A.N/ Denki Hāto means 'Electric Heartbeat', Uinzu Nitsuite means 'On Winds', Ōdorī Rōzu means 'Audrey Rose', and Arashi no Hāto means 'Heart of the Storm'.

Denki Hāto sat at a wooden table with the two other members of Team Arashi no Hāto. The Fairy Tail guild was quiet, but seeing as how Natsu Dragneel was out at the moment, it wasn't surprising. Music poured into her ears from the black Lacrima Model headphones that Denki wore, and her feet were propped up on the table. Natsu should go out more often; it's so peaceful when he's not here. Right after Denki's thought the door was kicked open.

"We're back!" Natsu's voice could be heard even through her music.

Great. I just had to jinx it, didn't I? Denki thought as she pulled her headphones down to rest around her neck, still letting the music play.

"We're back!" Happy echoed.

Some of the other members of the Fairy Tail guild waved to Natsu and Happy, some just looked at them, while the rest just ignored them. Denki was part of the group that ignored them, while Ōdorī Rōzu was just staring at them, and Uinzu Nitsuite waved to them.

"Yo!" and "Welcome back!" was called out to the pair from some people. Then, a blonde girl stepped through the door frame. She was wearing a white tank top that had a blue cross design on it, a blue mini skirt and a brown belt that had a ring of keys on it. Celestial Spirit Mage, huh? Denki thought with a mental laugh. Loke ain't gonna like that. Denki was one of the few people, if not only person at Fairy Tail, who knew about Loke.

"You messed up again." A guy with buck teeth was saying to Natsu while his friend laughed. "You destroyed half of Harge-" He was cut off as he was kicked in the face by Natsu, sending him flying into an unoccupied wooden table. The blonde haired girl who came in with Natsu was freaking out.

"Wow, she looks like she has no clue about Natsu and his… personality." Ōdorī snickered. Uinzu laughed quietly along with her, and Denki nodded, a smirk on her face.

"The info you gave me about Salamander was fake, wasn't it?" Natsu demanded with a raised fist.

"How should I know?" The buck teethed man was now sitting upright in the mess of wood. "I just told you some rumours going around!"

"What'd you say?"

"Wanna go?"

The next thing anyone knew, guild members were in the air, along with broken and non-broken tables.

"Now now, Natsu," Happy began. "This isn't something-" Happy was then hit with a guild member and flying across the room screaming. It was an all out fist fight in the guild.

"Amazing…." The blonde girl whispered to herself, but in a flash Denki was standing next to her.

"You think so? Well, get used to it, girl. This happens a lot." Denki informed the brown eyed teenager in front of her.

"But I've finally got to Fairy Tail!" She said, smiling as she looked at the guild wide fight.

"So Natsu's back, eh?" Gray asked aloud. The blonde girl jumped at the sight of him. Not a shocker there, seeing as he was in his boxers and only his boxers. "We'll settle what we started, Natsu!" Gray headed towards Natsu.

"Gray… your clothes." Cana and Denki said in union.

"Oh shit!" Gray yelled.

"That's Cana Alberona, Fairy Tail's biggest drinker." Denki said to the new girl. "And I'm Denki Hāto."

"The men here have no class." Cana muttered, before grabbing a barrel of sake and began drinking from it. Denki had never seen anyone's eyes bulge out as far as the blonde girl's did. Denki just laughed and shook her head, sending her ash blonde and black highlighted hair cascading down to the small of her back.

"Come on, let's fight!" Gray yelled out to Natsu.

The said pink haired teenage boy to look over his shoulder and yelled back, "Wear some pants and come at me!"

"So noisy before noon…." A tall man with white hair and tanned skin said as he walked towards the new girl and Denki. "What a bunch of babies." The brown eyed girl looked up startled at the man.

"Hey, Elfman." Denki said, hooking her thumbs into the pockets of her grey mini shorts.

"If you're a man, then talk with your fists!" Elfman said, completely ignoring Denki.

"In the end, he's encouraging them." The straight out blonde muttered.

"Yup, that's Elfman for ya." Denki shook her head to the left, trying swing her side bangs out of her left eye. Gray and Natsu turned around and punched Elfman, sending him flying.

"You're in our way!" They yelled.

"He's already out!" The brown eyed girl exclaimed.

"How annoyingly noisy it is." A male voice from behind the two girls said, and Denki smiled. The other girl turned her head to look at him. Sitting on a bench was an auburn haired guy with a green jacket that had fur around the collar, an orange-ish red t-shirt and dark blue pants. Two girls were in his arms. Suddenly something small and light blue came flying out from the fight and hit Loke it the head. His smile changed to an annoyed look. "I'll join the fight just for you girls." He said as the newbie pulled out a book. Looking over the blonde's shoulder, Denki saw that she was crossing Loke's picture out.

"Good luck!" The two girls said to Loke.

"Okay, this guy didn't make it to my list." Using a red marker, the girl drew an 'X' over Loke's close up. How'd she get that? Denki thought to herself, but laughed out loud instead of expressing her thought.

"He may have more than one girlfriend, but you have to admit that he's cute." Denki laughed, lacing her fingers together behind her head. Loke smiled at her, and she rolled her eyes but smiled back.

"What's with this place anyways?" The blonde in front of Denki asked, turning to face her. "Isn't there a wizard who's serious here?" The girl snapped her book shut.

"Yeah, some like-" Denki was cut off by another girl.

"My, it's a newcomer!"

"Her." Denki finished, as the newbie went fan girl.

"Mirajane! The real one!" Mirajane smiled at her.

