Tori's POV:

DING DING DING "Lunch! Please leave! I'm out of coconut milk!" Sikowitz was spinning around, knocking everyone and thing around him. I ran out of the classroom the second he hit Jade. I heard 2 crashes. 1 from Jade, probably kicking Sikowitz. The other 1 was from outside. The thunder and lightning was hitting hard. The lights went out, like, an hour ago. The usually happy, loud Hollywood Arts seems like a deathland. There were candles everywhere. Also, the usually bubbly Cat was crying every time she saw lightning. At least she was fine with thunder. I walked outside to see Cat, Robbie and Andre sitting at our usual table, 3rd from the left, 7th row. Robbie's arm was across Cat's shoulder. He seemed to have convinced her that angels were making babies with a big machine that flashes. When I approched the table, Andre embraced me, and then kissed me. I could feel sparks flying. This was me and Andre's 2nd kiss, since he isn't very clingy. I didn't want to say anything, hoping I would get to kiss him a 3rd time. Andre looked around, then said to Robbie," Do you still feel 'uncomfortable' around people when I'm kissing them?" "Nope, 'cause now I've got the best girlfriend ever!" With that, he kissed Cat on the cheek, then she hugged him back. Jade walked up to the table with a frown on her face (obiously) with Beck holding her hand. I sat down, and relized I had no food. I went to the Grub Truck, and bought a salad with Fanny's Dressing. Andre always makes fun of the , we finished lunch, we went inside.

Sinjin's POV:

I saw the awesome gang (Jade, Tori, Beck, Andre, Cat, Robbie and "Rex") walk inside. Together, they can do anything. They're mean, beautiful, pursadive, interesting, funny, odd and cool at the same time. Then I saw a guy named Quinsy knock down a candle. The floor immedietly caught on fire. I screamed," EVACUATE THE BUILDING!" While I was running, I hit 2 candles down. By accident. As I left, I saw the "awesome gang". Surrounded by fire.