This is now my second fanfic. I want to make it longer than my previous one-shots. I've been reading a lot of DBZ, and I think its time that I get into it again as I do each year. This is the first chapter, and as such, the shortest. Its basically to introduce the setting and stuff.

EDIT: So I'm pretty much re-editing the whole story starting from chapter one. The story is gonna be the same just the author's notes are like not be so awkward. Because I know that there are so many typo's in the whole of the story, and this is one of the stories I'm most proud of. It still gets a fair amount of views so I wanted to make it easier to read. I expect to have a few chapters done per day at most.

It had been four years since Gohan beat Cell. He was now 15 years old. It took all his effort to convince Chichi to allow him to attend a public high school. Even though he had already been educated enough to help Bulma with her work at Capsule Corp, Gohan wanted a chance to make friends of his own age.

The only interactions he had ever had with someone of own his age had been with Lime just before the Cell Games. He enjoyed her company and when she told him that she was going to attend high school in Satan city, Gohan just had to join her.

It was a public school so he didn't have to worry his mother with any cost. As for transportation, even though the 439 Mountain area where he lived was a five hour car drive from his new school, Gohan could fly. Getting there would take him no more than half an hour.

He decided to go to high school since the 9th grade because he could get into a College with more ease if he had high marks all through school. If he had entered any later, it would have been a little harder for him in the future.

That was what he had told Chichi to let him enter. She bought it of course. Even though what Gohan had said was true, it wasn't his first priority. His true intention was to make friends. He was pretty isolated in his remote home. Granted, he could fly anywhere he wanted easily, but what fun would it be if there was no one to hang out with wherever he went.

His mother had already began schooling the four-year-old Goten, so Gohan could do no more than train him up to an hour a day, at the most. He was very strong already, a perfect match for five-year-old Trunks. Vegeta was furious at how well-trained Gohan kept his little brother.

Gohan's other forms of entertainment consisted of training himself up on the mountains, visiting Kame house and the look out, and reading. Now all those things were a great way to live his life in Gohan's opinion, but not quite enough social interaction as he would have preferred. Having friend your own age seemed so appealing in the books he read.

Chichi wasn't against Gohan training himself as well as Goten. The fact that Goten looked so similar to Goku, Chichi felt it only right for him to train. Also, the boys seemed to have so much fun training too, so she couldn't simply not allow them to do so. Despite her not wanting either of her babies in danger anymore.

And as long as he kept up his studies, Gohan could train him as much as he wanted. The teenaged Saiyan also tried to make it a habit to visit Capsule Corp often as well. Trunks saw him as a big brother, and the occasional battles he shared with Vegeta allowed him to keep track of his improvements. Bulma was a lovely god mother to him, and helping her work on projects was also a great pass time.

Gohan was happy with how he was living his life. His family and friends were safe. But Gohan felt it was time to start adventuring the world in his own way. Like how his father traveled around on the Nimbus, meeting and helping people from all corners of the Earth, Gohan wanted something like that. Before he was able to settle down, he wanted his own adventure. However one that was slightly less stressful than the ones he had already experienced.

High School seemed like a good way to do it. With all the different kinds of people, all the things to learn and friendships to be made, the demi-Saiyan wanted to experience it. So he put forth the effort to attempt to convince his mother to allow him to attend it. And praise Dende, she allowed it.