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"Regular speech"



Rapunzel mused what to get Harry, tapping her finger against her chin as she stared out of the window. In three days it was both their birthdays and she had no idea what would work. Ah-ha! That egg she'd found in the roof beams would work. She had no idea what it was, of course, as Papa only let them have certain books; what she did know was that Harry would figure it out. Her older brother always figured things out if she couldn't. Now, how to go about wrapping that egg without him noticing...


Harry carefully closed the box with air holes in it and hid it in his half of the room as his baby sister stared out the window in a daze.


"Hmm?" She turned around and smiled at him. "What is it, Harry?"

"Nothing. What do you think Papa's going to give us this year?" He answered casually, fiddling with his sketchbook and doodling his sister absently.

"Other than more quills for you and brushes for me? I have no idea, 'Ry."

"Plotting, are we?"

"PAPA!" They rushed him, tackling the man with glee.

"Get off, my precious flowers. I am not getting any younger; as you well know."

"Yes, Papa." Harry chorused along with Zel.

"Fetch me the brush, will you? Harry, it's your turn." He sat Papa down and scooted onto his stool.

"Flower gleam and glowLet your powers shineMake the clock reverseBring back what once was mineHeal what has been hurtChange the Fate's designSave what has been lostBring back what once was mineWhat once was mine!" Harry speedily recited, barely giving his glowing silver hair a glance as he turned wide green puppy-eyes on his Papa.

"Harry, what is the meaning of this?" Papa's tone became sharp, bright blue eyes narrowing as they regarded him.

"We, well, Zel and I wanted to ask you something..." Papa's face instantly softened, seeing how nervous he was. "Could we go see the floating lights?"

"The stars?"

"No, the lights. The ones that appear on me an' Zel's birthday."

"No." The tone Papa used was dark and scary. "Not now, not ever; I told you why you and your sister must stay up here in this tower!"


"Harry, I will not be swayed! I love you both dearly. Can you just trust me?" Papa said, his voice rough with worry.

"Yes, Papa." Harry swallowed the bile he felt rising up in his throat, resentment long buried rising to the surface. "As you so desire."

"There, there. I brought you your gifts." Rapunzel smiled sweetly, clasping Harry's hand as Harry's anger continued to mount.

"Oh, thank you, Papa."

"Thank you, Papa." He handed them a package each and Summoned a cake.

"I'll be busy, so I thought you might like to celebrate with me while I'm still here." The normally warm smile sent shivers down Harry's spine.

He threw a magical fit to rival Merlin's when Papa was long gone.

"I HATE IT HERE! WE'RE NEVER ALLOWED TO LEAVE AND I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT! ARGH!" Harry shouted as objects whipping around at frightening speeds. Zel held through it all, her shield never breaking once.

"Harry... I know."

"When did he get so sinister, Zel? Why can I feel the maliciousness now of all times?" Ha asked weakly as the objects floated back to their proper places.

"You've consciously blocked it. I can see a thin bright green aura between you and Papa now, when it wasn't there before."

"My magic is doing this?"

"Mine's a light purple. It's how I could tell in the first place."


Severus whipped around in deadly Wizarding katas, wand firing curses at the enchanted dummies like it was easy. After he ended the session by destroying the last dummy silence reigned. This was a new idea put out by Lily; educate the Wizarding population. Dueling classes were set up for anyone who wanted one. Severus scoffed at the Wizards who eyed him like he was an easy target before he practiced for nearly three straight hours on the training dummies in full view of said males. Having competent instructors from his former days of Royalty left him with an unhealthy obession of keeping himself safe... Which worked a little too well. Half the village males fled the very sight of him and the other half gave him grudging respect.

Lily was waiting in his Healer's hut, a soft smile on her face.

"Lilyflower." He hugged her tightly, breathing in her unique scent of lilies and morning glories.

"Sev, I heard Remus and Sirius talking about you." He stiffened, then let her go before striding across his tiny hut to pace in agitation.

"Hmph, gossiping harpies."


"No, Lilyflower. Please... Just leave my heart in peace. I love you as a sister and a beloved friend. Just this once, leave it be." He sighed, resuming his pacing with a vengeance. "Your husband grinds his teeth."

