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"We have to tell her, Annabeth. She'll have a right to know," ten years after the Titan War, Percy and Annabeth Jackson sat on the couch in their apartment. Since their daughter was due to be born in about half a month, Percy and Annabeth knew a discussion would have to come up sooner or later. About what they would tell her about their pasts. "Besides, imagine how ticked you would be if you were her when she finds out- we can't keep this from her forever."

"But, if she knows, she'll be attacked every five minutes," Annabeth reasoned. "And that's being kind. Her parents are two powerful demigods, so there's no way-"

"We won't be able to protect her," said Percy. "And, worst comes to worst, we move to camp."

"I don't want to see her hurt before she even knows what's attacking her! Besides, what if she's attacked at school? At a friend's house? Percy, we can't keep her from things like that- things that would be impossible if she knew."

"We'll teacher to fight early," no doubt Percy would have continued, but the phone rang, startling them both. It was Percy's mother, calling to see if they wanted to come over for dinner.

"This discussion isn't over," they both said the moment the phone was hung up.

Three Weeks Later

"Our beautiful Athanasia," Percy looked from his hour old daughter to his wife. "We're not telling her." Annabeth laughed.

"I know."