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Whilst the servants were scrabbling about the kingdom, searching for the life-giving flower, one wizard was currently whispering the song that would give him back his exquisite beauty.

"Flower gleam and glow
Let your powers shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fate's design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine..."

A flash and the man again was handsome beyond belief; silvery curls became black as they fell into brightening blue. "Now, to get-" The soldier's shouting startled him.

"There! Get it! Queen Lily's going into labor!" Queen Lily in labor? He sneered as he thought of the brats who would be the rightful heirs.



Lily sighed as she held her twins close to her. Harry had been born with glowing silver hair; his sister, Rapunzel, with spun gold. They would be heartbreakers when they were older. James said as much as he looked down on them.

"Lils, with your eyes and that hair, they'll get proposed from all sides... And since males, especially from the Royal Potter line, can get pregnant, Harry as much as our little Zel."

"Yes, James, I know. But they're still our children and we can make or break a contract." She replied, yawning softly.

The next year was filled with beautiful laughter and childish squeals.

"Harry James! You will not bother the guards for their swords!" Lily admonished as she scooped up the rambunctious fifteen-month old.

"Mama!" He cooed, raising chubby little arms to pat her cheek.

"Brat." James growled playfully as he entered the room with his Chamberlains and best friends, Sir Sirius Black and Sir Remus Lupin; Rapunzel was asleep in his arms. "Hey, beautiful."

"Siwi! Wemy!" Harry purred as Remus scooped him right out and up of her arms, making her baby laugh as he was tossed high into the air. "Wead me stowy?" He yawned, blinking sleepy green eyes.

"Aww... That's so cute." She whispered as Harry joined his sister in sleep. "Sirius, any luck with-"

"Yeah. Three months... God, I hope he survives." Sirius replied in much the same tone, gazing at his husband with love and deep affection. "The Medi-wizard said that with plenty of rest and good food, we could have a cub in six more months."

"Moony? You alright?" Sirius asked after Remus's eyes widened and he placed a hand on his slightly swollen stomach. "Is it-"

"No, Pads. He moved... He moved!" Tears glittered unshed in humble amber eyes. Remus deserved his cub... They all gently touch and pulled away as they felt the movement, giggling quietly.


Lord Voldemort, once known as Tom "the Fair" Marvalo Riddle, silently snuck into the Royal Nursery; intent on stealing the hair of the Royal Heirs. He cut off a single strand of the silver hair of the boy and was shocked to find that it turned a shade of blue-black the King was famous for. Voldemort tried again with the girl-child with same results, only a deep brown instead of black.

"Damn. Guess I have to take them." He fell back to Plan B, which was to take the children and lock them away in a tower.


James awoke to Lily's agonized scream. He rushed to the Nursery and sank to his knees alongside his Lilyflower. His babies were gone! Stolen; and not a whiff of ambient magic to tell them who.

"My b-babies, James, my beautiful little ones!" Lily wailed, burying her face into his shoulder. Sirius and a five-month pregnant Moony raced into the room; Sirius had to catch his husband as the werewolf fainted. "Stolen! Who would d-do such a thing?"

She broke then, harsh sobs wracking her petite frame. He let his own tears fall as he rocked his wife back and forth... He would find them, his children. Even if it took decades, he would find them for his Lilyflower.


Eight years passed and Tom grew fond of the brats he'd taken. Harry was a bright and inquisitive child; Rapunzel the more out-going, agressive was more like it, of the two.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Can Zel and I see the pretty stars up close on our birthday?" Bright green begged, only to be joined by a second pair, belonging to the impatient brats.

"No!" Harry whimpered softly and Tom reached out, petting the shimmering silver. "No, Harry, Rapunzel. There are dangerous men out there that want you for the power your hair holds." The fact that he was already taking advantage of that made his words hypocritical. "I have you here to protect you from men like that."

"Yes Papa, I understand." Rapunzel chirruped immediately.

"Evil men... Papa, you know, you're the best." Harry curled up into his side, followed by Rapunzel, purring when he ran his fingers through their ankle-length hair. Yes, he thought smugly, all was right in his world.

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