"James doesn't like you. It's because he sees the lies you project, Sev."

"Then I'm doing something right for once. Fooling them into thinking that I'm not good enough for them." A knock shocked him back into the Healer mask; calm, polite, and cold.

"Healer Snape! Adrian's such a klutz sometimes. He broke his arm again..." Adrian looked up at him with warm golden eyes and smiled. He couldn't help it; that sweet smile reminded him so much of his loves that he smiled back ever so softly.

"Again, little one? You're supposed to stay safe so you don't have to come see me."

"But, Sevvy, how else would I come see you?" Severus rolled his eyes and picked up Adrian with extreme care.

"By visiting me like a regular Wizard, silly boy, and not as my patient. Are you trying to worry your parents to death? Hmm?" Innocent golden eyes looked up as the five-year old shook his head no.

"Nope. I fell outta the tree when some boys from the village shook it. It was an accident." His eyes narrowed as Adrian said that; he wanted to teach those boys manners. Remus had no such qualms. He growled, baring sharp canines as he clenched his hands into fists.

"They injured my child purposely? They'll regret it soon enough."

"Sir Lupin-Black, you would leave your child alone with myself and Lily?"

"I trust you."

"You shouldn't." He bit out, still Healing Adrian's arm that he held gently. "I have a Pensieve where you can view your son's memories."


Moony stalked forward in silence, not a twig snapping under his thick-furred toes. There would be hell to pay for messing with his cub; and his secondborne at that! Barely past the pup stage! A familiarly scented shadow stood sentenial in front of him. He growled, his lips peeling back and showing his saliva-slicked fangs.

"I have already administered justice." The smooth voice made him drop out of attack mode. Healer Snape? "What are you doing?" He sniffed at his Mate's member, surprised to find it halfway hard already. "Get away from me, Lupin." The cold tone was a paradox to the heat and arousal coming from the tall wizard.


"W-What?" The slight trembling in the lean frame and stutter in the normally controlled voice was astonishing. "You're wrong. You simply have to be."

-Nose never lies; ever. Balance-Mate is what he is.- Moony replied equibly, rubbing his scent all over the black robes that begged to be torn and ripped.


Flynn fled the Royal Guard, especially the Animagus Maximus. Okay, so stealing the Crowns of the Royal Twins hadn't been the best idea, but hey, entirely not his fault! Teddy Lupin-Black was one convincing bastard... When he wanted to be.

"Hey, Teddy?" The half-werewolf looked at him from his loping point with curiosity.

"Yeah Flynn?"

"I hate you. Why did we do this in the first place?"

"Dunno. For the heck of it?" Teddy answered, suddenly taking a right and jumping off a cliff in a move of sheer insanity. Flynn sighed and followed, glad for the magical properties of his boots.

A long while later they stumbled onto a clearing with an extremely tall tower. They climbed up and shut the shutters, breathing heavily, then laughed as they took in the other's haggard appearance.

That was the last thing they saw as a clang echoed throughout the room...


Harry stared at their captives warily as they awoke.

"Wha... Teddy, you alright?" The one with chocolate hair styled forward spoke first, groaning lowly afterwards.

"Wow. I thought my Mum hit hard, but damn! A frying pan hurts like hell. Better not tell him that." Teddy sighed back, leaning his head against the chair. "... Are we tied up with hair?"

"Two different colors, I'd say. Two captors... You see anybody here, wolfy?"

"Yeah. One's just watchin' us and the other..." Teddy took a deep breath. "The other one's heart and scent is frantic."

Silencio! Harry cast the charm wordless and wandlessly, willing for it to work. Both of them shut up instantly.

"Good. I don't want to make this difficult gentlemen, but I will. If I let up the Charm you'll answer correctly. If not? I know plenty of pain spells." He let it up off the chocolate-haired man first. "Name?"

"Flynn Ryder." He let it up off Teddy next.

"Teddy Lupin-Black, at your service, dark one." He shared a look with Zel and nodded. The two men were released suddenly and the shutters were opened to let light in. He studied them for a moment before offering his own name.

"Harry, and that's my sister Rapunzel. She prefers Zel."

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