A/N – Last chapter. I've decided to only do one more. I just want to say i love all of you guys and thank you for all of the support I've gotten thorugh all of my hardships as I've written this. It's strange to think about everything that's happened since the conception of this story, and now it's all over.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Sarah that insisted I go to the hospital, or even Sam or Will. It was Robert. So, after everything had calmed down, everyone loaded up and headed to the hospital. Sam and I weren't the only ones worried about the baby. Everyone involved that knew me or Sam was going, even Mearing!

Mearing, or Charlotte as she has asked us to call her now, was not as bad as we first thought. She just followed the rules to the extreme. In fact, Charlotte and I had a lot in common.

Everyone was waiting in the waiting room of the nearest, functional hospital as I was examined. Sam was in there with me, wanting to be there when I received the news. A hour or so later, we walked out of the room hand-in-hand, faces straight. Everyone looked at us nervously. "The baby's fine" I told them, a smile appearing on both of our faces.

Several shoulders slumped in relief, and we received hugs from all of the humans.

A month later, we were all collected at the Lennox Household; the only one large enough, with enough property to hold everyone. Sarah and I had taken over the kitchen, while Will was working the barbeque. Annabelle was in the kitchen with us, as we were really the only girls besides Charlotte, who had yet to arrive.

All of the military guys and Sam were around the barbeque, just hanging out. Leo was there as well, with his girlfriend Cameron. She was a computer hacker who had secretly helped hide the Autobots throughout the years, deleteing and trashing the reputations of several unfriendlies.

"Everyone, gather round for a moment, please. can you all gather around! Sam's voice echoed as he called for attention. Everyone formed a circle around Sam and I. I looked at him curiously, wondering what he was up to.

"Lindsey" his voice was oddly clear and echoed slightly in the deafening silence. "We've been through a lot together the last six year. Discovering an alien race, hiding from the goverment, and being betrayed by one we thought me could trust. Oh, and finding oout you were pregnant in the middle of the most recent of wars" there was a sprinkling of laughter at that comment, but for the most part, it was still silent.

"You have been by my side every step of the way, even when I didn't deserve it. 'You over the world' you had told me once. Well, I've decided to choose you over the world"

Then, he kneled, making me, as well as several other women, gasp. Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. "Lindsey Maria Stewart, will you marry me?"

I was crying. I think the largest reason I was so over-emotional was the hormons, or at least, that's what I'm planning on blaming my reaction on. I broke into a smile and practically jumped on poor Sam, shouting in his ear.

"Yes. Yes, yes, YES!" I screamed, squeezing him tight. Sam grabbed me and stood, twirling me around, my feet high off the ground as everyone cheered.

"Momma, Bee called me 'Little lady' again!" Clara, our six year old daughter, came running into the house. Sam came in after her, chuckling. I wiped my wet hands on my jeans and kneeled down, arms out. Clara ran into my arms, giving me a giant hug.

"Oh, Sweetie, he means it nicely. Bee called me the same thing when he first found me. He called me that up until I had you. Now, I'm Mamma and you're little lady" I soothed. Clara calmed down and sighed. "Alright, but only he can call me that. Anyone else, and I'll sick Ironhide on them"

Sam and I shared a grin on that. we had finally found Ironhide's weakness, the children. Especially the girls. Annabelle and Clara could easily bring Ironhide to his knees.

I looked around at our house, the pictures littering the walls. Our wedding, Clara's birth, birthday parties, barbeque's, picnic, and one big picture off all the Autobots, the soldiers, and our families standing together. Everyone from the very begginging to right now, standing together. I smiled as sam and i continued our life. It was over. and we had our happily ever after.

Until the next time we needed to get into the car.