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The young doctor fidgeted from within the confines of the elevator. For once his uneasiness had little to do with the statistics of annual elevator-related deaths. He inhaled sharply, leaning his head against the metal wall.

The older man took a glimpse over at him then placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Reid looked up, all emotion betraying him in that one glance.

"Everything will be fine," Gideon said in a kind voice.

Reid nodded. He licked his bottom lip and took a deep breath as the elevator showed its coming stop being their floor. His fingers twitched despite the fact that he knew he had nothing to worry about.

His friends—his family were supportive of Gideon's idea the instant they heard. They would be beyond relieved to see the progress he had made in the past month. Sure he was not fully healed, and part of him wondered if one in his position would ever truly recover, but at the time he felt he had a hold on it enough to function during work and to live on his own. Not to mention he would still be receiving help from support groups after work. Besides, that morning Gideon promised him that if he ever relapsed he would be there for him.

The chime rang and the doors opened revealing the bustling scene of the office. Gideon pat him on the back which cued him to follow. Reid shuddered as he hesitantly stepped out of the safety of the elevator.

Doubt seized him. His left foot stepped back into the box. His mind taunted him with the many reasons he should flee. The voices reminded him of what he was and no matter how much help he received and how far he came he would always be an addict. His friends could never forgive him, that addiction would forever brand him. It was pointless to think he could move on.

"Spencer," Gideon called.

The mentioned looked up. He saw the sincere smile on his father's face and gave him a half smile of his own. With crossed arms Spencer took a deep breath and exited the elevator. The instant he breathed in that distinct smell of the office and the voices silenced.

"You have nothing to worry about," Gideon said. "They'll be happy to see you."

"I'm glad to be home," Spencer replied.

They made their way over to the bullpen and everyone smiled upon seeing the youngest and oldest members of their family approaching.

Finally gathering the courage to look his colleagues in the eyes he was first greeted by Morgan's wide smile. Beside the man Reid considered an older brother stood Garcia who bit her bottom lip, trying to keep from crying. No longer able to contain herself she moved forward and wrapped her arms around Spencer.

"I've missed you, baby," she whispered in his ear.

"I missed you too, Garcia," Reid said, returning her tight embrace. He inhaled the strawberry scent of her hair as he nuzzled against it.

They parted and she gave him a sweet smile. JJ was the next to offer him a hug. They need not speak a word; they were too happy to be in the arms of the other.

While Reid was gone JJ had gone through an ordeal herself as she still blamed herself for what happened to the young genius. Prentiss had offered her comfort and support and though at times she found herself holding blame, she was able to push it away. Now that she held Spencer in her embrace, she was finally able to truly forgive herself as well.

The two profilers were met with a few minutes more of welcome backs until it was time to resume their work.

Spencer walked back to his desk. He sat down in the familiar chair, feeling a sense of belonging. The BAU was where he belonged. He was Spencer Reid, a profiler with the FBI, a member of a family who loved him very much. Those were the words that described him. The drugs were a part of his past and would remain locked away there where they could no longer control nor define him.

Reid picked up a pen and the first report on his desk. With a smile he began his work. He had finally returned home.

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