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Jade's POV:

I woke up in a deathly pink room. Since I was used to my purple and black room, I screamed a little bit. Them I saw I was in Cat's bed.

When I was wondering how I got there, Cat jumped in and said," You're up! Time for pancakes!" I ate, while Cat told me how I past out and she had to drag me to her house. She had slept on the couch. So sweet.

Then I remembered the date Beck had planed. We were gonna go to Mississippi, and we had reservations for a hotel. I thought about going with Cat, but I decided agianst it. Cat wouldn't get it.

After I left, I went to the store. I bought a Ouija Board, and brought it to Mississippi. I went to the room, placed my finger on the plastic thing, and asked if Beckett Oliver was there. It slided to yes. I told him to bring Andre, Tori and Robbie to Cat's house.

I left in a car driven by no one. Well, a ghost.

Beck dropped me off at Cat's house. We went to the basement, and talked to the rest of the group. I knew we would do that forever.

And we did.