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Chapter 5: Big brothers

Waiting for class to begin, Narue sat at her desk doodling in her notebook with the new crayons Sarutobi had given her last night. Shikamaru slept easily beside her, or so it seemed. Instead he was observing her, She had intrigued him over the last week, taking mental notes on different things. How she held her head, held her crayon, tongue stuck out in concentration.

Shikamaru's genius mind came up with several conclusions. '1. she's a really good actress. 2. Brain damage of some sort. 3. She's a complete and utter idiot.' Deciding to continue with observation, he asked her a question, "Hey, Narue, when did you get back to Konoha? How long were you gone?"

Looking up when she found she was being spoken to she answered,

"Un! We had to walk a very long way, all the way from the place with all the water and it was so cool Shika-kun! We passed a HUGE lake and mommy let me swim in it for an hour! I left when I was very young, I can't really remember why any more but daddy said that something bad, bad happened. So we left."

Throughout her story, Narue had been illustrating with her hands and arms and attracted attention from the other two boys she had met, Keba and Choge? Well, anyways she was telling her friends about her life and they were listening!

When she reached her last words, the blonde girl's face had fell and looked slightly lonely. Shikamaru acting on an impulse reached out and patted her on the head a few times, kindly saying, "That was a great story Narue, I hope you have other stories to tell us later?"

Feeling the friendly hand on top of her head, and the gentle words made Narue smile softly and truly. She nodded to confirm her answer and was about to speak before another voice interrupted her.

"So, the little dobe is making friends, figures it's the other dobes too." Sneered a raven haired pale boy, hands in his cream shorts, the boy's posture literally screamed pompousness. Kiba and Shikamaru grimaced, and the pleasantly plump Chouji cast his eyes to the floor. Narue reached over and took his hand patting it comfortingly.

When Chouji felt the small hand on his he looked up at the child-like girl and squeezed his hand in appreciation. He still didn't like anybody putting down his friends and himself, and felt hurt when it happened.

"Watch what you're saying Sasuke." Growled the Inuzuka boy standing up to face him, Sasuke straightened himself as well and glared into the dog-boy's face.

"What are you going to do about it baka-inu?" retorted the Uchiha, Kiba growled when from behind spoke a unusually hard tone coming from the usually lazy voice of Shikamaru

"Sasuke, leave we don't want any trouble." The spiky-haired boys brown eyes glinted.

Sensing impending danger, Narue ran in front of Kiba, setting her back against him to hold him back. Staring into the dark-eyed avengers eyes he told him simply,

"You feel bad and I don't like you, please leave." gawking at her request Sasuke snorted and walked away arrogantly, leaving behind his final words:

"Trash should stay in the garbage where it belongs, dead-lasts." Stalking silently to his seat near the front, the last "sane" Uchiha sat and ignored any attempt at conversation issued by his fangirls.

Watching him walk away Narue narrowed her cerulean eyes at his back, there was something wrong with that boy, and she felt it.

"Why'd you stop us Narue! We could've taken that bastard!" Kiba snarled, clenching his fists, lifting her head to study his fuming face,

"Fighting is only necessary when you need to protect someone you hold precious." her almost rehearsed reply quieting the angry boy and sent him to his desk muttering loud enough to be heard.

"You are precious." A smile blossomed on the blonde's face lighting up the entire room.

From then on, Kiba, Shikamaru and Chouji had assumed the roles of Narue's older brother's and the tiny girl couldn't be happier. Every time she came to school, the three would help her with her studies, skills and anything else. During the day, the girl would sit at the back with Shikamaru on one side, Kiba and Chouji on the other and work her hardest on things she understood, and asked for help with those she couldn't.

Sasuke would never failing, insult her at every chance and every time she would ask him calmly and politely to leave, it had become such a common occurrence that Sasuke's fangirls had picked up the trend, and Narue had become half the classes enemy, not including sweet little Hinata, who blushed every time she looked at Kiba. (AN:…;p)

At about a third of the way through the year, there was an incident that involved Narue, Sasuke's fangirls and the one of the three Sannin.


Skipping away from the school, Narue smiled brightly and innocently, not paying attention to her surroundings; the streets were unusually crowded with many different females, all glaring at her, trying their best to drill holes in her head.

Suddenly, her path was blocked by a fat pink rhino! (Just kidding!) It was only Sakura. "Hello, Sakura-chan!" Narue was always amazingly polite to everyone she met, even those who were rather nasty to her.

"Shut-up, you blonde baka! We would like to talk to you!" other girls appeared around her, circling the little one in the middle.

"Of cour-"Narue was cut off with a cold, impatient tone of voice from a brunette, Ayumi "No more pleasantries, lets just teach her a lesson, to not deny our Sasuke-kun what he deserves!" the girls gave a collected yell before surging forward, claws-I mean fingernails at the ready.

A gust of wind flung up their hair and they stopped short, attempting to correct it. Searching where Narue was supposed to be, they found a large man, long white spiky hair fell down his back and his black eyes glared at them. On his shoulder perched Narue, waving down at them. Trembling in their designer footsies, the girls seemed terrified. Most of them were smart students so they knew who this was, Jiraya, One of the Sannin, Teacher of the Fourth, a legend.

"What do you think you're doing with my daughter?" the quiet, deadly voice creped them out, and as a pack, they squealed in fright and scattered. Hiding under carts and in holes, their evil red eyes glistened from their dark hiding places.

"Thank you daddy," Narue cheeped gratefully, "those bullies would have got me if you weren't here!" Jiraiya laughed and said victoriously,

"Those are no problem sweetheart, just wait until you see me chasing away suitors!" the sannin laughed ignoring the child's question on what a suitor was and walked away into the setting sun.

Flashback end

From that day on none of the fangirls had the guts to pick on the girl in public, only from the "safety" of the school and not as often out of fear of the girl tell her father on them.

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