their foreheads. They were among the few who could pose a threat to the Imperium's plans. "Keep them away from the gate!" Keeping their hold of the gate until they can call for reinforcements, but another party they were unfamiliar with. Instead of using energy or plasma-based weapons, these humans were using primitive but very effective projectiles that have already taken a kill of one of the Wraith soldiers in the broad chest but hardly mattered to his kind, both sides continued to exchange plasma and phasers at each other to gain the advantage. Who ever these humans were, they will pay the price for standing in the way of the galaxy's apex species.

Firing their phasers at the new enemy that emerged from the stargate, a structure built by an advance civilization long ago familiar to the Klingons who learnt how to use for missions against the Goa'uld when they were at their weaken state. Learnt to use only for supply runs between worlds and diplomatic missions between the Empire and the Federation. Although becoming common to the Alpha Quadrant, it wouldn't be a surprise if the rest of the galaxy learnt of their potentials.

Jathaq ordered his warriors to continue firing upon the Wraith, although weary of siding with a group unknown to him but they so far know these aliens as a threat and possibly to the Klingon Empire, if they know how to use the Stargate then the Klingons must prepare themselves for a possible war in the near future. Firing all they can against the Wraith, the ones referring to themselves as Atlanteans held their ground, he took a glance of their weapons, primitive but effective as one or two of the enemy were shot by their bullets with limited use of advance weaponry.

However, they were too distracted by another that assaulted them from behind, firing his weapon and created an explosion of debris near their positions. "A cowardly ambush!" One of his soldiers grunted, a tactic that made them easy targets. Somehow one of the damn aliens must have come through the gate before they came to this planet.

Jathoq growled in annoyance while regaining his thoughts and stands up to face the one who dared to pull such a cowardly trick, unable to allow them the taste of victory, he brought out his bat'leth to challenge them to a battle. "My blade shall taste new blood in battle!" Taking one of them to a one-on-one combat, showing no sign of fear or hesitation to his foe. The Wraith soldier pulled out a long dagger from his waist and clashed his blade with the Klingon's, keeping a short distance with such a weapon they wield for combat, ignoring the difference of their choice of weapon but determine to make the kill. The Commander was eager to get a taste of Klingon to feed after his victory, believing to be an easy kill like so many humans they culled.

What the Wraith have failed to know about Klingons is they are born to fight, ready to die in battle, and not so easy to beat. Jathoq used his brute stretch to push the Wraith commander back with his weapon, swinging it about to deflect the dagger from reaching him and delivered a slash on to the shoulder when he let himself exposed. The white haired humanoid gritted his teeth to resist the pain, rolled to the side to avoid another strike and thrust his blade into Jathoq by the abdomen but the Klingon saw it coming and kicked his blade from his hand, then received another by kicking him in the helmet, tumbling backwards and fallen to the ground. Taking this moment to strike receiving a stab through the chest by the sharp points of the bat'leth, ending the Wraith's life as the last thing he saw was the blade came down in a horizontal direction.

Arker ducked behind a tree from being hit by them plasma bolts, dropped his weapon by the side but unable to risk getting hit to get it for the moment. Reached down in his pocket and pulled out a communicator "K'Toa, this is Arker! Are you receiving me! Inform Obediah we are under attack! They're coming through the stargate and clearly advance."

"Attacked? By who?" That question he was uncertain if he could answer, never before had he seen living breathing Wraith that were thought to have been wiped out from the galaxy. But seen a squad full of them surrounding the gate seems to tell a different story.

"I don't know how to say this, but we're attacked by Wraith. Honest to the Ancestors. Wraith! In the Milky Way Galaxy!" A blast made an impact on a tree branch that was just above him, causing the Ghost to stagger after a close call. "Call for back up, we need to alert the fleet right away!" Cutting off the communications when returning fire on the nearest target he could fire at, but was being pinned down by several plasma bolts.

K'Toa typed his fingers on the control pad to get in touch with the fleet of the emergency to report upon their arrival. Although his species never encountered the Wraith but learnt the horrific tales of what they did to the humans of the Pegasus galaxy by treating them as nothing more then domesticated animals to be their food source. Giving nothing but sympathy to them and as for their cousins of the Destiny ship for helping them survive the slaughter of the Drones.

"Do you receive me? This is 2nd Officer K'Tau reporting of a hostile attack." Communicating through the link to get in touch with the fleet. Receiving a link and brought up a screen to reveal Obadiah.

"This is the Pheonix Reborn, what's the situation?" The captain requested a report from the Ursini officer.

"We under heavy fire from invaders through a stargate. We made contact with another species, however a third party came through the stargate. The species are identified as Wraith." He could see the shocked and confused expression on the captain's face after what he just said, thinking he had said there were Wraith in the Milky Way which couldn't be. Thinking it was just a coincidence or some resemblance to them.

"Officer, I could've sworn you said the Wraith. How can that be?"

"This wouldn't be the time, we need reinforcements now, transmitting the coordinates of our current position now." Wasted no time sending him the coordinates and hope they could make it in time. No telling how long until there be more of the Wraith make it through the gate.

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