"Oh, Lord." Denki said, as she saw her teammates caught up in the fight. "I'll be right back." She said before correcting herself. "Oh, who the hell am I kidding? These people will never calm down!" Denki walked straight into the huge fight and began to beat up the guild members' Ōdorī and Uinzu were fighting.

"A-Aren't you going to stop them?" The girl known as Lucy asked Mirajane, pointing towards the fight that seemed to get bigger all of the sudden. Most likely Denki.

"It happens all the time." The white haired girl said with a smile as she turned to face the fight. "It's better to leave them alone. And-" Elfman came flying out of the fight and flew straight into Mirajane, causing Lucy to yell out in surprise. "Isn't it fun?" Mirajane asked with a smile before passing out, squished between a table and Elfman.

"Mirajane!" Lucy shrieked. Suddenly, Gray fell over onto Lucy, knocking her to the ground. Natsu was laughing and standing triumphantly, holding Grey's boxers. Denki looked over to Natsu and, after one look at what he was holding, burst out laughing. She dropped to the floor, still laughing, and just narrowly missed a punch. Ōdorī and Uinzu punched the guild member that had attempted to punch Denki together, sending him to the floor as well. Only he was unconscious. The white haired girl turned her head to look at Natsu, and started laughing just like her teammate. Seeing this, Ōdorī looked to, and her face burned crimson when she realised that Gray now had no clothes on. Denki and Uinzu laughed harder at the sight of their friend's/teammate's face.

"My boxers!" Gray yelled.

Lucy was screaming and peaking through her fingers. Gray noticed her for the first time and walked over to her.

"Miss, if you don't mind, can you please lend me your underwear-"

"As if!" Lucy yelled and wacked Gray over the head.

"People with no elegance are troublesome, don't you think?" Loke asked, suddenly appearing by her and picking her up bridal style.

Elfman ran up and punched both of them, sending them flying to an unknown place in the guild. Or, hopefully in the guild. "Men talk with their fist!" He cried out.

"I told you, you're getting in the way!" Natsu yelled at Elfman, kicking him away.

"Aye!" Happy yelled.

"Everyone's so noisy! I can't even drink peacefully!" Cana said in an annoyed tone. She was the only guild member present at the time to remain successfully out of the fight. "You guys, enough of this!" No one listen to her. "Now you've done it!" Cana pulled out one of her magic cards. "What troublesome people!"

"Come whenever you want!" Gray yelled, punching his right fist into his left palm, readying his Ice Make Magic.

Elfman raised his right arm in the arm, and his arm was then made of rock.

"What troublesome people." Loke said, activating his ring.

"Come whenever you want!" Fire formed at Natsu's fists.

"They're going to fight using magic?" Lucy asked, holding Happy up in front of her like a shield.

Denki raised both her arms over her head, a crackling yellow ball of magic appearing between her hands, growing bigger every second. "Damn straight, girl."

Uinzu clenched her hands into fists by her sides, and her white hair started to blow upwards.

Broken pieces of tables began to float and flew towards Ōdorī. Once they were by her side, the pieces of wood began to form the shape of a bow and arrow, ready to be fired.

"Aye!" Happy said.

"Don't 'Aye!'!" Lucy cried.

Suddenly, a large, shadowed figure crashed its foot down. "Cut it out, you fools!"

"He's huge!" Lucy yelled.

Everyone froze. Nobody moved even the slightest bit. Denki was pretty sure that some of the guild members stopped breathing.

"My, you were here, Master?" Mirajane asked with yet another smile.

"Yes." The Master said, turning his head to look at Mirajane.

"Master!" Lucy cried out.

Then Natsu started laughing.

"Everyone's so scared! It's my-" The Master raised his foot to stomp on Natsu, but Denki beat him to it. She threw her giant electricity ball at Natsu, giving him a major shock.

"Hey! What'd you do that for?" Natsu yelled at Denki, but she just ignored him.

The Master sighed as some of the guild member chocked back laughs. Then he noticed Lucy. "Oh, a newcomer?"

"Y-yes." Lucy stuttered, looking like she wanted to run away.

Then the Master shrunk down to his normal size. Lucy stared at him, mouth hanging open in shock.

"Nice to meet you!" The Master said, smiling up at Lucy.

"Now he's tiny!" Lucy said, still not getting it completely. "Wait, if you're the Master…."

"That's right! He's Fairy Tail's guild master Makarov." Mirajane said. The Master turned around and started to walk, but tripped over a broken floorboard and went flying into a wall. He stood up on the railing and coughed. The guild members looked up at him.

"You've done it again, idiots! Look at these documents the council sent me!" Master Makarov held out a stack of papers. "They're all complaints! You fools, all you do is make the council angry at me." Some guild members looked down at the floor, ashamed. "But…" Makarov said, and the stack of complaints in his hand went up in flames. "To hell with the council!" Natsu jumped up and ate the flames, before returning to the ground. "Listen up! The power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle. When the spirit flows within us, and the spirit which flows within nature connect, they will form an embodiment. It takes great mind and focus! In fact, put all your soul into whatever magic you're doing! You cannot progress in the way of magic if you keep worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher up! Do not fear the fools of the council! And follow the path you believe in! That's what makes you a Fairy Tail wizard!" All the guild members cheered.

A.N/ I try to do have the episodes at once, 'cause if I did the full episode, it'd be around 5000 words long. Also, if you didn't notice, mine starts from Episode 2, 'cause it didn't show the Fairy Tail guild in Episode 1. R&R!